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Chapter 6

Mia Garcia

After diner, the wives and I help the moms in the kitchen, while the dads and the boys watch old games on the big screen in the movie room.

After packing away the dishes I go to pack away the left over food. Just then Stephan and Mary's 4 year old son, Noah comes running towards me "Up, pick me up Mia" he demands adorably, I chuckle while I go to pick him up.

"Aren't you just a handsome little fellow" I say while smothering him with kisses, he giggles while blushing "Awww someone has a little crush" Mary says to her son making him hide his face in my neck.

"He's the sweetest " I say smiling down at him "Just like his uncle" says that sexy voice huskily, not knowing how to respond I just roll my eyes and walk to the living room.

"I missed you Noah, you've gotten soo big!" I say tickling, while he giggles "I missed you too Mia, so much" he says making his arms wide and I giggle, awww. We sit on the sofa with him on my lap.

"Noah you know, you are a lucky sucker" Ace says in that husky voice again making my insides melt "Why Acy" I can't help but chuckle at the nickname while Ace growls playfully making me laugh harder.

"Because you get to be on top of Mia in her arms" this makes my laughter come to an abrupt stop, making me do a double take, I heard wrong didn't I? I must have.

"Aww you jealous Acy" this makes my head snap to Noah, and laugh, this little guy is ballsy.

"Yes, yes I am Noah" Ace answers again sobering me up, I finally look up to Ace to see his smirk and eyes full of that mischievous glint, what is he up to? Noah then shows Ace tongue making Ace laugh, damn that's sexxyy, I reluctantly tear my eyes from his handsome face to smile down at this cute little bugger.

"Noah! Noah come and play with Shay" Mary calls and Noah immediately jumps off my lap and runs out of the living room, leaving Ace and I alone.

"So I have a question for you princess" Ace says smirking down at me, my eyes trail down his body, God. I immediately squeeze my legs shut tight, come on Mia don't act like a horny slut.

Clearing my throat, snapping my eyes back to his gorgeous face "Ask away Acy" I say smirking back and I want to burst into fits of laughter taking in his shocked expression at my bold come back. Told ya, I've changed.

Recovering from his shock, he quickly puts his smirk back on "Tell me how my leaving for a tour in Afghanistan made your decision to run away less hard" my eyes widen, fuck.

What the fuck do I say? I can't exactly say I've been in love with you for long as I can remember and you leaving just broke my heart, no coming home to you after school and not having the hope that one day after school you'll miraculously fall in love with me just made my decision to run away alot easier. Ughhh

Not knowing what to say, I immediately get up and almost run out of there, but not before he grabs my arm, pulling me into his chest, ohh my, the butterflies that just erupted in my stomach, his cologne over taking my senses, putting me in a daze.

Then he whispers "Im actually quite flattered Mia" he purrs ever so softly in my ear, making my insides quiver not knowing how to react, I rip myself from him and successfully run away.

Running straight to my room, locking the door, breathing heavily. Am I imagining things? Or did Ace Carter just make a move on me? Hell no, no it couldn't be, im like his little sister, he'll never see me like that.

There's probably a good explanation for it, but it would be for the best if I just distance myself from him for a few days.

With that said I get ready for bed, mentally preparing myself for school tomorrow, laying in bed I hear someone knocking, my heart skips a beat.

"Honey, are you alright?" ohh. "Mom im fine just tired, I'll see you all tomorrow, Goodnight" I say loud enough for her to hear.

Then I hear shuffling and then my mom trying to whisper but hopelessly failing "Ace, Mia will see you guys tomorrow she's tired and overwhelmed, we just have to give her time to adjust" and then some more shuffling and that's the last thing I hear before I drift off into a deep slumber.


Walking to my first period, ugh too early for math, it's only my second day, no skipping, no going back to old habits.

Just as im about to step into class and meet Sadie im stopped by none other than the bitch herself. "KACY! How may I help you?" I say with the most sweetest smile.

"You know you sure are going out of your way to get on my bad side" she says with her annoying fake voice "Im afraid I don't know what you talking about Kacy" I say still smiling

"The names Katherine bitch, you do well to remember that, and you just started a war, I was going to make a friend out of you but now you just brought on my wrath, hope you ready slut" she sneers and I chuckle.

"This is probably the 100th time you call me 'slut' but this will be the first and last time I tell you, firstly im not the one who's legs are like doors that open and shut for any Tom, Dick and Harry SLUT. Secondly you started this war years ago, you going down, I sure hope you the one that's ready. Thirdly the names not slut but it sure is Mia Garcia be sure to remember that." I say in the meanest tone I can muster with that I smile and shove past her.

Everyone around us start whispering, shocked gasps are heard all around. "Dude that's Mia Garcia, the one Katherine always bullied, damn she's smoking hot now" one of the jocks say and I smile.

As I take a seat, I look up to see Sadie smiling at me showing me a thumbs up, I giggle.

My phone pings, I check and its a message from Jason, he heard I too was back and invited me to a street race at the end of the week, fuck yes this day just keeps getting better.

Just then Katherine comes storming towards me screaming "You fat bitch, you so going to get it, remember you nothing but a worthless fa-" she's cut off mid sentence, tripping over Sadie's foot, falling face first to the ground.

I can't help but burst out in fits of laughter. Sadie then crouches down to Katherine.
"Her name is Mia, im sure she made that clear you bitch. And me Im none other than thee Sadie Matthews and I'd watch my mouth if I was you Katherine" Sadie sneers.

"What's going on here? Everyone seats now! And my two new students come up and introduce yourselves" Mr Solomons our math teachers comes in and demands, making everyone scram to their seats.

Sadie and I make our way to the front of the class. "Names, old schools and where you from" Mr Solomons says.

"Im Sadie Matthews, im from here, was a student here before I was shipped off to boarding school in England where Im now back from" she says smirking.

"I came back from NY. Mia Garcia" wolf whistles are heard throughout the classroom.

I smile, winking at Katherine who's fuming.

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