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Chapter 7

Ace Carter

"Yo Carter, where have you been man?" I look up from my phone to see none other than my man Chase, I take his hand "Chase, you know I had to go away for a while but im back now"

He nods "You racing tonight?" he asks and I chuckle "Would I be here at the biggest, most illegal Street race if I weren't going to? You know man just can't stay away" he chuckles

"Well you better be ready, there's some new blood here tonight, who knows they might just be taking your winning title home tonight" he teases.

I snort "As if, no one has ever or will ever beat me, come on you know this" I say confidently. He laughs nodding his head.

"Rules are still the same and you know how it goes, win all your races and by the end of the night you'll race the person from the other group who won all their races and whoever wins the last race takes the trophy home" I nod already knowing how this works.

"Well see you later man" he says walking away. I look around missing this shit, all the girls wearing next to nothing, all the slick cars but nothing beats the adrenaline of being behind the wheel and the feeling of crossing the finish line, first, everytime.

I just hope coming here works taking my mind off Mia, ever since the welcome home dinner a few days ago I can't seem to get my mind off her. I went by her house a few times but it's like she's avoiding me.

Guess that's what I get for hitting on her, fuck. When I saw her coming down the staircase that night my heart sped up, my dick stirred and I couldn't take my eyes off her. She's so fucking sexy.

I always thought of her as my little sister so im a bit disgusted by my body's reaction to her. But no matter what I do I can't get my mind off her and her luscious body.

I just need to keep my distance and just act like I didn't do what I did that night.

I need to get laid, yes that's what I need to do. All I need is a good fuck, im not into her, Im just horny and need to get laid, yes that's it.

With that thought I go to stand in front of my pride and joy. My car is the fastest American muscle car, a dodge Challenger SRT hellcat. And its black, my favourite colour and proudly there's no way in hell anyone here is going to beat this baby.

Two blondes then walk up, advertising their assets and I smirk immediately, tonight is one lucky night for me. "Hey ladies, wanna go for a spin later" I ask them and they both immediately agree.

"Racers get into position, spectators place your bets and let's fucking do this!" someone announces. "See you girls later" I say winking.

I pull up at the starting line, revving. And just like in the movies, racers do the line up, as soon as we get the go signal we off. Already having a three second advantage, foot heavy on the pedal, loving the adrenaline pumping through my veins. The finish line coming into my line of sight, I chuckle checking my rear view mirror.

Told Chase ain't no one taking my title. And a few seconds later im crossing the finish line, first, like every other time.


Five races later im still the champ. Sitting on the sidelines watching my competitions last race. I've been hearing that he has won all five his races and if he wins this one he'll be racing me next for the title.

On que, the line up starts, there's four cars but one stands out and im betting that it is in fact his, got to give it to him though he has a eye for cars, it's a red dodge Challenger SRT Demon. A maximum of 840 horsepower but the demons 0 to 60 and quarter mile times are even more staggering.

"You worried man?" Chase asks chuckling making me laugh. "Naa, I give it to him though, his car is good but mine is still five times faster, while his car's 0 to 60 time is good mine still beats him, my 0 to 60 time being 3 seconds. But it's not the car that makes us racers, we'll just have to see him race" I end of cockily as the race begins.

"Who is the driver by the way?" I ask Chase "One of the new bloods I told you about, never met him yet but he goes by the name Rex" he answers

"I see" I say absentmindedly

If chase said anything in reply I didn't hear, because im astounded by Rex's driving skills, just as that thought enters, Rex takes the corner drifting like a pro, going out of sight.

The crowd is quiet a few minutes before we hear them coming and the crowd starts cheering again, I see Rex coming and he's winning.

He crosses the finish line, first, making the crowd go crazy. Finally, some competition. I get into my car and make my way to the line up.

Getting to the line up, I look over to Rex, not seeing shit seeing as his windows are tinted just like mine, go figure.

"Two Laps around theses four buildings" The person monitoring the races point to the four abandoned flat buildings "Play fair, first one back at the starting line, takes home the winning title. You ready?" he points to my car I revv smirking "You" he points to Rex and he revvs.

He then signals us to go and I take off in the lead, foot heavy of the gas. As I come to the corner, I lift my foot from the gas slowing down, reaching for my handbrake, drifting around the corner, foot heavy on the pedal again, overtaking the cars on the street, coming to another corner, drifting again.

Smirking when I look in the rear view mirror seeing Rex behind me. When passing the finish line for the last lap, Rex flies past me, fuck.

I chase after him, trying to overtake but he keeps blocking me, coming to the first corner again, here's my chance but im momentarily shocked when he drifts blocking me fully from overtaking, as soon as he's done I go to overtake him again and I almost do when he fakes knocking my baby making me slow down as he speeds up taking the next corner.

Fuck fuck fuck. Drifting around the last corner, I press my foot hard on the gas, now we next to each other. Speeding up, he does too.

Him crossing the finish line first. Im impressed, he is the first person I've ever lost to. I need to know who's behind that wheel.

I sit behind my steering wheel still shocked, when Rex gets out of his car wearing a helmet, I chuckle, we don't do that here.

When he comes around from the driver's side to my car, it's actually a fucking girl, her legs looking sexy as fuck in her mini skirt, I then glance up and see her taking off her helmet.

Then again frozen in shock to see no other than little fucking Mia.

I jump out of my car, walking towards her while a group of guys surround her cheering her on and I can't believer I'm saying this but she looks like she's in her element. She then sees me and smirks.

"Ace, how does it feel to lose? And to a girl no less. When I heard that the unbeatable street racer was no other than Ace Carter, I knew I had to beat your ass" she says chuckling.

"You missy got a lot of explaining to do but I got to say im really impressed" I say smiling at her. Fuck she looks so good, and her driving skills is doing nothing to soothe my desire for her.

"Thanks Ace" she chuckles "Mia, oh my god that was great" says a familiar voice coming out of the crowd. He then goes and picks her up spinning her, who the fuck is this?

"Jason" she squeals, Jason? He then turns around and grabs me into a bro hug "Carter my man"

"Jason Collins, you dick!" I say chuckling "Guy's as much as I love this reunion I've got to get home, my parents are going to freak, but I would love to see you both tomorrow, we going down to the beach, Jason im sure everyone wants to see you and Ace I'll tell you all about it if you come" Mia says, her voice so velvety soft and sexy.

I nod, she gives Jason the keys to the Dodge, walking to her own wheels, waving "See you tomorrow" Jason and I say in unison.

So much for getting my mind off Mia, I groan out loud, calling the two blondes over.

"Still haven't changed Carter" Jason says smirking, "Neither have you Collins" I smirk back nodding to the blonde getting into his ride.

"See you tomorrow Carter"

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