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Chapter 8

Mia Garcia

Walking down to the beach, with my family in tow, I smile loving the feel of the wind against my skin, the sun hot on my body and the sand under my feet, the waves clashing music to my ears.

Setting up the umbrella and towels the Carters show up, everyone greets, the sheer joy of being at the beach like old times, exciting me.

Ace doesn't look at me, and my heart sinks a little. He greeted everyone, except me and now he's talking to Liam and deliberately ignoring me.

My nose flares as I turn around and get my sunscreen. I take off my cover up and start rubbing myself down. "Need help there, Mia?" I hear Jason ask from behind me.

I turn around smiling "You made it!" I hug him, be chuckles "Of course I did Mia, you asked and I hop" he teases, I just roll my eyes.

"Jason!" my mother screams, coming and smothering him, Jason is Liam's and Ace's childhood friend, they done and went everywhere together until Jason moved away with his father to NY when he's parents split.

When we met again, he was older, mature and if I must say so myself, mouthwatering. We became close friends and he took care of me and was there for me in NY.

I think he likes me but he's never acted on his feelings and it's a good thing, because growing close with him showed me that I only cared for him as a good friend and another good thing being both my brothers and Carter brothers would kill him.

There are only two rules my brothers gave me. One being no dating any of their friends. Two being no sex before marriage. Lucky me, no one wanted me in 10th grade so my brothers didn't get a chance to murder anyone.

Im brought out of my thoughts, hearing him chuckle, god Ace what did you do to me? My insides are mush, when you smile, laugh and talk.

While Jason catches up with everyone, I make may way to the water. Boys and men alike are staring at me but no one makes a move, thank god.

I get to the water, sighing in content. The water is perfect, I swim under against a wave, and swimming out with one, coming up where the water is just above my knees. Pushing my hair back.

I look up to see Ace and Jason both standing at the edge of the water watching me. Ace's stare making me flush, I roll my eyes at myself, turn around and swim deeper in

He ignored you, deliberately didn't greet you and just because he's looking at you don't mean shit, get your act together, I tell myself.

I come up, facing the ocean, just taking everything in. "Princess" Ace growls out and I shiver. I make as if I don't hear him.

"Don't you think your bikini is a bit too revealing?" he sneers, catching me off guard, what the fuck?

"What does what I wear got anything to do with you, fuck off Ace" I growl out.

He gives out a throaty laugh "You sexy when you mad" I ignore him, knowing if I speak my voice will give away how much that just affected me.

"When did you start racing?" he asks, bipolar much? His question making me take a deep breath.

"On my 16th birthday, a boyfriend of mine took me to one of the races, I was standing on the sidelines mad at him for saying girls shouldn't race they don't even know how to drive, at the line up the cocky little shit jumped out and went to place a bet on himself, so I took my chance jumped in his car, gave him the bird, he threw a tantrum but Jason being the one to give the go signal he did, after winning that race, I just couldn't stop." I chuckle at the memory

"Jason started giving me his cars, so that I could do the racing, while he places bets on me winning, so that's why I was racing in his car last night" I say feeling the need to explain myself.

I turn to Ace and he's looking at me like he is now fascinated with me, I start blushing looking away. Clearing my throat,"When did you get all those tattoos?"

"As soon as I got free time, my team and I would go to the tattoo parlor, something about seeing dead bodies, being in explosions and all that shit changed us, always being alert, seeing dead bodies whenever we close our eyes, somehow getting inked just soothed all that, I don't know how. But I had quite a few before I left home, no one saw though" he ends off like he's remembering it

I don't know what possesses me, but before my mind processes what im doing my hands are already tracing the tattoos on his chest. He tenses at my touch but he doesn't go to move my hand away. "Your tattoos tell a story, there's so much depth, it's not just random tattoos, and it's so fucking sexy" I say in a trance.

He quickly moves away like my hands burned him, he walks towards the shore. Stupid, stupid, stupid. What the fuck have I just done? Touching him like that? What an idiot.

After a few minutes of berating myself, I walk out too. I go to grab my towel and walk over to the Carter's side because Ace was sitting by my parents and brothers.

"Damn Mia" Reece whistles, Rolling my eyes "Reece, shurrup" he chuckles. Laying down my towel next to his, kicking him before laying down making Jason laugh like a hyena.

"Mia I can't believe Im saying this but I missed you these last few weeks, Im so glad your parents dragged you home, leaving you alone there didn't sit well with me." Jason says in a serious tone, I cringe knowing what he means exactly.

"Im glad im back too Jase" I smile at him, just then Reece starts telling us a story about his bimbos, they got together and tried catching him out. The whole time he has me laughing in tears.

"You such a dick Reece" I say laughing. "Why thank you Madam" the fucker says nodding his head.

"Guys we going for a walk and getting ice cream, anyone want to join?" Ella asks gesturing to the parents.

Reece and Jason jumps up like school kids making me chuckle "I'll stay here, thanks" they nod and leave.

Putting my shades on, laying down. I love this.

Ace is giving me whiplash with his hot and cold behavior. One minute he's practically telling me my bikini is slutty, the next calling me sexy, then runs off like I disgust him. Ugh I should just stay away.

Think of the devil and he shall appear "You remember that you not allowed to date any of your brothers friends" he says sitting down. My heart missing a beat

"I remember" I say breathlessly. "Then why the fuck are you out here flirting with Jason?" uhh? Fuck I'm so stupid, thinking that he was going to sweep me away, confessing his love, making sweet forbidden love to me. Im such a tool.

"Don't be absurd, I was doing no such thing" I growl out. "Then why you getting so worked up about it Princess??" he sneers angrily, why the fuck is he angry?

"Because I fucking want-" You, but I won't be saying that shit out loud. "Im not interested in Jason or anyone else for that matter, and even if I was Ace, it's none of your god damned business. Also im not a little girl anymore so stop fucking treating me like your twelve year old little sister Ace" By now I'm screaming.

With that I grab my towel and bag, storming off. Luckily everyone else was in the water and no one heard our heated argument.

Throwing my shit on my passenger seat, my brothers can find their own damn lift. Furiously driving home.

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