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Chapter 9


Currently I'm sitting in the school cafeteria with Sadie. By now we have a few more friends, they all joking around, talking shit while im here still sulking about what happened almost a week ago at the beach with Ace.

I thought I was upset about him not confessing his love, which actually was not really the problem, it was the fact that he continuously treats me like I'm his little sister.

It's irritating and it makes me so furious and its probably because I want him to see me for the young woman I am and not at all little or fucking related to him.

This week it wasn't me avoiding him but him completely ignoring me, when I did catch his eye, he gave me dirty looks, what a ass. I didn't do shit.

Bringing me out of my thoughts is someone knocking hard against my shoulder "oops" Katherine says giggling.

I turn to face the bitch "Don't you get tired of being mean all the time? Do you not have anything better to do with your life?" mentally tired of all her bullshit, we had a few run ins this week and each time I had her running with her tail between her legs.

"You know just because you lost a few pounds, got a new wardrobe and made you some new friends doesn't make you any less ugly, you still the same weak, worthless bitch" she sneers and something with what she just said pangs at my heart.

"And you nothing but a fake slutty whore, who seeks attention, makes others feel worthless to feel better about yourself with your low self esteem. At least I got some genuine friends unlike your minions who follow you and do anything for the clout. No matter how ugly I am, I'm still 10 times prettier than you no matter how much make up you cake your fake face with. Now do us all a favour and get lost with your skinny ass" I say in one gulp while the cafeteria cheers.

By now she's red in the face, I don't see it come but her hand connected with my face in a hard slap silencing the cafeteria.

Flashes of all the times she's physically bullied me, before my eyes and I feel myself almost backing away into my old self when Sadie stands up ready to launch for Katherine but I hold her back pushing her behind me.

I turn to Katherine, narrowing my eyes, furious. I grab her hair with my left hand making her screech as I punch her with my right first, bringing her head down with my left hand, bringing my right knee up to her face,the force hitting her back to the ground.

But I'm not done, I make a move to jump on her. I don't even hear the school cheering 'Fight' when Sadie pulls me back.

"That's enough Mia, she's not worth your suspension" she says bringing me back to my senses. I walk over to her while she's crying and holding her probably broken nose.

"You lucky Sadie stopped me, your face wouldn't of been this lucky if she didn't. Next time you put your hands on me, or any other person in this school I'll fucking beat your ass into the ICU and the next time you go talking shit I'll be sure to knock some teeth out too, stop fucking with me, you will seriously regret it Katherine" I end off just in time for the bell to ring, storming off to my next class.

When seated, Sadie comes in squealing, "that was so bad ass, you totally broke that bitch's nose Mia" I chuckle.

"Thanks for having my back, uhh Sadie would like to come over tonight for my 18th birthday dinner?" remembering that today is in fact my 18th birthday.

"Oh my god Mia, of course and HAPPY FUCKING 18TH BIRTHDAY YOU BITCH!" she screams, grabbing me into a tight hug. "I can't believe you only telling me now" she says rolling her eyes, I just shrug.

"I'll text you the address and it's a casual dinner so no need to dress up" I say smiling.


We decided to host the party at RJ's beach house so once dressed I grab my bag and keys and make my way to my car.

Pulling into RJ's parking lot, the boys are all standing on the front porch, taking a smoke. Liam points to his ear and I knowingly giggle, revving.

Once parked, I grab my bag and get out, pushing my shades back smiling at them. While Ace stares heatedly at me, making me blush. Don't blush you idiot he is a class A dick head.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIA!" they all scream, wishing and hugging me as I try and make my way in.

Just before I reach the door another car pulls in the drive way and I stop and admire the white Mercedes v8 biturbo model. Just then Sadie steps out in a denim jeans, black leather jacket looking hot. I smile "Sadie!"

I scream walking towards her "I fucking love your car!" again I admire it. She smiles "and I fucking love your brothers" she whispers and I chuckle.

"You can have anyone, except Ace, you know he's off limits" I say chuckling.! "The Greek God covered in tattoos, off limits, got it" she says and I blush

As we walk up to the porch Liam screams "Pose for the picture" we chuckle and start modelling, dramatically posing every two steps while the idiot actually snaps pictures.

"I'll send it to you guys later, Sadie I'm going to need your digits though" Liam charmingly says making me burst out in laughter, the boys chuckling.

"Smooth brother" I say shoving him while he smiles a smile that girls would swoon over, me though that's just gross.

Walking in everyone else jumps out screaming 'happy birthday Mia' making me scream in surprise.

"You guys scared me" I say, Leah laughing, recording me.

Once sitting at the dinner table, everyone begins talking and joking, asking Sadie 21 questions. Liam asking about her love life. I roll my eyes and eat.

Feeling someone staring at me I look up, immediately catching Ace's eyes on me, I stare right at him, he stares back. This goes on for a full minute before rolling my eyes and looking away.

"So Mia how was your day?" mom asks smiling and I smile back "It was go-"

"She totally kicked Katherine's arse" Sadie interrupts me making everyone stop talking, and look to me.

I chuckle nervously "Uhh yeah that, well she was asking for it" I say shrugging and everyone starts laughing.

"Mia you look so cute and small, it's hard imagining you kick someone's ass" Elijah says making everyone laugh, nodding their head in agreement.

"Dynamite comes in small packages, she's feisty" Sadie says making me blush. "She has cool brothers, expect nothing less" Liam says winking at Sadie making me snort. She blushes, oh my god.

After dinner, they forced me to go sit outside in the backyard, the backyard being part beach while they clean up and ready the cake and presents.

Just then Ace comes out sitting opposite me, looking at me "What made you kick her ass, is she bothering you?" ugh

"Ace I got it handled, I told you, stop fussing, I don't need older brother rescuing" rolling my eyes at him.

"Mia im not older brothering you, I actually care about you and genuinely don't want to see you hurt" his voice low. Fuck me.

"Don't worry Ace, I got it." smiling up at him. My irritation immediately vanishing. He comes to sit next to me, facing the water.

"You look beautiful tonight" He whispers, I turn to look at him and staring "And you look handsome" I say even lower.

He slowly leans in and I follow, his lips reach mine, its hot and soft against mine, he softly bites my bottom lip, I slowly open it but before he can deepen the kiss the door creaks open making us both move away quickly, pretending like his tongue wasn't almost down my throat.

Sadie and Liam joins us, talking and laughing, I look up to see them sitting across from us. She's telling him something and he's looking at her completely mesmerised.

My heart sinks, envy. I could only dream of Ace looking at me that way. What did that kiss mean anyway?

Did he like me like that? Or was he just caught up in the moment? He sits next to me completely calm and not at all phased with what just happened while im out here out of breath, heart beating irregularly fast. Don't over think Mia.

Him and all the boys in your family want nothing but a good fuck no strings attached. If he wants anything, that's all he wants. That reminding me I have to warn Sadie and threaten Liam's balls.

Everyone comes out bringing the presents my mom holding the cake. For some reason we don't sing the happy birthday song, we just blow out the candles and make a wish.

Mom brings the cake to me, while I smile at everyone, closing my eyes and making my wish. Opening my eyes, immediately finding his. I look away quickly as everyone cheers.

Then we start opening presents and I thank each one of them loving it, even Sadie bought me a sexy pair of expensive jeans.

When it comes to Ace's gift, I shakily unwrap the box. Opening it is a silver guess man and woman wrist watch, the mens watch missing, I smile remembering the watch I saw earlier on his wrist. "Thank you" I say softly to him still smiling he nods.

Opening the rest of the presents. Once finished everyone begins talking and having cake. He leans over "Look at the engraving" he whispers and immediately I grab the watch from my lap, scanning the inside.

There engraved stood boldly 'My princess, always'

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