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Shower [Mature]

“So where were you last night?”

It was the second time yet again that Will didn’t come home since he moved in to temporarily live with Kate while he was looking for a new apartment.

“I had to do some overtime. I finished around two in the morning, and I was too tired to drive. I dozed off the minute I sent the slides to Sinclair. I woke at my desk late,” Will replied the second he came in the kitchen and awkwardly stared at Kate who was still in her black lace chemise at three in the afternoon on a Saturday. She was supposed to be preparing for work now.

Was she expecting him?

“You work so hard, Will.” Kate grinned and walked seductively to him. “You’re not thinking of marrying me and settling down, are you?” she asked.

Will smiled. “We just met two months ago.”

She raised her eyebrows, but the grin remained on her lips, ignoring his reply.

“Do you know how that cute, little dimple of yours make me feel, Will? It sends me an unusual feeling that I have grown to love.”

“And I have grown to like your…” He paused as if looking for something to like about her. “…your red hair. It reminds me of…of fire.”

Kate giggled, her long fingernail rubbing circles into Will’s chest.

“That’s hot. You’re hot.” She bit her lower lip. “I missed you…and I missed your kisses. I waited for you last night.”

“Yeah?” Will breathed, watching her face closely.

“You can kiss me now.”

But he didn’t. He stared at those full lips and wondered if he’d gone too far.

When he first kissed Kate, it wasn’t too long before he realized it was a mistake. Kate was a very attractive woman; she wouldn’t get the job at the Neon Lights, a bar that apparently only hired women with long legs and beautiful faces to attract customers, if she weren’t. However, halfway into the relationship, she started demanding things from him. And she’d been pushing for sex with him, something that he wasn’t really sure he wanted to do with her just yet.

Kate suddenly wrapped her arms around his neck. Before he could tell her to stop, she pressed her lips against his. He opened his mouth to hers, as he knew it was expected from him. He heard Kate moan as he felt her tongue brush against his. Although what was going on was something he wouldn’t partake given the chance, he couldn’t deny the fact that she tasted amazing, just like how she tasted when they first kissed.

Kate’s hands quickly slid under his shirt, caressing his skin, making him lose control fast no matter how many times he told himself he couldn’t feel the spark between them.

He picked her up, holding her tightly by her hip, while she wrapped her legs around his waist. He sat her on the counter and positioned himself between her legs. He ran his hands up her thighs and then kissed her hard, pushing his tongue into her mouth. Kate grabbed his hands and brought them to her chest. Her large breasts felt soft beneath his palms.

“Squeeze them, Will,” she ordered him and went in for another kiss.

Will complied, but as soon as he felt her fiddling with his belt while she continued sucking on his tongue, he somehow managed to think straight for a split second and pulled away.

“What is it?” Kate was already breathing hard, looking hot and a bit annoyed.

“I just…” he trailed off, trying to form a coherent thought and keeping his hands to his sides.

Kate took one of his hands and guided it to the waistband of her panties under her chemise.

“Touch me, Will,” she pressed.

He just looked at her and made no move to do as he was told.

“Kate, you know…we… We don’t really have to do this now.”

He pulled his hand and took a step back.

“Where are you going?”

“I’ll just go for a quick shower then go hunt for a new place. I thought I already told you about my schedule this weekend.”

“But you just told me you’re tired.”

If he had any say of it, he wouldn’t really have made the effort to share his schedule with her. But soon enough, he gave up and told her that just to stop her constant nagging. And now the woman won’t stop with the endless “You told me” and “Where are you going?”.

“I said I was too tired to drive. Today, I have to go and look for a place.”

Kate frowned. “Yeah, but I already told you that you can stay with me. Permanently. This place is pretty neat, and the bed is big enough for us. We can cuddle every time you come home from work.”

Neat? Your underwear is everywhere. Your personal things couldn’t even find their way back to your dresser, Will thought.

“I know, and I really appreciate the offer, Kate. You’re not just really attractive but very kind too. It’s just that I want to have my own place, you know. It’s a guy thing,” he said instead, slowly running out of excuses.

She pouted her red lips. “That’s total bullshit. I think we can save enough money if you live with me. And then we can talk…or plan our future together,” she replied. She wasn’t just about to yield.

Will’s lips formed a sheepish smile. “The future, huh.”

Kate rolled her eyes. “Yes, Will. Our future. Together.”

If there was anything Will had never really gotten around to understand, it was women and their desire to always talk and plan for the future. He tried to educate himself by listening to Glen, who proclaimed himself expert on the matter, but everything his friend told him just didn’t make any sense to him.

“Let’s talk about the future another time. Okay?” he said.

He awkwardly kissed his girlfriend on the forehead and hurriedly left the kitchen before her hands could stop him from doing so. He could still feel the heat from their kiss.

He ran to the room he shared with Kate. He quickly closed the door and started to take off his shirt, dropping both sets of suits into the hamper.

After undressing, Will entered the bathroom and turned the shower on. The spray of cool water that gradually turned warm fell against his skin. He sighed as his mind raced with illicit thoughts of Kate. He turned the knob and soon, cool liquid played across the muscles in his shoulders, relaxing him quickly.

He rested his head against the tiled wall. A steam had already built up around him.

“Need some company?”

Jumping slightly, Will gasped and looked over his shoulder, shock printed on his face. He’d been so distracted that he hadn’t heard the bathroom door open and close.

Kate held the shower curtain, and when she didn’t hear anything from Will, she began stripping off her chemise. She smiled as Will’s gaze traveled down her naked body.

“Kate…I don’t think—”

“Shhh…” Her eyes trailed over his broad shoulder and down to his stomach. Her smile deepened when her gaze stopped for a second at his defined abs and small scars running across his torso. “It’s really amazing how fit you are for a tech geek,” she whispered, admiring his toned and muscular figure.

Will smirked at her mindless comment while trying to keep every inch of his being under control. Steam rose all around them despite the cool water gushing down from the nozzle.

He was already certain he didn’t want any long-term commitment with Kate, regardless of how she looked. The woman was just too much for him, but he was still a man and could still feel a throbbing desire to touch and kiss her. He pulled away a little and took a breath in an attempt to calm himself down.

Kate stepped in the shower and moved under the stream of water with him.

“This is nice,” she said. Her eyes were closed as she enjoyed the water sliding down her body.

“Okay. I’m almost done.”

Kate turned and looked him in the eye, a soft smile on her face. “We’re still about to start.”

She leaned in and pressed her wet body lightly against Will. She pressed her palms against his chest and started stroking his muscles, teasing him.

“Kate, I really have to go. And you know my schedule. Sex in the shower is not on the list,” he reminded her. Will’s husky voice only made her cling closer to him.

“I have been thinking that you might really be a virgin, Will, and the only reason why you’re pushing me away is because you’re scared you wouldn’t be good enough.” Kate and her cockiness were so predictable. Will let out a small laugh. She looked up at Will and put her hands gently around his face. “But I know you’re struggling now. So why don’t you just take my lead?”

Will pressed himself against the wall, an obvious attempt to move away from her. But Kate only moved closer, pressing her swollen breasts against his heaving chest.

Kate leaned into him, pressing her whole body against his, and let out a sexy moan at the contact.


Her mouth reached out and caught his earlobe between her teeth and started suckling it.

Will let out a series of uncontrollable sighs and involuntarily bucked his hips.

“Feel me.” She guided his hand to her entrance and moaned as his fingers brushed against her slick heat.

“Fuck, Kate,” he moaned loudly, already losing every restrain in his system.

He turned the shower off and turned around, slammed her body into the wet tiles, and crashed his lips onto hers, biting her and causing her to cry in pain and pleasure. There was no turning back now. He did everything he could, but he should have really known that Kate wasn’t one to take no for an answer. He was bound to give in.

Will ripped his mouth away from Kate’s and soon sucked on her neck, leaving red, hot bite marks on her neck. He had no intention of going easy on her. He was mad at her for testing his patience, and he was equally just as mad at himself for submitting to her.

Kate knotted her fingers in his hair in response, moaning directly into his ear as he continued his attack on her neck and shoulders.

“I don’t think I can wait any longer,” she panted and wrapped her leg around Will’s waist, bucking her hips against Will’s.

Will’s mouth left her shoulder and hitched her other leg around his waist, lifting her off the tiled floor. He quickly pressed her against the wall.

“Shit! I never thought you like it rough,” Kate gasped loudly.

She let out a stream of moans as Will moved lower and started sucking on her nipple. She writhed in ecstasy as soon as she felt his hands grab her ass, squeezing it.

In her response to the pleasure she was taking, she traced Will’s abs and slowly slid to the floor, gently landing on her feet and slowly kneeling down. Her lustful eyes stared up at Will, and she gave her usual seductive smile before slowly taking his throbbing length into her mouth.

“Kate!” he hissed.

Will inhaled at the feel of her tongue sensually massaging his tip. He braced himself against the wall, a torrent of loud groans leaving him. With his eyes half-close, he cursed himself under his breath.

This was not all part of his plan. Showering with Kate and letting her give him a blow job wasn’t exactly part of his plan. He knew this would only complicate things. As he had told himself a lot of times, he couldn’t have anybody in his life right now. Especially someone like Kate. He needed his freedom, and it was the first thing he was sure of letting go first should he decide to take things with Kate to the next level.

No. He couldn’t be anyone’s boyfriend, at the moment. Not when he was still unsure of where his life was really going. Not when he was certain he wasn’t in love or feeling something remotely close to being in love. Love would have to come first before all of…this. But all he really needed and wanted right now was to keep his independence. It was the only thing he actually, really loved at present.

“Stop!” he gasped when he could no longer take what Kate’s mouth was doing to him.

Kate stopped, and as soon as her mouth released him, he promptly lifted her up by her shoulders.

“What’s wrong? You were about to cum. I could feel it,” Kate asked softly and surprisingly, looking hurt.

“Ladies first.”

Kate instantly smiled. “I always knew you were a gentleman.”

She inched closer, rubbing her groin against Will’s erection. Their eyes connected, and he stared at her with a look that she hadn’t seen before.

He pressed her again back against the wet wall, his eyes never leaving hers when he got down on his knees and spread her legs open. He took a deep breath before holding her left leg up and threw it over his shoulder.

He immediately felt Kate clench herself as he began to kiss her inner thigh. Then his tongue made his way to her wet opening. He teased her thin lips before viciously licking her up and down, almost as if he wanted to make her cum quick and let all of this be over fast.

“Fucking hell, Will!” Kate moaned loudly, gripping his wet brown hair.

Will sucked in a breath and continued to eat her out, making her groan some more and shudder in pleasure. When he pushed two fingers inside, Kate’s back began to arch and she started screaming as soon he started pumping faster.

“Will, stop!” Kate moaned, but he didn’t listen and only continued. “I’m gonna… I want to cum while you’re inside me.”

Will’s mouth stopped, but his fingers didn’t. “I am inside you.”

“Your dick. Dammit!” Her toes curled as she felt her orgasm almost hitting throughout her body. She gripped on Will’s hair tighter.

But Will had another plan and kept on doing what he was doing…faster, quickly sending the redhead over the edge.

“Fuck!” Kate cried out, her knees buckling from the onslaught.

She let out another scream when she felt Will lightly biting down her center, finally hitting her climax. She arched her back and bit into her own bottom lip as her orgasm finished.

Out of breath, she joined Will on the floor a second later. “That was…some fucking fingers you have there,” she said, licking her lips.

Will wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, not saying anything to her.

“I love you, Will,” she blurted out breathlessly, running a hand down his chest.

But his face only bore a vacant expression. “I really have to get going now, Kate.”


He walked out of the shower and covered himself with a towel, leaving a bewildered Kate behind. He already gave her what she came for. He was done.

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