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Luggage Bitch

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Max and Samantha know how to push each others buttons. They won't hesitate to pull the trigger, if given a gun. Read the snarky, snappy love story of two stubborn individuals.

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1: "I'm 5'3'', You Beefy Scoundrel!"

“Okay father, I’ll see you after five months,” I smile sneaking glances at our house. It’s ridiculous, cause the way I am dramatically memorizing the wallpaper patterns, someone would think I am going to get a futile heart surgery.

“Make us proud,” he gruffly replies. My mother was weeping openly. I give them a tight smile, and get into the cab. Like every cheesy teen movie, I look at my room. My room, my personal haven, where I could let myself loose.

I’ll miss this place..

Going to college is exciting and scary. Exciting cause you are away from parents, and completely free. Scary because, you don’t know what sick bastards will paint your days grey every week.

“Flight 534A is boarding now.” I look back at my ticket, to see if my flight wasn’t leaving. Nope, still got twenty minutes. I push my trolley, to the baggage weighing counter. My phone rings. It must be my mother.

I take it out, but it slips out of my hand and goes sliding across the floor, as I stumble down, because I have stupidly hit a wall.

I should not multitask!

My first concern is my phone. I lift my head, ignoring the ache on my sides, and see it is safely resting on the floor. No cracks. I send a thank you to heaven.

Suddenly, the wall groans.

Hold on...

Walls don’t groan...

Shit, I hit a motherfucking person!

“Oh my God! I am so sorry,” I gush getting up. An attendant was already lifting the person. Words die in my mouth, as I register I didn’t hit a person. I hit a goddamn giant!

The person, who I can only assume to be male, with broad shoulders and cropped hair, has his back to me. He is wearing a black jacket. I was wearing a black hoodie. It would be totally inappropriate to knock down a person, and pinch him for being color twins at the same time.

“Are you hurt?” I go towards the person. Cold, gray laser eyes snap to me. I flinch under his glare. “You hit me with your family’s luggage! Of course I am hurt,” he growls, an angular jaw, that is clenched together as if holding back a sneer.

“Actually, it’s just my luggage,” I point out. I don’t know why I did that. He turns his head and looks at my fallen trolley in disbelief.

“Did you pack your family into the suitcases? I mean.. Really?” he raises an eyebrow, looking between me and my stuff. I feel my temper rising.

“Hey! What I pack, or how much I pack is none of your damn business, mister!” I flip at him.

“You sure have the nerve to shout at me, after damaging my shoulders,” he scowls, rolling his shoulder joint, bulky biceps outlining through the jacket.

“Well that’s what’ll happen, if you take so many steroids,” I mutter loudly. His head snaps to me, expression vicious. Handsome or not, huge men intimidate me. And right now, even though I am acting smart-alecky, I’m a raindrop away from putting my tail between my legs and running away.

“Steroids?!” he spat, as if he couldn’t believe I could say that. “This,” he barks pointing at his curled arm. “-is pure hard work, and dedication.”

“Which got injured by some light weight bags, but whatever,” I shrug, looking away.

“You’re a mean person, who hits people, insults them, and then doesn’t even apologize,” he scoffs in disapproval, picking up his bags.

“Hey! I apologized! I said sorry twice, you ass!” I fume.

“Twice? Oh my God, I am so lucky!” he says sarcastically, and brushes past me muttering, “Luggage bitch.”

I stare at his back in shock. What the hell! And not to say rude! I was actually going to offer to take him to the nurse. And help him carry his bags. But no, he had to get me all worked up. The attendant had vanished, probably sensing a cat fight. I pick back my trolley, and load it up, all the while mumbling every cuss word, I could think of.


I crane my head, to see if the rude leviathan was in my plane. I sit back satisfied, on not seeing him anywhere. They were closing the plane, and I stretch my legs. The seat beside me was empty, and once the plane is in the air, I’ll take out my bags from the above cabin and put it beside me for snacks.

I was looking outside the window, smiling for the last time at my town. I feel someone sitting beside me. I turn around, hoping to make a new friend. My bright smile vanishes, when I see it was the impolite jumbo from before.

We both freeze, looking at each other. “Oh, for the love of God,” he groans, slumping into his seat. “I didn’t even do anything,” I grit out.

“Yet,” he mutters, just as scornfully. The urge to give him the finger was killing me. I turn around and look outside. I could feel him moving around to get comfortable. He was so huge, that his arms were in my seat.

“Stay on your side,” I say too rudely, immediately feeling a stab of guilt.

“Why? You sure have a lot of extra space left,” he replies not looking at me, and leaning in his seat. Every shred of guilt vanishes, as I seethe quietly. Okay, so I might be a small person. Well, not small, I mean shorter than average, and slim but chubby at the same time. And I hate it when people tease me over it.

“Well next time buy ticket for two people,” I snap. My remark is drowned in the flight attendant’s voice. She was telling all the stuff about flight and weather, you never listen to. The dingbat was switching off his phone, ignoring my existence. I look outside the window again, comforting myself, that this will be my last interaction with this boy.


I am shivering. I had switched off the air conditioner above me. It didn’t escape my attention, how the swaggering bastard beside me, chuckled quietly, when I had to sit up to turn the AC off. I even tried asking for blankets, but no luck.

“You are such a pain,” the guy mutters, when I move around for the hundredth time. He sits up and takes off his jacket, giving it to me.

“No, it’s oka-” I begin meekly.

“Take it,” he snaps. “Please,” he adds forcefully. “I can’t relax, with you shuffling like a mouse in the background.” I feel guilty and take it. High chances, I’m the reason this guy had a bad start to his journey.

“Thank you,” I say, putting on the jacket. “It’s okay,” he mumbles adjusting the collar of his red t-shirt. I concentrate on his face, not the way how his sleeves hopelessly cling to the tight, tan, muscles of his arms.

“I’m Samantha,” I introduce myself.

“Max,” he mutters, briefly glancing at me and then closing his eyes. Unknowingly, I stare at his profile. I wish he was a short, fat goop with watery eyes, and missing front teeth. Then I could have easily stopped lusting over this, pompous stranger. But no. Not even close. A smooth forehead, continuing down his face as an elegant nose. Cold, silver eyes, that could send could a chill down your spine, but also melt you if softened. Anyone could tell he’s an angry bird, with his thin set of lips and impatient eyes. But I’ll admit he’s good-looking.

Adequately handsome.

Fine, very handsome.

“Stop staring,” he yawns, making me jump.

“I’m not!” I lie. “I was looking at that girl,” I say. He opens one eye and looks at the girl I was pointing at. She was reading a magazine.

“Good choice,” he smirks sleepily, closing his eyes again. What a pig!

I snuggle deeper into his jacket. It was very huge for me, and was still warm. Not to mention, it smelt good. I’ve always found men’s perfume highly alluring. I lean against the window, and curl my legs on the seat for a long awaited nap.

“Hey Trolley.” I feel someone poking my shoulder. I open my eyes, and the guy was standing up taking out his bags. “Flight’s over Trolley,” he says wryly.


“Do you want me take out your bags?” he asks. He didn’t even have to stretch his hands to reach the cabins above.

“No, I’m fine,” I answer, yawning behind my hand. People had already left. Damn, I am a heavy sleeper.

“You sure, you can jump this high?” he teases.

“I’m 5′3″, you beefy scoundrel!” I snap.

“Impressive,” he says seriously, taking out my bag. “Thank you,” I growl, grabbing my bag. But I couldn’t hold it properly, cause the jacket sleeves were too long, and were hanging out. I look at Max, and he was smiling openly. Holy Moly dimples..

“Jacket too big for you sweetheart?” he asks amused. My response is an animalistic growl, which only amused him further.

I want to slap his face, and hit him with a bat, then choke him on his own jackets sleeves. “Are you thinking of suffocating me to death, with your tiny hands? Your expression’s nasty.”

I say nothing, and shrug out his jacket. I fold it. Max had the grace, to hide his laughter, when the I couldn’t hold the jacket properly, because of it’s size. “Thank you,” I say, pushing the bunched mess into his chest. “And this is last motherfucking thank you I ever say to you!” I snarl stepping closer to glare.

He raised an eyebrow, “Alright princess. Let’s go. The air hostesses are thinking we’re humping in here. And if we stay longer, they all will wish to take turns.”

“You crude, perverted, dirty-minded, foul-”

“Trolley, the longer I stay here, the better my reputation’s gonna be. And I-” he smiles “-am in no rush.” To prove his point, he sits on the seat’s handle. I can feel my blood pressure increasing. If I was a cat, I would have mauled him to death by now.

“Don’t call me Trolley,” I thunder grabbing my bag, and storming past him.

The moron had kept his bag down, so obviously my foot got tangled in it. And since I was in a rush, I fall forward. Thank you gravity..

I feel a strong grip, around my waist, and I am lifted in the air, as if someone was testing my weight, and then set down.

“You filthy rat! You lifted me up because yo-”

“Now what do say, when someone helps you?” he coos, like I was a fucking toddler. I narrow my eyes at him. He was so enjoying this. There’s no way in the world I’ll say thank you again. But my conscious won’t let me sleep, if I don’t say it.

“I’m grateful,” I swallow bitterly. His lips stretch wider. “I don’t understand,” he says innocently. “Then don’t,” I snap, and turn around to go. Handsome or not, he’s a complete asshole and I have started to loathe his existence. I barely take four steps, before I turn around.

I hate you conscience..

“Fine. Thank you! Thank you for not letting me fall down, which by the way, is what I would’ve preferred!” I yell and storm out of the plane. His booming laughter follows me.

What a jerk!


Hope you liked it so far :)

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