The Coconut Vendor

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In a hot and humid afternoon, I met someone, someone special.......

Romance / Drama
San lee
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The Coconut Vendor

Summer in my country is so unpleasant that its impossible to romanticise the hot and muggy days. Impossible to think of a love poem in such a sultry atmosphere, instead you can get into a vicious quarrel in the streets as the scorching heat was doubling the body temperature of everyone else roaming in the dry street. After having a fierce controversy with the bus conductor my blood was also boiling. He had landed me 100 metres away from the bus-stop. Now I had to walk all the way in this fuming heat. My polished shirt was damped, totally sticked with my body due to excessive sweating. I was going to hand over a document of Shaw, my manager to some clerics as his assistant was absent that day. I had to bear all these just for that Shaw, I grumbled to myself. It is not that, if I had denied doing this, then my job could have hampered, but I find it better to have a good relation with Boss. Otherwise, God knows, when problem appears !! And jobs are really valuable in this era of competition !!

Walking the distance straight in the sweltering heat without any shade, my thirsty throat was willing for some drinks. Though I am fond of cold drinks, I saw the coconut-vendor standing beside the road with his bi-cycle filled with coconut and felt pity on him. The Coca-cola CEO might be relaxing there in AC chamber while my countryman was standing there with uncovered heads, in a totally wet-slightly dirty shirt and soggy heat-burnt red face. He had hardly any customers. If I buy from him, at least he will get a small reward of his such hardwork. So I made my going towards him and bought a coconut. Yes, I am this much kind-hearted and each of my friends knows it, values it, just she never understood. The one whom I have valued the most never valued me !!

I suddenly astonished finding myself thinking about her even standing in that steamy climate while she had left me nine-months ago and possibly got married to some "established" brat by now !! I felt hate towards my "respectless" self !! Being all busy in my own thoughts, I somehow turned back and what I saw made me completely speechless !! What !! It was her !! How is this possible !! How could my reverie be so strong that I was dreaming her in that broad-daylight and torrid weather !!

- "Bhaiya ?? Do you know where is Poly Divine Clinic ??" She asked the vendor. I was awakened by her voice. So, it wasn't my dream but reality. My dream girl was standing there clad in blue chiffon-saree and a long ponytail hanging over her shoulder. She hadn't noticed the "unknown person" standing there. But I couldn't resist talking to her. Lifting my sun-glass I showed interest in the conversation without any invitation !!

- "Poly Divine Clinic is just two-minute walk straight this lane...then...."

She had noticed me by the time and all charms of her face were evaporated !!

She stopped my words aggressively,

- "Excuse me !! I asked him...yes bhaiya, tell me ??"

she pointed the vendor !! The vendor giggled seeing such embarrassment of mine by such a beautiful young lady. I was already having A disgusted mood due to the heat and now I was absolutely fired specially because I had once felt pity on the vendor and now he was making fun of mine.

I totally messed up the situation saying,

- "What are you laughing at ?? She is my fiancee !! Do you think she's gonna marry you ?? No !! she has just asked you an address !!"

I said like an insane !!

- "What are saying !! Can't believe once I had dated this idiot !!" She expressed her disgust !!

- " I am an idiot !! I did all as you said !! You told me to get a job...I got one !! now you're going to get married but I never thought of anyone else !! and today I became an idiot !! You are giving much priority to the coconut-wala Bhaiya than me !! How much more should I tolerate !!"

She came a bit closer and whispered - "Can we discuss this later ?? Is this the place to talk all these ??"

- "Then where should we ?? Do you receive my calls ??"

She stopped for a second and heaved a sigh and said - "Ok...we'll have a conversation !! Now for Godsake, please stop this and say sorry to Bhaiya !!"

The vendor was enjoying the sweet fight between us. Looks like he also had love-marriage, actually, he was a good man, I realized !! He sweetly said with A innocent smile - " madam, It's ok !!"

- "Riddho, just say him sorry otherwise it's really over !!" Satarupa clearly declared.

- "Then we're having a talk, right ??" I made a pity face.

- "Say him S-O-R-R-Y !!"

- "Sorry !! Bhaiya !! You know this heat is really making our mood burst !!"

- "Aare, It's ok, Babu !!" he forgave me in seconds and again gave his billion-dollar smile.

After leaving the vendor I accompanied her all the way to Poly Divine Clinic. She was going to a relative's house beside the clinic for handing over some invitation card. We talked about the leftover misunderstanding between us. It was her, who had left me because I wasn't very serious about my career. She had already got a job and it was hard for her to defend me in front of her parents. Yes, I admit it was my fault. But when she left, it had given me a shock. And due to that, I finally became serious, tried my hard, gave dozens of interviews, learnt the true meaning of "struggle" and finally was able to grab a job. Though I earned less than her, I didn't ashamed to admit it to her because I knew it was never an issue. She just hated the "idle" me not the "middle-class" me. She was absolutely happy to hear about my job and congratulated me. But I refused to grant it and simply issued my complaint.

- "But I am not that much did right by nodding to the MNC guy...he is best for you !!"

- "Who told you that I am getting married ??"

- "Debarup !!" I said about a friend from whom I had learnt about her marriage and had decided not to disturb her anymore !!

- "So this is the reason you didn't contact me even after getting a job ??"

I bowed my head down and remained silent.

She lovingly pumped my cheek and said,

- "Your news media is so useless, Riddho Babu !!.......I am not the one who's getting married, It's Didi !!" she laughed out loud. What !! So It was a misunderstanding all the time !! I couldn't believe my ears !! I thanked God and the Vendor for giving me a second chance. She was my love of life.

She explained - "I had even declared not to marry ever to anyone to my parents because I never thought you will consider my breakup-threat this serious !!....But yes I was tired of hearing bad about you and your idle habit !!"

I hugged her in tears. I could sense she was in tears too. Then we took a cab, had the famous chilly syrup of Paramount, visited Nandan and spent long time talking about life like we used to do during college days. In the meantime, I had totally forgotten about Shaw's document and she also forgot about the invitation card. In the evening, after biding her good-bye, I remembered about Shaw. In the meantime, my phone sleeping in silent mode was having 30 missed call from him. It felt cold in backbone !! But God knows why it couldn't fade my happiness that day and even my eyes chose a hairband from a street shop as a consolation gift for Shaw's cute half-bald head. I know being this much imprudent wasn't at all good but couldn't stop laughing due to the idea running in my mind. Apart from the joke, I decided to fall in the feet of my dear Shaw and hoped that he will understand my situation because he was also having a serious crush over another girl. While returning I made my way to handover Shaw's document as a last chance. But the office was closed by then. But while returning I found the Coconut vendor again, this time he was packing all his equipment to make way to his home. I met him, begged for pardon again and gave some money as a token of gratitude !! He refused the free money and said with a smile - "Your prayers will do all, Babu !! After you, I had got so many customers today.....Today was my lucky day...all my coconuts were sold !!"

I was amazed by his thoughts. Really well-wishes are always both-sided !! I had no words to show my admiration towards him. I prayed to God for his well-being forever just like he gave me precious one back. That simple man left a great impression on me. Really this simple people teaches us A lot. Prayers will do all. As social being, it's our duty to respect and pray for each other to make the life beautiful.

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