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It is unbelievable how fast a day changes from despising each other to having a one-night-stand. Their first interaction has been bad but will they end up on good terms? Can they forget their past and move on with each other? Will Madalyne make the same mistake? Will Madalyne open up about her past to anyone? And will that ‘anyone’ be Xavier? Why does everyone fear Xavier? Will Madalyne get to know what goes in his personal life? Xavier, who rarely shows up at the University, is feared by everyone around. What happens when his eyes lay on Madalyne? What happens when the two students with opposite personalities confront?

Romance / Drama
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Egyptian Blue

You can also find this book and its sequel on Wattpad (@corpse_chokes_me).

Warning: This book contains mature scenes, violence, mature language and lots of errors since it's unedited.

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Bold- Messages/title

Italics- Flashback/lyrics/calls

(Third Person POV)

“I have had enough today!” Madalyne bursts through the hall doors as soon as the bell rings.

“Mad calm down! You have to get used to it from now,” Rafa, her best friend, strides behind her.

“Who the fuck she thinks she is? Huh? She fucking cancelled my test!” Madalyne hates the French teacher, Miss Katty. Since the day she first joined French class, Miss Katty and Madalyne has always been into arguments causing her to almost fail in French class.

“So what? You get A+ grades in other subjects, Mad. One subject is not gonna harm you girl,” Rafa rolls her eyes at her bestfriend.

“I am an intern. How can I fail in any subject. God! I have Bio in ten minutes,” Madalyne takes off for next class.

‘I still can’t believe we are finally here’ Madalyne thinks to herself. It has been almost three months since Madalyne and her friends came to Cambridge through scholarship from Canada. They have always wanted to come to U.K since they were kids. And finally they are here living their dreams.

Madalyne looks around the campus of Cambridge University and all she sees that it is swarming with students. The weather is pleasantly warm and the sky is clear blue. She cannot believe she is studying here where she worked so hard for. Besides going through personal struggles, she also had to work day-to-night for this opportunity. This may have been her dream place however; few people here are not much likeable as others.

Every now and then, she recalls of the day when her friends and her had to leave behind their family and other friends in Canada. They have been living in England for 3 months now and they have also met new people however no one can take each other’s place as they promised to stick together everywhere and every time no matter what.


“Madyyyy,” A scream startles Madalyne, “I haven’t seen you since the morning! Are you ignoring us?” Selena, Madalyne’s another bestfriend, narrows her eyes when Sarah, another bestfriend, appears from behind her.

“I’m so sorry, I have been very busy lately. The supervisor called our group six in the morning so I had to leave as early as possible without informing you guys and I promise-,” Sarah grabs her best friend’s shoulder to stop her.

“Girl. What. The. Fuck? You talk too much!” Sarah slowly tells her, “We understand you have a lot going, you don’t have to worry.”

“But stil…. ,” Both Selena and Sarah gives her a long hug before parting ways. Selena has computer science class so will meet up with Rafa now.

“Remind me why I took Bio again,” Sarah, tying up her curly hair, frowns at Madalyne. “Because one day you woke up and chose to be smart,” Madalyne smirks at her friend as they both enter Biology class.

“What’s your next class?” Sarah asks as they opens their textbook.

“I have Botany at twelve then Bio-Chem at one in the afternoon then I am gonna go to the laboratory.”

“Good morning class. So today our topic is Marine and terrestrial ecology so ……… ,” The professor’s lecture continues as Madalyne is pulled back by her thoughts.

“Madalyne?” There is no response from Madalyne.

“Why? W-why did you do this? Do I mean nothing to you? Why??!!” Madalyne screamed, tears rolling off her face with hatred in her eyes.

“I had to, you know I had to! I never wanted us to come this far” he muttered with a cold emotion.

“W-what do you mean? You wanted this! YOU! You are the reason my mom kicked me out! For y-you!”

“I’m sorry” She couldn’t take it anymore; she completely broke down as she screamed and ran as far as away she could.

“Madalyne!” Everyone’s eyes are now on her at which she rolls her eyes.

“What’s wrong Madalyne? I asked you a question. Is there a problem?” Asks the concerned professor as he takes off his glass. Why can’t Miss Katty be like him? The whole class is silent until Madalyne speaks up.

“I-I am sorry. I just blacked out. It won’t happen again I promise, Professor Coleman.” Madalyne huffs.

“It better not if you want your grades to stay the way it is. Excellent,” Mr. Coleman continues his lecture and the class goes on.


It is now two in the afternoon when Madalyne enters the Library through the crowd. She enters the Encyclopedia section and collects few books from the shelves.

‘Damn it!’ Madalyne curses when she notices that her usual spot is already occupied.

‘Where the fuck is Selena?’ Selena, her shy friend, is supposed to meet her in the library. Madalyne begins walking to the girl who is sitting on her sit to shoo her away but then she notices Miss Katty.

‘Ughh . Not again. This Kitty is everywhere!’ Not wanting to start another argument with the monster, Madalyne finds an empty spot beside the huge window that gives a great view of the campus. Something catches her attention.

The entire campus freezes when a red Chevrolet Corvette convertible enters the campus through the gigantic gates. It feels as if the time stops but only the car is moving.

However the car isn’t the only thing that caught her eyes. She watches as a tattooed man comes out of the car in the parking lot. He is wearing black jeans with a black jacket and white sneakers. His Egyptian Blue eyes shine as the sunlight reflects them.

She almost runs out of breath when she makes a strong eye contact with the blue eyed stranger. His brown hair is slicked back and his neck is covered in tattoos. Everything else fades away. Then comes back when the stranger is out of sight.

‘HOLY SHIT!’ Madalyne takes a deep breathe when she realizes what just happened. She feels hot and bothered but at the same time confused; how can a stranger with whom she just made an eye contact for half a second make her this excited.

As if he just showed her power, dominance, possession just through his eyes. Her heart begins beating rapidly in an unknown feeling. What is it? Why one eye contact caused her to feel restless?

“Move!” A dangerously deep British husky voice growls behind her.

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I am also on Wattpad- @corpse_chokes_me

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