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Mafia's Property

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"Keep grinding, you little slut." He spoke while increasing the strength of the vibrator as I moaned. " Louder!! I want whole New York to know you're daddy's little sex toy." He aggressively attacks my neck making me loose my senses. My hands tied up made my me pulled and shake them in enjoyment and satisfaction.  I was a total mess, covered with hickeys and sweat, tied to bed with handcuffs.  I moaned louder and louder, making a devilish smirk appear on his face.  " I...I wanna c-cum daddy..." I whispered between my screams of pleasure. " Not yet kitten, fun just began..." He spoke while pressing the vibrator deep inside of me making me loose control over everything.

Romance / Erotica
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AZALEA' S POV ( Pronunciation: Aa-za-lee-ah)

I was lying down on the cold floor in the living room of my house. Shattered, broken, bruised, bleeding and dead inside. I was crying, so hard that I felt my breath almost gone for few moments. This world seemed so empty, so dark that now all I wished for was death.

There wasn't a single spot left on me that wasn't marked with traces of cuts and belts hits. Tears ran out of my eyes, burning the cut I had on my face. I wept, my fingers were cold and so numb that, even I can't feel them anymore.

I heard some steps approaching close to the door and it opened with a loud bang.

It was him.

My father, the demon, the only reason behind my situation. The only one, who made my life ten time worse than it would be in hell.

He came in with that filthy smirk on his ugly face that showed as if he was proud at what he did with me. I look up at him weakly. He comes near to my almost corpse body and steps on my face, pressing me down with all his strength. I was crying tears of pain, pure pain. My wailings gave him the comfort of mind that can even shake devil's heart.

" You hoe, you think I'll spare you just with this little torture?" He keeps on increasing the pressure on me. My jaw fell like breaking and falling out.

" You are my fucking problem. A problem that should have been solved much earlier." He lifts up his leg from my face to crush my fingers. Grinding his teeth, he tried to show how useless and weak I am,how it will just take him one kick to erase my existence from this world.

I was devoured by torture. I couldn't feel myself anymore. I was screaming painfully. Even an enemy wouldn't be so heartless like he is to his own daughter. If this is what my life has to be forever, I want nothing but end, my end.

He kicked me to the other side of that small room. My face slamming on the wall, my belly was hit by the table stand. I crumbled myself, screaming.

" Sit." He ordered. I don't think I can even think about doing it after this aching pain that's almost killing me. I tried hard but couldn't sit. I had no power. I kept trying but still I couldn't.

He laughed at my sufferings. Showing his superiority over me. His laugh echoed around and reminded me of the days back when he did this same with mom. Maybe she died little earlier than he wanted her to,so I was the next person he grabbed on. He became silent and then spoke in a loud voice,

"Hoes like you deserve this. Ever since you were born, you brought nothing but distress. Since all these years, I waited for this day to come." He started moving around in the room. I covered my face so that he can't hit me back again.

" Today, finally you turned Eighteen. This was all I wanted. Now I can finally get rid of a rubbish bitch like you." He continued and started laughing devilishly. As much as I was scared for what he was going to do, I was dying inside of the fact that I will one day end up like my mom. Dead. And all because of him.

He came near where I was lying breathless and spoke, " YOU'RE SOLD."

I felt like I was being thrown off a cliff. I froze. My senses froze. Only word that revolved around in my mind "YOU'RE SOLD." My breath hitched badly; I pumped in air to speak in my crinkled, shrieking voice.

I fell on his feet. Pleading him.

" P-Please father, I beg you, please don't sell me, I beg you father..... " I begged holding his feet. Nothing can scare me more than being dead by someone else. Nobody knows what they'll do with me before killing me. It can be much more painful than what I'm experiencing now.

"Too late filth, they are going to be here any moment. Pack you fucking garbage and come out." He threw my hands off his feet and walked out, not even paying another glance over at me.

I was left alone again, but this time with a wrecked world. I still think I'm dreaming, as if I'm still asleep on my bed and all these things, these sufferings never happened. But wave of pain in my body clearly reminds me of what I'm in, is my reality. All these years, I wanted to win his trust, I submerged all the pain inside of me but at the end, all I get is sold.

I remember,my mom used to say, when you're going through bad times just remember God is preparing you so that you can feel how sweet, good times are. Maybe you were right mom. But it applies to only those who have few problems but for me, my life is my biggest problem.

It's been years since I'm waiting for my good times to come and at the end what I get? I gulped in this torture, waiting for him to understand that I'm his family but all he cared about was everything else other than me.

I wish I had my mom with me by my side. I wish I could lay my head on her shoulder and cry till I fall asleep in her warm protection. Everything would be alright, we would be living in our house just her and me. But this same thought became the reason behind her death.
Why did you leave me mom, why?

I stood up using all of my strength, my head was out of senses and felt drowsy. I glanced at myself in the mirror that was hung in front of me. I could just see a shattered girl with bruises all over her body. Her eyes were puffed out of crying for days and she held nothing but pain.

My face was looking like garbage can for the worst I can say. I slowly took trembling steps with my weak legs to reach for a bag that I had below my bed.
No matter how much I plead, he'll not change his mind. He'll never.

I was shivering with weakness. My fingers gripped things here and there as my vision wasn't clear.I haven't eaten anything since 2 days. All I got was water to stay alive so that he can take out all his grudges on me.

I have no other option than to accept that it's an end. While packing everything I started recalling those memories when I was a kid. Even though most of them were burnt by him, my books, my dolls, my magazines and even our family photos, I had few of them secured with me.

I saw my dress from high school. I remember when my father used to beat me up I would wear this long skirt and try to hide my marks. Even though it was finely visible from my face that I had a rough day. No matter how hard I tried, I was never good enough in making friends. Just boys of my class had a not so respectful attraction to me.

I kept recalling my memories and crying, all those pictures I managed to save, showed how much my life has changed. But deep inside me, I felt a sudden light in my feelings. I will not have to live with my father anymore. No more torture, no more hits, slaps.

A wide smile spread across my face as it lit up at thought of it. Even if this place equalizes with hell, I'm ready to go. I'll do anything to get away from him. I started packing things hurriedly, not that I had anything.

Whatever place I go, it will always be better than here. At most, if I'm getting sold, maybe I'll get some food to eat. I won't be tortured mentally; I'm ready to take all kinds of physical pain. I'm used to it. I explained myself the better side even though it was still limited.

Once again, I looked at my self in the mirror. But this time I saw a pretty girl with a wonderful smile on her face. I saw, she was happy because she was going to be free; Not worried about how her life will end up but a hope that whatever it will be, she can hold it well.

I don't have much clothes, hardly three. All of them were worn out from the edges and were faded in color.They were all so small for me to fit in. I never had any other option than to wear whatever he gave me, whether torn or faded, it was all I got.

Even the dress I was wearing was small enough to show half of my breasts and almost all of my panty. It reveals everything it mustn't. I can only blame my body figure for this. I got my body from my mom. Just like she was; her curves and skin everything was so perfect.

I quickly searched for a better dress and found a black, knee length skirt and a plain white top. I changed into them but was still squeezing inside these.

I heard the doorbell ring and I knew what's coming. My heartbeat increased and could be heard without any trouble. My palms grew sweaty and I gulped.

My Father opened the main door and I heard heavy footsteps enter in. They were at least 2-4 in number, I guessed. The sound of their steps turned towards our living room. I heard my father scream for me.

" AREN'T YOU DONE YET !!!!!!!!"

I almost trembled. He still doesn't has a single show of feelings left for me, not even on the name of humanity.

I quickly picked up the luggage from my bed and observed the room for the last time. All my memories whether happy or sad, I'll be leaving here,forever.

Slowly with unsteady steps, I walked out,dragging my things with me. I reached outside in the hall to see 3 men sitting along with my father on the couch.

They were all dressed in black, from top to bottom even had black leather gloves on. Each and everyone of them was size of a giant, almost 6 feet tall or maybe more. They had that dark aura that warned my guts, its not as I thought it was going to be.

As soon as I stood there, staring at them, two men amongst those 3 stood up. They approached me while I was trembling scared, not able to understand what was happening. I don't even want to think about the possible things that are going to happen with me now. This is much more terrifying. They stood next to me as if surrounding what they've acquired.

The last man finally stood and handed my father 2 bundles of fresh cash from his bag. He grabbed it from his hands and didn't even bother to look at me for the last time. He headed inside his room, taking in the smell of cash in his hand. Paying this much money for me?

Turning around, that last man joined them and they held my wrists tightly, dragging me out of the house. Sense of distress and fright took over me. I was dead scared. I never thought anything like this. Where am I going? What's happening to me now? I wasn't right when I said I'll handle whatever comes next. I was totally wrong. Now I can see what's coming.

Forcibly, dragging me till a black car they kept talking something in Russian.

They threw my stuffs inside it and then he glared at me to sit in. I did as I was told to. I can't even think about arguing with them. One of them took the driver's seat and other two sat next to me, closing the doors, ending all ways for my escape.

But before anything else could happen, they handcuffed me to the seat. Both my wrists were handcuffed at each side. I was frightened. Looking at them, I found them already looking straight in my eyes.

"I-I.... Where are you taking me? " I asked in low, dismantled voice.

One of them sighed and started laughing at my question. Just as my father used to and it was enough to scare me in my depth. Tears started building up in my eyes and I started trembling in fear. Just when he spoke in his strong russian accent,

" Oh poor cherry. You're scared..... Awww..". He said mocking me that even made me more frightened. Everything happening here is so petrifying.

Other two men started laughing along with him on his comment.

" You're sold as a maid for Don Igor by your asshole dad. Don't you know that?" He finished it with a grin.


If I was paid my whole life to do this, I would have chosen anything but death.
No No No this is not good. I'm going to be maid for none other than Igor 'hunter' Leo. The mafia Don of New York.


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