The Moon Baby

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Chapter 9 - Bonding

I’ve always appreciated people who pay attention to what is going on around them. Even more so the ones who listen to those around them. Something Daniel never did. These two, well, they were both pretty shocked at my comment.

Maybe it was less shock and more... surprise. Both of them looked at me, then at the hand on my stomach, then back at me.

“Shit! Baby girl I’m sorry!” The one who had his hand on me said. “I’m Ian.”

“And I’m Damien.” The other one spoke up.

They were basically identical except for a few quirks. One was that so far, Ian had always referred to me as “baby girl”. The other was that Damien had a scar right about his left eyebrow.

“Okay, well now that I have names, how about an explanation on how I got here, and how I’m in someone else’s clothes?” I knew Tori had nothing to do with my current clothing choices. If she was, I would have had some type of shorts on. For all of her pushing me to get laid, she still cared very much about me being conscious and levelheaded.

The looks I got from them both, well, they were pretty comical. Damien groaned and slid his hand down his face. While the other...I mean Ian started grumbling and rubbed the back of his neck. I wasn’t sure if I should be concerned or start laughing, but I was betting on the first.

“Long story short sweetheart is, we brought you to our pack house, in RiverRun. It wasn’t safe to stay at the bar. We had to change your clothes as your dress and you both had Ian’s blood on it from when you clawed him last night.” I must have looked mortified because he followed that up with more details rather quickly. “Don’t worry, we didn’t do anything but clean you up, change you and put you to bed.”

Alright then. The cleaning me up part I wasn’t exactly sure if I was okay with. But also, I wouldn’t want to go to bed with blood all over me. Wolf or not, I like hygiene. I decided to let that slide since it seemed that everything was just about making sure I was safe, clean, and comfortable.

“Um. So. Wha..” I cleared my throat after a bit of a stutter. “What now.”

I wasn’t intending to sound like a child, but between the quieting in my voice and the stutter, I think I failed at that. It must not have been a problem and the must have figured out that most of that was my nerves. I could tell that by their immediate smirks.

I remember looking at them last night and feeling that damned mate bond come alive, again. I didn’t know what to make of the situation, or even how to really address it. They hadn’t marked me while I was passed out but I didn’t know if it meant that they didn’t want to, or just didn’t want to while I wasn’t able to consent to it. I still questioned if they would want me, both of them. And I was scared shitless of one or both rejecting me. I was, or had been, barely surviving as it was. I couldn’t live through that again.

The nerves weren’t just over everything that was uncertain right now. It was also because frankly, I knew nothing about them. Well, I did know that they had taken care of me, that they were from RiverRun, and oh add in that they were obviously Alphas. I could feel that Alpha presence, aura, whatever the hell it was. Raw power...

“Well,” Ian starts off. “Your friend told us your name and the reason for the heavy drinking, but not much else.” Hell. I guess at least the cat was out of the bag about Daniel. I didn’t exactly want to cross that bridge immediately, but it is what it is.

“Ya, not exactly the best condition to find your mate in huh?” I was so embarrassed. I remember everything, including throwing up.

“Don’t fret sweetheart.” Damien said. “Do you want to tell us what happened?”

I sat up a bit on the bed and cleared my throat. I actually kind of did want to tell someone besides Tori about it. Plus, they appeared pretty interested.

“Um, I don’t really know to explain it. But I think that the problem that my ma—Daniel—saw with me, was that I wasn’t born in MeadowEdge.” Ah, there they are. The questioning looks. This is where I had to be careful about what I said but also give them my history.

“My parents weren’t able to care for me, I guess. The Beta of MeadowEdge—Luke—brought me to their Alpha. The pack adopted me technically, and I’ve lived there ever since. I’m not actually an official member of the pack though. They all thought that I would be claimed at some point.” It’s not a lie when you leave things out right? I mean, that was the basic gist of my coming to MeadowEdge. I just left out the more colorful and specific parts of the story. It definitely wasn’t the entire truth, but I would just have to work up to that with them. I wanted to be normal, just another mate. Even if only for a little while.

“Wow.” Ian’s face says that there’s way more he wants to say but doesn’t at the same time. The fact that they hadn’t moved since they introduced themselves made it continually easier to tell them apart. As we’d been talking, I had continued to scan their faces for any trace of what they were thinking. As I did, I noticed more small differences in their appearance that helped me tell them apart. A had noted a freckle that Ian had beside his nose that Damien didn’t. And they both had a different way of speaking. It was the same voice, but different tones.

After a few minutes of silence, I jumped right back into my explanation. “It wasn’t bad. I grew up in MeadowEdge and due to my circumstances, lived in the pack house. Tori has been my best friend since I was a child. The Alpha and Beta spent a lot of time with me too. I think it was their way of making up for my lack of actual family.” That wasn’t a lie, they really did spend more time with me because my circumstances.

“I turned eighteen almost two months ago and found out that my mate is, or I guess, was the Alpha’s son. Only he felt my past made me a bad fit as a Luna. He has been with his girlfriend for a while and felt she would be better than I would in the position. He didn’t really miss a beat, just...rejected me.” Halfway through that explanation I had looked down at my hands in my lap. I know it seemed and really was, pitiful. I really didn’t want to get into more of what had happened either. I still felt like an idiot about everything.

“Baby girl, you have nothing to be embarrassed about. That fucker was wrong in so many ways and I will have no problem fucking him up if I ever see him.” The smirk on his face tells me he’s dead serious. “His stupidity is what led you to us though. And your friend to our Beta.” Oh Goddess. Little comments like that we’re making my insides all warm and fuzzy. Tori was right. This feeling is worth it all. Speaking of which...

“On that note. Where is Tori?”

“With Kota,” I quirk an eyebrow at Damien’s quick admission. He, again, was paying attention and quickly added more context. “our Beta. He took her to his rooms when we got back last night. We were all pretty tired.” I nodded, but I don’t know if he was trying to convince me that it my friend being immediately taken to her mate’s room was innocent or what. I knew Tori and knew much better than to assume that though.

She had been close to jumping literally every male we had come into contact with. Not just because she was a bit of a horny female, but she was really trying to find her mate. I mean, she might have crossed into desperate. I highly doubted those two were coming out of his rooms unmarked or at least unmated.

“Un huh. Like I said, Tori is my best friend. Given what I know about her...I hope your Beta got a good night’s rest. Once she’s awake, he’s going to be very busy for a while.” After a few moments they both burst out laughing. Oh Goddess! I was already in love with that sound. Their caresses, proximity, and fuck, just general desire to get to know me was going straight to my head. I could honestly feel the mate bond strengthening. I knew what it felt like to break and this was the complete opposite.

I have to, no, need to know if they both want me. I can’t let this keep going further if that’s not what they want.

“So... Um... Fuck. I’m just going to say this. Do... do you both actually want me, want this?” I motioned between us all and looked directly at each of them. I was being direct, but I wasn’t going to beg. That got me so far last time.

“Please. Just tell me now if either of you don’t. I...” I didn’t get another word out because Ian had pulled me to him and latched his mouth on mine.

Holy shit! To say I was surprised was an understatement. Those tingles sure were present right now. I was in a bit of shock and didn’t move for a few moments, but he continued to slant his mouth over mine. Easily coaxing me to loosen up a bit. Finally, I wrapped one of my arms around him, I might have felt afraid he would stop. I felt Damien move closer to me and start kissing the side of my neck. The tingles weren’t letting up. At all.

“You are ours sweetheart. We don’t care about your past and we are not letting you go. Only a fool rejects a gift like you.” I might swoon. He had started to caress my sides as he spoke and continued on after. The kissed worked down from the side to the base of my neck, where it met my shoulder. I full on shuddered.

I always knew that I was loved. By my parents, my brother, Tori. I knew they all loved me. But now, I felt wanted and immediately loved in a way different way. Standing, sandwiched between the two of them gave me a feeling of pure warmth. Warmth that was creeping down to my core along with those wonderful tingles.

Ian pulled away from my mouth only to trail kisses down my neck while Damien took his place. Heat had really started pooling between my legs and I was certain they were going to smell my very apparent arousal soon if they hadn’t already. I didn’t care though. I didn’t care that I knew next to nothing about them or that I had known them less than a day.

That’s what the bond did to wolves. It was a magnetic force that not only pulled us together but made you completely comfortable giving yourselves to each other. It was never too soon to mark and/or mate once you found each other. I’d seen plenty of the wolves in MeadowEdge find their mates and cart off to a private place to mark and mate. And no, not all of them knew each other exceptionally well.

These two certainly didn’t have any issues going all in.

Damien stopped kissing me long enough for the shirt I was wearing to be pulled over my head. I was standing in only my black lace thong, which probably helped fuel the apparent hunger in their eyes. Damien claimed my mouth again and pushed me back down to the bed, cradling my head in his hand as he did. His free hand had moved to my breasts. Kneading one, then the other, and plucking at my nipples before he switched. Each moan he had elicited from me being swallowed as he continued to tease my mouth.

This was much better than drinking. I was getting drunk off these two without any liqueur and I was more than happy about it.

“This is what I wanted to do to you last night.” Damien decided to stop kissing me, just to say that. I can’t hold back the mewls from escaping, which seemed to motivate him more. He came right back to devour my mouth.

I could feel Ian kissing his way up the inside of my legs. His hands tracing the top of my thong as he did. Finally reaching my core, he placed a chaste kiss on my clit over the fabric, making me shudder a bit more in the process.

“Mmmmm” is the only thing he ‘says’ and then proceeds to remove said garment. Leaving me completely naked to their eyes. Wolves get naked often to shift, but I never really had. My wolf, being a pretty obvious tell about my identity, wasn’t something I wanted to showcase. I figured that I would be a lot more nervous about being naked.

Nope. Any nerves I had were replaced by straight desire. I was already worked all the way up.

Damien had stopped kissing me to look down, while Ian sat up a bit. “Beautiful.” He said and dipped back down, placing a kiss at my belly button first. Then trailing down farther.

Damien had gone back to placing kissing along my neck and down to my breasts. Taking my nipple in his mouth, I could feel him suck and lick until he had me aching, then he moved to the other. He continued to switch back and forth as I moaned out in need.

During this, Ian had leaned back down to blow on my aching pussy. He licked up to my clit once, twice, then began to suck. The moment he did, my back arched and one of my hands flew into his hair.

“So responsive our little mate is,” Damien slid up to whisper into my ear as his hand moved to hold my stomach down. Sitting up and smiling down at me he added, “should we see just how responsive you can be?”

That felt like an ominous question, but I wasn’t worried. I was pretty curious though. I didn’t have to wait long because Ian inserted one of his fingers into me, all the while continuing his assault on my clit.

“Oh, Goddess!” The feeling was so foreign but so, so good at the same time. He started to pump the finger in and out. Slowly at first, then speeding up, then slowing down again. He added another finger and I flinched a little. His fingers weren’t small and it was definitely a new stretch to me.

Damien caught my flinch and put his hand on Ian’s shoulder to stop him. “Sweetheart, are you a virgin?” All I could do is nod. I could feel the deep blush rising to my cheeks. I wasn’t embarrassed about what they were doing, but talk about my lack of experience and I turned beet red. “I..”

“Baby girl.” Ian cut me off, commanding my attention to him instead of Damien. “You have no idea how happy that makes us.” A sensuous smile crosses his face and he dips back down and places another kiss right below my belly button. Then returns to playing me like a fiddle.

“Fuck!” I end up screaming out as a wave of straight pleasure rolls over me. Damien is back to kissing me deeply while Ian continues to lick and suck on my clit. He re-inserts one finger, pumping in and out some more. Then slowly he adds another. I feel as he curls them, hitting an extremely pleasurable spot.

Ian suddenly but lightly bites down, sending me completely over the edge. Damien releases my mouth as I scream out my release. This was a way better experience than I ever thought I’d have. My vision had honestly gone blurry. It was awesome.

I finally came down from my high, just enough to see straight, but still having difficulty catching my breath.

Ian crawls up my body and kisses me, letting me taste myself on his lips. He is resting between my legs and I can feel him rubbing up against me. It sends a few more shivers down my spine. He must have noticed because he reared back then, smiling down at me.

“That was definitely a sight to see sweetheart.” Damien took Ian’s place, demanding another kiss.

Ian pulled back a bit more, after a few more of his movements left more shivers in their wake. I was still laying there, boneless, trying to catch my breath. Just as I start to say something, my stomach makes its presence known.

“Well, I had my breakfast, but I think we need to get you something to eat.” Ian’s shit eating grin makes me blush a little. Especially with his meaning of breakfast. I wonder how long he can keep that up, the grin I mean. I don’t want to challenge him to more breakfast. Not until I’m able to breath normally.

“Damien, why don’t you help her into a bath and I’ll go collect some food for us.”

Considering what I had dealt with before, and all of my outlandish behavior after, I had not expected that the outcome would be this. It was the way I imagined my mating from the get-go. I mean, not with two mates, but still the point was that it was amazing.

What a way to bond with my mates.
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