The Moon Baby

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Chapter 10 - Breakfast

Damien’s POV

What the hell?

Ian had suggested I help Irie into a relaxing bath while he got us all something to eat. Then he basically ran away. Irie was looking at the door that Ian had closed behind him, confusion etched on her face. There was another emotion under the surface, I could just barely see it in her eyes. Distress? Disappointment? I couldn’t tell, but the look on her face didn’t appear to be a good one.

What the fuck are you doing? I mind link Ian.

I’m sorry! If I stayed in between her legs or even just near her beautiful, naked body any longer, I’m afraid I wouldn’t have been able to stop myself. I mean it, it took everything I had just to run out. And now I’m hiding in my room trying to calm down before getting you both some food.

Fuck, get a grip on yourself and get back here. She looks...I don’t know, upset? I snap back to him. Damn horn ball.

“Come on sweetheart. We’ll get you all cleaned up.”

I pick her up in a bridal carry and head toward the en-suite bathroom. Her head was rested on my shoulder for the short trip and I really didn’t want to put her down. I eventually had to though, so I set her down on her feet for just a moment to start the bath. Out of the corner of my eye I see her wrap her arms around herself and look to the side.

“What’s wrong sweetheart?” Shit.

“I...d..did I do something wrong?” She looks down as she asks that and I swear I felt my heart drop.

Shit, shit, shit! I quickly ran over to her and wrapped my arms around her, tucking her head under my chin. “No! Of course not.”

“Then why did he run away from me? Just like...”

You fucking owe me! I say to Ian.

“Sweetheart no. Don’t think like that. Ian, well, he was afraid. You’re very intoxicating you know.” Screw it, I’m not going to lie to her. I pulled away a bit and tilted her head so her eyes met mine. “He felt like he wouldn’t have been able to stop himself from going any further and you may not be ready for that yet.” I ended that with a wink, hoping that would help lighten the situation a bit.

That changed her mood pretty quickly. She went from almost crying into my chest to gawking at me, a small blush settling in her cheeks. Her expression was similar to the ones I’ve see on the pack pups’ faces when they saw their parents shift for the first time. Sheer awe.

I had to chuckle at her a bit. “Since you seem a bit better knowing that, how about we get in the bath.”

“We?!” The tint increased in her cheeks.

“Yes, sweetheart, we. I’m going to help clean you up before we eat. Now come on.” I led her to the bath, which had filled up. “You get in first and I’ll sit behind you.” I had to pull her more in front of me but then helped her in. She seemed to give in pretty quickly and scooted forward a bit, waiting for me. At least she wasn’t afraid. I removed my boxers and got in right after her, pulling her back to my chest.

“So, do you not have the same fear as Ian?”

I started to rub circles on her arm. “Well, I like to think I’m a little more reserved—more in control—of my emotions. Ian and I balance each other out in that way. He’s more spur of the moment and lets emotions drive him while I’m more cool and calculated. He pushes me to action versus over analyzing and I pull him back from being over zealous.” That was really how we’d been our whole lives too. It’s how we’d managed to keep our pack strong even without a Luna. Luckily, the second part of that would be easier now.

As I continued to explain our dynamic, she became perfectly relaxed in my arms. I started to rub further up and down her body during my explanation. Her head was rested on my shoulder with her eyes closed when I finally moved lower until my hand nestled between her thighs. I watched her eyes shoot open, then saw as her breathing sped up.

I peered down to her slightly heavy chest, smiling to see how much I was effecting her. “As different as we can be, we are also both quite the same. For instance, all I want to do is sample your sweetness as he did.” A blush and wide eyes greeted me when I looked back to her face.

“B...b...but we’re in the bath!” She was so adorable when she stuttered out of embarrassment.

“That’s true,” I hesitated a moment before continuing, “but that’s not really a hinderance. Now relax a bit, I promise you’ll enjoy it.” I started to rub my finger through her slick folds. Her slickness having nothing to do with being in the bath, was making me grin wider. Our little spitfire did desire our touch. I dipped my finger into into her sweet pussy and started to slowly prime her.

“Mmmmm. exactly am I s..supposed to relax w...with you doing that?” My ministrations were causing additional stuttering, much to my pleasure.

“Touché. But you see, while this” I pluck at her sensitive nub, eliciting a low moan, “may wind you up. In the end” I pluck her again, making her moan loader and arch her back, “will ultimately leave your muscles quite loose and relaxed.” I slowly add another finger and continue to piston in and out while rubbing her clit with my thumb. Her moans grow in intensity and she reaches up and runs her fingers into my hair. I pinched one of her nipples, making her yelp in surprise, then rub on them both until she is squirming. I finally had to wrap my arm around her to hold her as I continued my sensuous wind up. “Please...” is all she says.

“As you wish beautiful.” I kiss her neck and make a come hither motion with my fingers, sending her flying. She screams out her release while tugging at my hair . So damn responsive.

I pull my hand up and lick my fingers clean, watching her as I do. “Mmmm, no wonder Ian had to run. Your essence is so sweet, All I want to do is bury myself in you.” Her blush rises, showing her full innocence even more.

I let her breathing settle a bit. Then start to wash her. “We should probably get you cleaned up now.” We finished bathing, although the hard on pressed against her back never swayed. She tried to adjust a few times but I bore through it. Finally we got out to dry off. I wrapped a fluffy towel around her and pecked her on the lips.

“Now scoot into the bedroom and wait for Ian to come back. I need to take care of something and then we’ll make sure you’re fed and get you clothes.” I ran her out of the bathroom, another blush settling, and proceeded to care for my aching member.

Irie/Illyria’s POV

After Damien rushed me out of the bathroom, I started to dry myself. I really wasn’t sure where anything was in this room, hell even the house, so I just focused on drying myself off. I tried to anyway. Knowing that he was in there still, all I wanted to do was go back and offer to help.

After a few moments stuck in my thoughts, Ian came back in—fully dressed—and carrying a large tray of food. He winked at me and walked over to where a small table and chairs were placed to set the plate down.

“Hey baby girl, come over here and eat with me. Where’s Damien?”

“He’s caring for a ‘problem’ in the bathroom.” I obviously knew what he was doing but shit, I still felt odd saying anything more than that. Even after they’d both led me to orgasm.

“Gotcha. Well while we’re waiting, come sit on my lap and eat.”

“But I don’t have on any clothes!” I am not sitting on his lap in just a towel.

“I’ll link one of the pack members to bring us some clothes. While we wait you can sit with me. Please?” He pouted at me! He seriously pouted at me like a pup would when asking for candy. What a sneaky little...

I went over and tried to carefully just sit on his knee. That backfired when he pulled me up into his lap fully, with his arm secured around my waist.

“There now, that’s much better. Now take a bite.” He had picked up a fork and stabbed a bit of waffle, then brought it up to my mouth to feed me.

Feeding your mate was considered a very intimate gesture. I could feel the butterflies and warmth of the action filling me up. I almost didn’t open my mouth right away because of that, but he gently rubbed the waffle on my bottom lip so I would.

After his offering of several more bites, I heard Damien come out. I tried to turn my head toward his direction, but a strawberry intercepted me. Damien sat down across from us, grinning.

“I see you’re more comfortable now.” He teased Ian. “And you sweetheart, do you feel more relaxed?” What a little shit.

I couldn’t hide the blush, although I’m pretty sure it’s never left. “Yes, I feel much better. I’d feel even better if I could get some actual clothing though.” Although Ian’s arm around my waist was helping keep the towel in place, I still had to hold the top up to prevent my breasts from falling out.

“I quite like you this way.” Ian slyly remarked. “It seems much more comfortable then confining clothes. Plus, it makes it much easier for me to...“. He trailed off while sliding his hand up my thigh.

Gulp “W...what are you doing?”

“Shhhh. I promise I’ve calmed down, but that doesn’t make my desire to touch you any less.” He whispered into my ear, sending shivers down my entire body.

Just as he began to rub on my still sensitive clit, someone knocked on the door.

“Sorry brother, you’ll have to wait. I think those confining clothes are here.” Damien was laughing at his brother while Ian rested his head on my shoulder. He had stopped trying to ‘play with me’, for lack of a better explanation.

Damien got up to answer the door. The moment he opened it, a whirlwind seemed to come into the room, asking questions about everything that was going on.

Why was I in a towel?
What were we doing in here?
Why no one had asked for clothes earlier?
Why was I just sitting in Ian’s lap?
And finally, why wasn’t I marked yet?

Oh goddess!

My head was spinning from the endless questions and even if I had tried to answer one of them, it wouldn’t matter. Each question blended into a new one.

Ian and Damien were obviously dumbstruck from the encounter. Neither could even attempt to respond. Mouths open, shock etched on their faces. I was actually pretty hysterical if you thought about it. Who would guess that the little and new Beta Female would be so pushy.

“Tori!” I finally yelled out. “Please calm down and we can talk. Plus, I think you’ve shocked them into silence and they may need time to recover.”

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