The Moon Baby

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Chapter 11 - More to Know

My statement, as odd as it was, served a purpose. That purpose was getting Tori’s attention. She went from asking a hundred questions like a curious mama, to utter silence. Then there was a bit of begging for forgiveness while my two mates where standing there.


“Love, give them a moment to process.” I hear a deep baritone voice say. Another man enters the room, laughter obvious on his face. He much have been listening to this whole performance.

I realize that this is Tori’s mate, Kota. The endearment was a dead giveaway. So was the fact that my mates didn’t have any problem with him walking into the room with me only in this damned towel. Given what I know about my bestie, I know damn well this man fits her fantasy perfectly.

I’m allowed to think these thoughts, she’s my best friend.

I’m caught up thinking about how perfect this male seems for my friend. Mostly because they’re sitting there bantering a bit about her obvious hot headed instant reaction. And of course how good of a friend she is. Once I finally shake off my focus and notice Kota has what looks like a long white dress and a small bag his hand. “Umm, if those are for me, can I please get dressed?”

That seemed to have been the perfect thing to say. Damien and Ian had been watching the Tori show while Tori and Kota bounced off each other. My statement snapped everyone’s attention to me. Kota handed Damien the clothes while laughing at me. Then he pulled Tori back out of the room.

And in true Tori style, it wasn’t without protest. “Why do I have to leave I’m her best friend” and “I’d be more help than you all” were followed by a “we’ll be back later”. Then the door finally closed. I was certain that I was going to pay for kicking her out without giving her the answers she was seeking. It was kind of worth it though.

And I burst out laughing.

“I’m sorry, but there couldn’t have been a more perfect introduction for her. My best friend Tori everyone. She’d take a bow if she was still here.” I had to add a bit of comedy here.

“I think her bitching us out about not appropriately caring for you last night was better, albeit less entertaining.” I just stared at Damien as he said that. I thought I remembered most if not everything from last night, but obviously I missed a few things.

Probably while I was passed out after my stupid decisions.

He must have figured out my question as he quickly followed up his last statement. “After we found you last night, we left you alone to wake up. Once you did, you drank way too much of whatever was in that, Tori figured wolfsbane. The end result was, well, let’s just end by saying that Tori helped you purge and then chewed us out for not watching you better.”

Well fuck. I’m not sure if I’m more embarrassed over the state that I was in or the fact that my best friend, in her defense of me against the world, outright chewed out her future Alphas.

“Oh. I’m sorry, I...”

“Don’t baby girl. You don’t have to say anything that you don’t want to. We won’t push you.” Ian had come up to me and started rubbing on my back. “Why don’t you get dressed and we can decide what to do next.”

Damien handed me the clothing that Kota had brought in. I walked into the bathroom and shut the door. Sighing, I took off the towel and then looked at myself in the mirror. I was a tad bit stunned at the sight.

I had been actively avoiding mirrors lately. Tori would help me with hair and makeup anyway because I kind of sucked at it. The reason for my avoidance though, was that I knew I was making poor decisions to dull everything around me.

That being said, I hadn’t looked deeply in a mirror for a while. So when I did, besides noticing that I didn’t look like death anymore, I noticed that I had small love bites along my neck. Not deep enough to pierce the skin but done to make sure others could see. The intention clear. A signal to others that I was taken, even if not completely marked.

Unfortunately, my mind also wandered a bit as I thought about how I looked a lot more alive than I did even a week ago. If only my first experience had been this loving was my primary thought. Followed up by a long string of why this and why that.

I had to stop thinking about, well, all of that. Nothing would remove the pain I’d been through. But in only a few hours, Ian and Damien had shown me so much adoration. So much love. I wanted to be able to tell them everything I’d been through. I already wanted to tell them everything about everything period.

That’s how the bond works. How it is supposed to work.

As I continued to ruminate on good thoughts versus the bad, I opened the small bag to find a white lace bra and thong, which I could only imagine Tori picked out. I find not one but two replacement mates and she’s still trying to shove me at them on a platter. Little minx.

I put both of them on and then slipped the dress on over it. Even the dress had lace on it. It was a bohemian style floor length white dress with light lace covering the whole thing. It was super comfy and accentuated a few parts. Again, I think Tori had something to do with this.

Who am I kidding, she totally did. Irie a la carte, service for two...

After I finish drying my hair, I run my fingers through it a bit as I can’t find a brush, then walk out to both of my men. Both. And mine.

“Holy shit!” and “Damn!” were the first words that greeted me.

Ian’s POV

“Why don’t you get dressed and then we can decide what to do next.”

Right after I said that she smiled at us and nodded. Then took the clothes and walked into the bathroom. I could see her trying to hide another blush, although it might have never left. I fully admit that the slight of her blushing was adorable.

“Once she’s ready, we should take her on a tour. Maybe not of the entire pack grounds yet but of the pack house at least.” I say to Damien while staring at the door. All I want is to throw her back on our bed, have my way with her, and sink my fangs into her neck. Let everyone know she was ours.

But we needed to wait. For a million stupid Goddess damned reasons, we needed to wait.

For one, she was a virgin and we needed to ease her into us. Even if she was a walking temptation. I wouldn’t expect to just jump on her if it was only myself. But two of us... nope. Ease in.

And for two, our pack tradition dictated that we mark her in front of the pack, under a full moon. It was an age-old tradition and although it seemed stupid, it showed the pack that their Alpha (or Alphas in this case) and their Luna were not only committed to each other but to their pack. The next full moon was in three weeks.

I’ve never questioned traditions so much in my life. I was currently hating that one. At least marking her would give us some relief. Leaving her unmarked for any length of time was probably going to destroy my nerves. We’d be waiting so long to find our mates, er, mate... I didn’t want anything to take her away.

I could see Damien nod out of the corner of my eye. He was watching the bathroom door too.

“We should also have someone collect her things. Or get her new things. I don’t care as long as she’s here and happy.” Again I saw Damien nod. I knew he was thinking the same. I could see how he had been looking around the room, thinking about the stuff we didn’t have ready.

The room was here. It was kept clean and linens on the bed, but that didn’t mean it was stocked and ready. I knew he was compiling a list of things that would be up here shortly.

Irie came out of the bathroom, fully dressed, but more tempting than before. Seeing her in white lace had me straining against my pants again. “Holy shit!” I couldn’t even hold it in. Obviously neither could Damien because I heard a “Damn!” come out of his mouth.

There was that blush again. It was pretty obvious that she wasn’t used to or wasn’t comfortable about commentary over her appearance. I may not judge a person using that, but I had no problem complimenting my mate on it.

“Come here baby girl.” I extended my hand and she came right over to me. Damien flanked behind her and she ended up between us. Again. I was surprisingly comfortable with this arrangement already.

“You are delectable while wearing anything. And nothing.” I said the last part in a whisper. Her quick intake of breath told me that she caught me anyway. So proper. “Before we get carried away again, we want to take you on a tour of the house and answer any questions about the pack that you may have. Would you like that?

“Yes please!” The idea excited her, so that was a win.

I took her hand while Damien took the other. Both of us intertwining our fingers with hers. “Obviously, this is our bedroom and all three of us will share it. Damien and I have, or I guess, had separate rooms, but will be moving our stuff in here.”

“Why did you have separate rooms?” Curiosity is good, right? Yes, it was. I wanted her to be interested in everything about us.

“Before last night, we figured we’d each have our own mate. It wasn’t even a thought that we’d share a mate. Because of that, neither of us wanted to take over the room. It’s intended for the Alpha and Luna.” She nodded in understanding and I kept going.

“Kota and Tori’s room down the hall and to the left of the stairs when you come up.” We had reached the stairs by this point so I pointed out the doors. I really didn’t have to, because like on the Alpha Suite, there was a plaque on the door. Obviously, theirs said Beta Suite.

“Our office and conference room are to the right. No other wolves besides the Alpha, Beta, and Gamma families will live on this floor, but there are rooms for visiting Alphas. Others will live on the second floor while the main floor is the kitchen and gathering areas. We have game rooms and a gym in the basement.”

“Wow. How many people do you have living in the pack house?” Another good question. I know there are some packs where the Alpha and Beta families have separate residences and the pack house is for those without families and the offices. Here we have it all in one. Meaning the space was an outright mansion. More like an odd apartment building, but it still looked like a mansion.

Damien chimes in now. “Well there is us, Kota and Tori, ten unmated warriors, and 5 Omegas. We’ll have to pick a Gamma soon and he and his female will live here too.”

“Why don’t you have a Gamma?”

“Well sweetheart. Our plan was that whoever found their mate first would take the Alpha title and the other would take over as Beta, then Kota would be our Gamma. Now that you’ve entered our lives, we have to make all new plans.” Damien’s happy to be making new plans. He likes to plan, but more than that he likes this new situation.

By this time we had walked down to the send floor and I explained a little about the warriors that lived on that floor. Making it to the main floor, we explained a bit about how we setup the gathering area as a place to just sit and relax or as an extended dining room if we needed to feed guests. We started to walk toward the kitchen.

“Like I said, we have 5 Omegas that live here too. They care for the meals for all those that live in the pack house as well as general clean up, laundry, and more. There are four females and one male, all unmated. The male, Henry, helps run things around for us, handles the pack books and upkeep for the house. He says he stinks at indoor activities, but I think he just doesn’t like to be so outnumbered.” I really did think that too.

We reached the kitchen where the four female Omegas were cleaning up after breakfast. I cleared my throat to get their attention. “Irie, I want you to meet Liza, Nelly, Cara, and Mimi. Ladies, this is our mate, Irie.” I made sure to pause between each name and point out who was who. As soon as I finished, all four of them started gushing. Likely from the ‘our’ and the ‘mate’ parts of my introduction.

“Oh my goddess!!”
“You are so pretty; you boys are lucky!”
“This is the best day every!”

All four of them hugged Irie and went on and on with comments like this. During the onslaught, Irie hugged them back, smiled wide the whole time, and responded with appreciative remarks. She’s utterly perfect. Our pack cared for our Omegas a lot. They were not as physically tough as any of the other wolves but their nurturing side was beyond compare.

They literally cared for us more than any other pack member. I mean it. I can’t cook for shit and neither can Damien. I’m not going to say I’m an excellent housekeeper either. If it wasn’t for these ladies I’d be hungry and dirty. Probably smelly too.

Nelly, who is the oldest of them and the unspoken leader, separated herself to speak up. “If there is anything you need Luna, anything at all, just let one of us or Henry know. We take pride in caring for everyone who lives here, especially our Alpha family. Don’t ever hesitate to ask us for anything.”

“Thank you so much. I already feel so at home and I promise I will.”

Absolutely perfect. “Ladies, you’ll have to excuse us. We have more to show our lovely mate.”

I moved Irie out to the back porch. The pack house was in the middle of the pack lands, but the backyard was actually quite expansive. Henry enjoyed keeping the house’s appearance up so he had worked on gardening and the shrubs. His attention had made the back porch a pretty nice spot to sit and relax. Or in this case, sit and chat a bit.

I led us all to where the porch table and chair set was. “Sit down with us?” Damien has already sat down and as Irie went to take a seat, he pulled her into his lap.

“What? It’s my turn.” I gave him a scowl and he smirked at me while she giggled.

Back to the point. “That’s the house in a nutshell. The Omegas can give you a bit more on the laundry, pantry, and other things we’re not allowed to touch. I won’t need to explain why, they’ll tell you. We’ll take you on a tour of the pack lands soon too. Before we do that, do you have any questions?”

“Do you allow both males and females to be warriors? All the names you gave me seemed male.”

Our little feminist. “Yes, we do.” Damien answered.

“Actually a few of the names we rattled off are females. Riley is a female for example. She’s also a hard ass.” The approving look she gave me when I told her that made me happy.

“What about your Gamma position. You mentioned it as male but why couldn’t a female take it?”

“I wouldn’t be opposed to a female taking that position. Historically, it has always been males and I think most often it stays that way because of challenges. If another wolf challenged for the position, males are more likely to beat out females. More likely, but not always.” Damien added the last part when Irie gave him a frown. She accepted his answer and was mulling over something else to ask.

I know and have trained some pretty capable females. I have no doubt that there were several that could hold their own. But we hadn’t ever thought about it being held by a female before. That tradition was just habit and for the right candidate, I think it could easily die.

I made a note to talk to Damien about that later. I didn’t want to seem like an ass by talking about it more now. Because she’d easily catch on that we hadn’t thought about it before.

“Umm...I know this is probably a bit premature. Or maybe not. Anyway, I was thinking about everything so far and, we get to mark each other soon?”

Ah, the question I had been waiting for. Most mates end up marking each other within hours of meeting. Many both marking and mating. I wasn’t looking forward to voicing that we had to wait. I didn’t really want to.

“We can’t mark you yet baby girl.” I watched her face fall and Damien squeeze her tighter in response.

Yup, I really hadn’t been looking forward to it and was even less happy about it now.

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