The Moon Baby

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Chapter 12 - Discussions & Disagreements

Illyria’s POV

“We can’t mark you yet baby girl.” Ian had rattled that off pretty quickly.

I don’t know if it was how quick he said it or that it was just that statement alone, but I felt like I’d been stabbed in the heart. Again. I instantly looked down in my lap and I felt Damien pull me tighter against him. I don’t understand. We were mates and the three of us had been very, very intimate this morning...

All I could think about was how stupid I was. Was this just a shittier situation than the one with Daniel? They were happy to touch me, to nurture the bond, but didn’t want to mark me. It all ended in the overwhelming questions of why? Why doesn’t anyone want me? Tears were ready to spill down my cheek.

I was only holding them back because I was trying not to appear as weak as I felt.

“Sweetheart,” Damien coos while rubbing on my arm. “Don’t cry, please. That might, that was the wrong way to say it. It isn’t that we don’t want to mark you, it’s that we can’t right now. Emphasis on the right now part. Our pack completes a marking ceremony for the Alpha and Luna under the full moon. Trust us, if it wasn’t for that, you’d be in that bed upstairs. Marked and more. Much, much more.”

Well that got my attention. He hadn’t stopped caressing me or holding me as he explained either. The touches were probably the reason that I didn’t break down right away. The explanation snapped me back from the abyss. And the comment about the bed, oh Goddess. At least I had zero doubts about them being attracted to me.

“I didn’t even think about that. My old pack, they didn’t have any rituals like this. At least I don’t think they do. I—I’m sorry I jumped to conclusions.” I had no idea what the traditions were in Moonlight because of how young I was when they left. And my knowledge of the traditions specific to MeadowEdge was a bit lacking. I felt so stupid right now, my thoughts had instantly gone to the worst possible reason instead of me asking. You know the old saying, when you assume, you make and ass out of you and me.

“Don’t feel bad baby girl, I should have explained instead of just saying it the way I did. And you’d be more than just in the bed.” Ian looked pretty sorry for his hasty statement. At least until he offered his own comment. Then he was back to smirking and winking. All while my cheeks were turning as red as a tomato. Wait, had that ever gone away?

“We should warn you though. The full moon isn’t for a few weeks. Being mated to Alphas, you’ll likely go into heat before that.” Oh shit. There’s always another shoe that drops, isn’t there.

“I didn’t think of that either.”

“Don’t worry sweetheart, when it comes on, we’ll take care of you. But you won’t be leaving our room until it’s over. Without a mark, all our unmated males will be attracted to you. And I’d hate to have to kill my own wolves.” Damien’s grip on my waist got tighter after he said that. He had also started nuzzling my temple.

I could get used to this. The cuddling part. I mean I could get used to all of this, but I like the cuddles a lot. Given Damien’s actions, I was pretty sure he did too.

“Okay, I understand. I mean, before that comes though, we might have to talk some more. Later though. For now and before anything else happens, do I get a bigger tour?” A change of subject was definitely in order. Besides Damien’s possessiveness, the conversation was definitely heating them up. At least, based on the bulges they were sporting, I was pretty sure it was. Especially since I was sitting on one of them.

“Maybe you could even show me how your normal days go? Like what you all handle versus others or the routines you have.” My curiosity had never died.

In MeadowEdge, I had so much pushed on me to learn, my brain didn’t have time to be curious. I’d go from school to home, then the Alpha or Luna would give me something new to study, then I’d be ready for bed. I had been stuffed full of so many pieces of history, strategy, pack geography, ugh. My brain still hurt from it all.

And that wasn’t even including the damned lessons from Luna Cecily.

“Sure. Let’s start with a full tour and then we can meet with Kota to go over some other pack details with both you and Tori. Ian and I are pretty routine with our pack management, but that will probably all change now.” Damien was back to rubbing my arm and lightly holding me, obviously more relaxed.

“We’ll also send someone in to gather the rest of your things.” Ian’s nonchalant statement about someone going through my personal possessions probably shouldn’t have irked me. But it did. Partially because that was the same way he had so carefully explained the marking thing. But mostly because those were my belongings.

“Why does someone else have to? Why can’t I go get everything?” My pouty lip was primed and ready. I didn’t like the idea of anyone else touching my stuff. I might not have breakable things or a bunch of stuff that held irreplaceable memories, but everything I did have was mine. They were my possessions to care for.

I didn’t have a lot of stuff, but what I did have, I didn’t want lost. Even if not irreplaceable, there were still memories. Mostly of stuff with Tori. Not only that, but I didn’t want someone else touching my underwear. Just ew...

“Baby girl, I don’t think it would be good for you to leave. What if something happened to you because you’re our mate. Or what if you went into heat quicker than we expect? It isn’t safe.” Still nonchalant, and now I was really irked.

I thought about it for a moment. I was trying not to jump into another assumption. I don’t like arguing. I also don’t like my feelings being disregarded, but I was sadly used to that from history.

“All that could be solved if one or both of you took me to get my things.”

“No can do. We need to stay here.”

That was my final straw. I know I’m young and have a lot to learn yet, but I also know that I’m smart. Smart enough to know when someone is being a prick. Smart enough to know how to effectively debate, communicate, and understand when someone else isn’t.

“So now not only am I basically a prisoner because of this marking ritual and my heat, but I have to let someone else touch my things? No.” I might seem childish with this, but I’m not going to start off our relationship with them thinking I was easily run over. I wanted my voice heard and to have my feelings included. Not disregarded, which is what I felt like they were doing now.

Well, mostly Ian. Damien had been silent during this while exchange. I had no idea if it was because he agreed with one of us over the other or not, but it irritated me a bit too.

“It’s not up for discussion. It’s not safe.” Ian might have a point about safety but he wasn’t even trying to discuss it with me. I took a moment to think about if I was being careless and decided no, I’m not.

“Fine, you don’t want to take my feelings into consideration, then sleep in your own rooms. I’ll skip the tour.” I got up from Damien’s lap quicker then he could react and hurried to the door.

“You can also stew on the fact that rather than even discuss it with me, which has effectively pissed me off, you’d rather someone else touch all my things, including my underwear.” I walked away and straight up to my, our, the damned room.

Damien’s POV

What just happened?

For the second time today I was left with a slightly speechless person looking like crap. Only this time it was my twin and my mate was the one who walked away. Sadly for Ian, I partially agreed with Irie.

I wanted to protect her and wasn’t really okay with her leaving the pack. Well maybe it was just being away from us. But I understood her desire to pack her own things. I had immediately thought about how much I wouldn’t want someone else going through my things. Then thought about having anyone else touch her things. Even if they were just packing them.

Obviously, Ian hadn’t because he looked like he just wanted to kick himself.

“My lap is cold now.” It might have been the stupidest comment I could have made, but it did what I thought it would. It woke him up from his ‘moment’.

“Then why didn’t you do something about it?” He shoots right back to me. “I didn’t hear you interjecting before she kicked us out of our room.” I could tell that he was more pissed about the situation than he was at me. I could also tell he wasn’t accepting that it was his own fault too.

“I think she’s claimed it as hers.” I know I’m an ass but when it comes to our mate, his habit of act first think later wasn’t going to work.

“Seriously! That’s all you can say?”

“No. You fucked up and I didn’t do anything so we’re both up shit’s creek. She’s right, we need to discuss things with her, not decide everything for her. I’ll help fix it cuz I shouldn’t have let it get her so upset either, but you gotta think more about your words and actions when it comes to her. We can’t treat her like we do pack members. She’s our mate and the pack’s Luna. And obviously she has a spine and is willing to stand up for herself.”

It wasn’t the time to add this, but she’s the exact woman we’d always wanted. We’d had plenty of talks in the past about what we hoped we’d see in our mates when we found them. Spunk, intelligence, strength, elegance, and plenty other things. When we’d talk about it, it honestly sounded like we were describing a beauty queen mixed with a decorated warrior.

And now we had a mate, just one. Who looked and acted like she was all of that bundled up in her tiny self, versus in two people.

“I know I’m being condescending and an asshole, but I don’t want to lose her when we just found her.” The reality was, the first few days after finding your mate were prime bonding opportunities. The mate bond did a lot, but if you fucked up with your mate, it could still hurt the bond. Which can hurt the wolves. So scolding Ian like he was a pup was kind of necessary.

He nods again and gets up. Moving toward the door. “Well, are you coming. I assume you’ll want to watch me beg.”

“Damn right.” I followed right behind him as we walked through the house. Evidentially our conversation with Irie had been overheard because our Omegas were giving us the stink eye as we walked past. Given the fact that I hadn’t seen a look like that out of any of them ever, I’d say that they had chosen their side. I mean if there was one to choose.

Looks like our little mate has already obtained a band of loyal pack members. I link to Ian.

He just shakes his head and keeps walking. It’s rare that he won’t respond to me via our link, but it’s usually only when he’s trying to think...hard.

We reach the top of the stairs and walk towards our master bedroom. Ian tries to turn the handle but it’s obviously locked.

“What, did you think that she was going to leave it unlocked so we could walk right in?” Okay, I am totally being smug and a dick. I might love my brother but every now and then, I’m still allowed to be an ass. It’s a sibling thing...

Ian glared at me and then turned back to the door.

“ girl. Can we come in please?”

“No.” I don’t know what I disliked more, when she sounded sad, or when she sounded pissed. Both of them made my wolf whine. I could only imagine that Ian’s was doing the same.

“Baby girl, please. I’m sorry. I... I’m just afraid something could happen to you and it would kill me if it did. But I want to talk about it. About how we can compromise and fix this. Please let me in.”

He sounded so pitiful. The last time I saw and heard him like this was when our parents grounded us for being overly reckless and we couldn’t do anything, including training, for days. The monotonous existence we endured for two days cracked him hard. Ian needed stimulus or he would go insane. And he begged for forgiveness rather fast then too.

She still hasn’t opened the door. “Irie. Please, I don’t want my idiocy to ruin our day.”

She finally opened the door. “I’m not some dumb little girl. Nor am I a dog that will sit, stay, or heel when you command it. Mate or not, I’m a person and I deserve to be treated like one. That includes discussions, not dictates. I’ve had my fill of people glossing over my feelings to serve their own.”

“I can work on that. But can we discuss this inside?”

Going in for the kill huh? Risky move. I was worried he was going to make her even more angry. I tried to link him quickly before he said anything more. I really didn’t want this door slammed in our faces.

Shhh, she’s already calmed down some. He was right. The pissed look was a bit lessened. She took another deep breath then stepped aside and let us both in.

“Now how about we try this thing where we dis...” and then Ian clamped his mouth on hers.

“Sorry, you’re pretty hot when you get assertive.” He said to her and then claimed her mouth again.

“I fully agree.” I said while moving behind her to kiss her neck.

Pulling back from us she shook her head. “Stop it. Right now. I want to finish the discussion first and neither of you are going to distract me.”

“Alright. How about we compromise?” Ian offered. My curiosity about his secret plan here was piqued. He hadn’t spoken to me at all about what he was thinking. I mean, it wasn’t like it took us hours to get to the room, but still. He had obviously thought of something but decided not to share it.

“I’m listening.”

“I’m still very concerned about you leaving pack lands right now. Honestly, the fact that you have two Alpha mates may speed up when you go into heat and I don’t want to chance it being too soon and you being away. We also don’t know who has found out that we located our mate yet, which could be another risk. We may not have any enemies in terms of nearby packs, but rogues are always a concern. Damien and I do have work to do which is why we can’t take you, but I agree, I don’t want just anyone touching your things. So, what if we sent Kota and Tori? She needs to retrieve her things too right?”

Silence. Irie was thinking about it. Thumping her finger in her chin and cocking her head to the side. While she was contemplating his words, I had to reach out and give him a pat on the back.

I’m pretty impressed. You kind of suck at expressing yourself but that was pretty good.

Thanks for the compliment wrapped up in an insult. Asshole. I know he meant it, but his mental voice was light so I know he wasn’t really insulted.

I just mean that the way you handled your spat with her before sucked. But the way you expressed yourself now was spot on. Maybe think about that next time. You know, think first?

You’re still a dick and could have jumped in anytime to stop it from reaching the point it did. Maybe you should be a bit more impulsive sometimes. You know, jump in, and stop your twin from making a fool of himself every now and then? I won’t admit he’s right. He’ll get too much of an ego boost. Instead I just shook my head at him.

“I think that sounds fine. Yes, Tori will need her things but you may want to send a big vehicle. She’s a pack rat. And I get your reasoning, I just don’t agree with your delivery. Oh, and I take back what I said, I still want my tour.” While we were chatting, Irie was obviously thinking over Ian’s offer.

Both of us laughed over her comments about her best friend and I linked Kota to tell him the bad news.

If all our arguments work out this way, I’ll be a happy wolf. Especially since she let us go back to kissing her after our agreement to her tour.

At least she was getting over her blushing a bit already.

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