The Moon Baby

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Chapter 13 - Tours

Illyria’s POV

Over the last month, I’d wondered often if I had just lost my mind and drunk myself into a different reality. I don’t say that to make fun of anyone that is an alcoholic or has an illness, I say it because from the moment that Daniel pulled his shit, my life has felt surreal.

I was kidding myself; my life had been surreal since I was born.

But with all the crap he’d done, then my over imbibing, and now having two mates, I was almost positive that I had short circuited. I mean, this isn’t how mates work. A wolf doesn’t get a second chance mate while their first mate is alive. Wolves don’t have multiple mates. I felt like this wasn’t reality.

Or if I was, it was sometimes a shitty reality. And sometimes it was pretty wonderful. The ping pong game was strong and tiring.

I think they’d figured out pretty quick that I wasn’t going to be a push over mate. I mean, to be frank, I had let Daniel just run over me and I ran away. I wanted to be stronger than that and I wanted to move on from that hiccup in the road.

I had been irritated, very irritated. But the fact that Ian had very quickly come to appropriately explain had simmered me down. Then the fact that he mended his behavior, by compromising with me, had cooled me off almost completely. Then the attention they gave me helped calm me down to perfectly at ease. Tricky males.

I’d always heard that just touching your mate can calm you down from the worst pits of anger, and now I knew it to be true. After letting my mates make up to me with some more kissing and touching, specifically a nice but small massage, I forced them to stop before I ended up naked again.

How I was ending up naked so often with my mates but NOT mating with them I don’t know. Trust me, my entire mind and body said go. Go right now.

“So, about the tour.” I batted my eye lashes at them for some added effect. I was being a brat earlier with the forget the tour thing, but really, I wanted it. I wanted to know about my new pack.

“Alright sweetheart, let’s go.” Damien had interlaced his fingers with mine and pulled me to the door. I grabbed Ian’s hand, because he hadn’t moved quite quick enough, and all three of us went back downstairs.

I was still a bit saddened that they had to wait to mark me. I understood the ceremony stuff and wouldn’t argue it. Traditions were big in packs. And traditions that involved the blessing of the Goddess, even if just because of a full moon or something else, were not something you messed with. Packs generally loved them. Like human religions, it gave them something to look at and reinforce their beliefs.

I’m not nay saying any of that either. I may have a bit of distain about my birth and how I felt that all the pomp around me was crap, but I did believe. In our Goddess I mean, not my stupid label and all.

But my reason for being sad was because without being marked, I wouldn’t be able to feel them. Marking your mate does more than just makes it obvious that they are yours. It binds our souls at a deep level. So much that mates can feel emotions from each other, locate each other better, and the one I cared about, understand a bit better because of that connection.

I knew once I was initiated into the pack, which I was already figuring would be at the time of my marking, because ceremony, I would be able to link with them. But I wanted that bond. Not just because of the Daniel crap, but because I was already invested in these two and I wanted it all. Waiting would probably make me anxious as hell the whole time.

As we reached the main floor, I saw that the Omegas were finishing their cleanup. I could see the stink eyes they were giving to their Alphas, but those quickly disappeared when they noted our intertwined hands. Interesting how a simple gesture can make others feel better.

“Problems solved I see. Good!” One of them, Liza I think, said and then they went back to their work. I assumed that they must have a really good relationship with their Alphas to even dare the actions. Every pack is different, but I never saw anyone but Beta Luke be that blunt with Alpha Mark. I certainly never saw anyone below the ranked officials being even stern with him.

Ian and Damien just kept walking; cheesy grins plastered on their faces. That also told me that the relationship between them all was good. It might seem silly to some, but it made me happy. You can tell a lot from a person and even more from a leader, when you can see the genuine interactions of those around them. The instant reactions here told me that these members loved their Alphas, but also were secure enough in their place to showcase their opinions.

We quickly walked out the front door. I knew I came in this door, but I wasn’t exactly conscious. This was my first view of the pack lands and I was excited.

Damien started explaining things as we walked. Pointing out the different buildings as we went. “Directly in front of the pack house is a Community Center. The pack house has a lot of amenities, but it’s not intended for the whole pack to use. The Community Center has an indoor gym that can be setup for basketball, volleyball, etc., as well as game rooms and a small library. The major library is attached to the High School in case you were wondering.”

“Wow, I didn’t realize your pack was so large.”

Ian answered that comment. “It’s your pack to now too. And RiverRun is one of the largest packs around. We don’t boast it because, that just puts a spotlight on us and is asking for trouble. Better to be internally proud of what we have and only showcase what we need to.”

“Exactly. We have several schools on pack lands, our own fully functioning hospital, supermarkets, stores, farmlands, basically everything that you’d need to go to the city for but smaller.” Damien’s voice easily shows how proud he is. “We have a lot of farmlands in the area. We use everything from them be it produce or the plants for textiles and other things. We don’t have any huge manufacturing plants but we do have some small manufacturing facilities, more like shops, and the owners make as much as we can ourselves.”

“So do all of your pack members have jobs then?”

“Yup! Obviously, there are several that are full time enforcers, scouts, or guards, but others work at the schools, hospitals, and other places. We encourage our members to take advantage of learning opportunities. Because of that we are able to have certified doctors, nurses, and even a lot of certified trade-based labor workers. Makes it a lot easier to rely on ourselves. Pups under sixteen we don’t allow to work in any shops but they can train.” I furrow my brow a bit at Ian’s explanation. Why sixteen?

Before I can voice my question, Damien answers it. “We don’t want the pups younger than sixteen to focus on anything but studies and training if they are so inclined. Those that don’t want to go into our defense type jobs we really want to focus on education. Our pack is very well off financially and all members are paid or compensated based on their work. No matter the personal fortunes, we ensure no family or individual is left uncared for.” He paused for a moment, he looked like he was trying to figure out something. “I could see the question on your face sweetheart. Your quite expressive without words.”

I’m not sure if I should be happy they read me so well or if I should watch my expressiveness more. I’m going to opt for the first. For several reasons, including that I like being expressive.

“Okay. So how do you manage all of those different positions? I can only imagine the amount of work it takes to run a pack this large, not even including paperwork. I assume that you two don’t hire everyone to a job yourselves, do you?”

MeadowEdge wasn’t extremely large so Alpha Mark did a majority of the job selections along with his Beta and Gamma. But they didn’t have near the expanse that RiverRun did. Nor the opportunities. I would say you could fit three or four of MeadowEdge in this pack, just based on what they’ve said.

“No way! Even Damien’s crazy organizational skills wouldn’t allow us time to do all that.” Ian chuckles a bit as he said that. “Each job type has supervisor role or overseer. Management, sorta speak. We select the best candidate for those positions and they do the individual performance management from there. We have to deal with any disputes, but we honestly don’t see a large amount. Our father started this process when he took over and worked out most of the bugs before turning the pack over to us.”

Damien chimes right in then. “On that note, our parents are going to want to meet you soon. Luckily for all of us, they travel a lot and won’t be back until next week. That should give you plenty of time to prepare for their over-eager welcome.”

“Wait, um, how old are you guys? I know most Alphas turn over their packs after their sons turn twenty-one, but that’s usually only when they have found their mate.” I quirked my brow at them. I know that Alpha Mark had zero intention of turning the pack over to Daniel until he had found his mate, reached at least twenty-one, and learned a hell of a lot more than he knew now. I wondered how long they had been in the Alpha position. Given how much they were going over with me already, I felt like it wasn’t new.

Damien laughed and answered. “We’re twenty-three but will turn twenty-four in a few months. And yes our father did turn the pack over to us right after our 21st birthday. The two of us together functioned well enough that he didn’t see the need to wait for us to find our mate.”

“Well that explains why you have a good routine built up.” They already knew my age from prior conversations. I was kind of excited about disclosing more truths about myself outside of age. Nothing else had come up, but part of me wished it would. Hesitant or not, I sort of wanted it to come out. I just didn’t know how to go about it.

The easiest way would be for them to really ask more about my parents. I felt like a coward by holding back, but after so many years of hiding things, I really don’t know how I’d start. Tori made it easy. She came outright and said that I seemed way too smart for someone to just abandon, then questioned a bunch more stuff. Boom, spillage.

“Damien and I have been balancing each other’s strengths for years. It is going to be interesting to see how we will all function now with your help. A tripod!”

Damien and I burst out laughing at the thought of us looking like a tripod. Then I stated to think about how that would work in every other regard. “Um, speaking of that. How will this all work with the three of us. I mean I get Alpha and Luna dynamics and I’m sure you two balance the Alpha workload. But what about my duties and responsibilities. And, um, us.” I was rambling and it was obvious that it was due to the topic.

“Sweetheart, all the normal Luna duties we will explain and Tori is already your best friend so your Beta Female relationship is set. As far as between the three of us, we’ll explain and show you more of that later.” He winked. “I would now but I’d rather show you how we plan on this working.”

And now I’m back to beet red. I think they like this too much.

Ian’s POV

It was really adorable how red she gets. Damien telling her he’d rather show her was obviously out of her comfort zone but at the same time must have excited her. Since I could smell her arousal, which was fueling my own now.

Her reactions to us before were pretty telling about her willingness. So were her words. The innocence about it all was just endearing.

“Let’s finish the tour and then maybe we can explain more. Explain might be a light word, I prefer demonstrations.” I already wanted to usher her back to our room. Damien and I had shared women in the past. We’re twins, sharing has been and innate part of our relationship since birth. We figured before we would have separate mates but still, we had our fun while we searched. The dynamics of sharing a female were something by we had learned a while ago. Given that Irie was new to everything though, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to start introducing things to her now.

“Sure.” Another blush heated up her face, even with her very quick answer.

“Before we do that, let’s get something to eat. We’ve been walking for a while and it’s almost dinner time.” Buzz kill. I mind linked Damien.

He smirked at me behind Irie’s gaze and then retorted. Food fuels the later activities. Plus she hasn’t been able to eat very much today.

We made it back to the pack house at the perfect time. My stomach started to growl and the Omegas were setting the table for dinner. Told you. Damien shot at me.

“I know we haven’t introduced you to any other pack members yet but we normally eat with the wolves that live in the pack house. Would you want to meet them now? If not, we can eat in our room and introduce you when you’ve gotten a chance to settle a bit more.” I had hoped she would agree to eat with everyone. The more pack members she meets now, the better. We had a lot of them and jumping in right away would get her up to speed faster.

“Yes! I don’t want to seem like some mysterious woman that exists but isn’t seen. Plus, I’m still really curious about everything here.”

She stopped us walking and it seemed like there was something she wanted to say. She didn’t right away though and I was about to ask if anything was wrong when she finally spoke up.

“I was trying to find a good way to say this but every way I can think of sounds silly. The easiest would be to say that I’m probably the reason for the warning, curiosity killed the cat. I am insanely curious about everything around me, always. It’s not intended to be like I don’t trust others or anything like that, I just have an insane need to know. It, um, bothers me? Ya, that’s it. It bothers me when I feel like I don’t know something.” She was right, it was a bit funny to think of her, a wolf, as a curious cat. Kitten maybe.

“Don’t worry sweetheart, I think it’s a good thing. I mean, I’m sure there’s reasons why it can be considered bad, but as a Luna, you should know things. There really shouldn’t be anything that you could get in trouble for wanting to know.” Damien was the same as she was, mostly. He loved knowing things.

“My curiosity has gotten me into a lot of trouble over the years. I used to prod at Alpha Mark to the point where he would tell me to give him a break.” I could actually picture her pestering someone like that. Given the attitude we had seen when we made her mad, I had no doubt that if she wanted to know something, she’d find a way to figure it out.

“Well, I still think you’ll be fine. If there’s every any issue over anything, we’ll let you know.” Damien finished up as we reached the doors and walked in.

“Now that we have that settled. Let’s dive right in to meeting everyone!” I ushered us all to the dining tables. We used circular tables to encourage our pack members to be more communicative with us versus just seeing us as leaders at the head of the table. Our father was a big fan of the round table deal from King Arthur and had it built before we took over. We agreed and kept it the same.

And, lucky for us, our Omegas had already cared for including a new seat between Damien and mine. It didn’t surprise me considering how on the ball they were.

The warriors were already in the room so Damien got their attention. “Everyone, as some of you may have heard, we found our mate.” He specifically put emphasis on the we and our part to solidify that she was mated to both of us. There were a few wide eyes and a couple uttered wows while he preceded. “This is Irie, your new Luna.”

Many of the warriors cheered and a few came over to introduce themselves. After all that was done we made sure that she was given everyone’s names and what they did, then sat down to eat, Irie seated between Ian and I.
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