The Moon Baby

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Chapter 14 - Dinner and Dessert

Illyria’s POV

Dinner was good. That’s really the best way to describe it, maybe. I guess I could call it interesting, but that only applies to one part.

The food was great, the pack’s Omegas are amazing cooks and I was kind of excited to learn some new recipes from them. I only got to cook every now and then back in MeadowEdge and I liked it. It sort of relaxes me.

Then there was the conversations with everyone. That was honestly amazing. Again, all I have to compare to here is MeadowEdge and frankly, I was NOT encouraged to do a whole lot of socializing. Because of obvious reasons. Here though, Damien and Ian introduced me to all of the wolves that lived in the pack house and explained that everyone generally ate together. I was able to chit-chat with the group the whole time.

The only thing that was odd or I guess off was that one of the wolves kept giving me dagger glares. Riley was her name. Ian introduced her as one of the enforcers for the pack, which was awesome considering she was female. I loved that part. The part I didn’t like was that she sat right next to Ian all through dinner and didn’t participate in any conversation thus far. I mean unless you counted the glares as participation.

Regardless of the reason, her attitude irked me a bit but I wasn’t going to start off on the wrong foot by calling her out. Since I didn’t know what her problem was and I really didn’t know much about anyone here yet, it would probably do more harm than good. I had just been introduced to them all as their new Luna and needed to act appropriate to my role. Which meant patience and understanding that not everyone was going to like me.

“So Irie, what specialty did you have in your old pack.” One of the wolves asked me.

“My old pack didn’t have the same system as you do here. I really don’t know that I have one, a specialty I mean. I can hold my own in combat or during training. I did get high marks in school too. And I spent a large amount of time with my former pack’s Alpha and Beta.” I might not have one particular thing that I could call out as a strength, but I did have a lot of random stuff to boast.

Tori always said that my curiosity was part of the gift. The “Moon Baby” thing. When I say I got high marks in school, that wasn’t a lie. I was the valedictorian. Tori’s comments had generally been around the fact that once I put my mind to learning something new, I would do it. With gusto.

But again, being newly introduced to everyone, I didn’t want seem too egotistical and over talk myself. I’ll prove it to them instead.

“How old are you?” Riley asked that with a bit of sass in her voice. I might have been imagining it because no one else seemed to notice. Either that or this was normal for her... I intended to keep my cool either way.

“I actually just turned 18 a short while ago. Just before I met your Alphas in fact.”

She hummed at my response while another wolf chimed in. “That’s great! I’ve always found that the younger wolves and pups catch on to new things quicker than older ones. No offense meant around the table, but your youth will likely help you learn quicker than even some of us in comparison.”

That was the type of enthusiasm and conversation I wanted. I mean it wasn’t like he was complimenting me for being young, but he was engaged in the conversation in an effective way.

“Thank you! I will try hard to learn everything I can about the pack and systems here. I know from the bit I’ve learned just today that this pack is quite forward thinking and complex, which I love by the way. I really am excited to start engaging with others and seeing how you all work here.” My 100-watt smile might seem overkill, but it was an honest part of my response. I wanted to not only make the best impression possible but be very enthusiastic and proud to be here. I was too, and I wanted to make sure they knew that.

“Youth may be an asset in terms of your ability to learn, but it is also a negative in terms of experience. Others that are older are likely to have experiences that are needed for leadership.” Riley, back with the sassy voice, I guess felt that nay saying the other wolf’s comment was in good form.

I’m all for debate, but I honestly didn’t feel that the comment was part of anything like that. Again, based on the fact that her side glances weren’t favorable, and that she had nothing good to offer in my direction, I know there is something up here.

“That’s true Riley, but as Jason said, her youth has an advantage of faster learning, sometimes so much so that younger warriors and pups can surpass us. Our experiences give us some snap but those can, for the most part, be learned by others too.” One of the others around the table said. Points to him for sure.

“Exactly! Perfect point Mark. That’s also why I have many of the heavily seasoned warriors act as instructors and mentors. The experiences they lived and earned over years can usually be taught to others in way less time than it took them to obtain that knowledge. Those will be the ones that you,” he pointed to me as he said this, “will want to spend the most time around. I might be biased but I think we have some of the best trainers around.” When Jason was introduced to me, Damien had mentioned that his father was a trainer. I could understand the pride he was showing with that statement.

“True, but in real life situations, one can’t back track and go ask someone with experience to teach them. It’s having experiences before being in those positions that can make or break the outcome.” Riley, again, just nay saying everyone around her.

I don’t know what her goal is here, but it seems like she’s trying to showcase my lack of life experience. Why and to what end I don’t know. Since many wolves find their mates on or shortly after they turn eighteen, the mated pairs generally don’t have a lot of experience to show. I mean, my mates here are older, so of course they would be more experienced. But if they were as young as I was, they’d be in just about the same boat I feel.

I wasn’t going to mention that though.

The wolves bickered back and forth for a bit longer about it and the conversation seemed to be heating up some. One more trait with our kind, when we get into arguments, even if it started out as just good debate, it could get bad. I think it’s the animal in us that, when feeling threatened, gets our hackles up.

I finally decided to interject into the conversation. Politely of course. “I think everyone has a fair point here in terms of youth versus experience. Regardless, it’s not always one or the other that can be the most impactful. For instance, having the ability to effectively problem solve and think quickly can outweigh experience. And that’s something that isn’t necessarily something that younger wolves would have. Also, someone with substantial amounts of experience may be more likely to follow habits instead of evaluate further. ” I paused for a moment to let my words sink in. “But, no matter an individual’s age, having others around that have experience beyond their own is an asset as well. No one is likely to have knowledge of everything. But collectively, we all have experiences that can be used to benefit the whole. That’s kind of the point of a pack too.”

I got several nods and ‘here here’ comments. I could see Riley frowning like she had just lost an argument. Although I didn’t think of the conversation that way, I think she did. I had already made a mental note to be wary of her, now I think I’d be sure to be more than that. I just got a bad feeling about her.

“Well we have now had both great company and fantastic food. And I think it’s time that we call it a day.” Ian stood up while saying this. “It’s been a full one for us all. If you would excuse us, we’d like to relax for the rest of the night.”

Damien had stood up too and held his hand out to me. I instinctively took it and he helped me up while Ian pulled out my chair.

“Goodnight everyone. It was really great to get to know you all and I’m glad we got to have such thoughtful conversation.” I waved goodnight while Damien continued to pull me away toward the stairs.

They led me up to our master bedroom while rounds of goodnight and a few comments about enjoying our ‘relaxation’ were uttered. I know that they knew damn well what my mates had in store. Maybe instore. At the very least they were thinking what I was too.

I barely made it to our room before they started to undress me. As I figured they would. Pulling me toward the bed as my clothing was removed I could only giggle a bit. “Impatient are we?”

“I was ready to usher you up here before dinner love. Damien’s the one who insisted on food first. You’ll be happy to know I’ve been sporting ‘wood’ throughout the meal.” Oh, poor Ian. I just had to giggle at him. Which earned me a small swat on my butt.

“Naughty mate, laughing at her Alpha.”

Damien was still pulling me toward the bed during Ian’s antics. He sat on the side and pulled me between his legs. By this point the only thing left on me were my panties. Ian stood right behind me, kissing my neck, and rubbing his hands up and down my sides. I wondered how long they had been thinking about this, but quickly figured that it was way too long.

“Speaking of naughty things, do you still want to know how we’d all work together intimately?” I shook my head ‘yes’ and Ian started working his hands over my front, getting very close to my throbbing core. At this point I was already needy, knowing they planned to explain things had kept me excited.

It also made me a bit anxious. It’s not like I had a lot of time and friends outside of Tori, who was just as knowledgeable as I was. Mechanics of all of this, I kind of got. Living it, that was another thing.

“Well, sweetheart, eventually we will want to take you together. But for now, we want to ease you into taking us one at a time.” I gave him a quizzical look and he dipped his head in and latched onto one of my nipples, sucking gently. At the same time, Ian had moved his hand down lower and began rubbing on my clit through the fabric. I was already becoming a moaning mess. I also wasn’t completely sure what they meant.

“What exactly do you mean, together?”

“We’ll explain that more later. For now we’ll just take it one step at a time.” I wasn’t in love with Ian’s lack of answer, but I was also loosing my caring for it. For now.

Damien pulled his head back but continued to rub his hands over my nipples. “We can use our mouths on each other while we get you ready for us.” Then he stood up and leaned into the other side of my head to whisper. “Or at least until you are begging for us to fill you.”

Every bit of his dirty talk was making me even hotter. Again, never even discussed any of this beyond stupid conversations with Tori. I was obviously far too sheltered.

Damien pulled me away from Ian and laid me on the bed. He pulled off the last of my clothing and crawled between my legs, positioning them over his shoulders. Goddess I didn’t know if I should feel embarrassment, arousal, or confusion. I was just letting it ride at this point.

“Now sweetheart, can I assume you’ve never given a blow job before either?” I shook my head in a silent ‘no’. I was extremely aroused and at this point, I kind of wanted to do something to them too. “Good. You’re going to take Ian into your mouth. Let him guide you.”

He started to rub on my clit while Ian did just as Damien said he would. I was nervous to say the least. The first of my worries was that I didn’t know jack shit about what I was doing. The second was that because of the first, I wasn’t going to please them as they had to me.

I got over the nerves and did as Damien told me, taking Ian into my mouth. He instantly started to rub on my cheek as I slowly took him in. “Relax baby girl, you already feel like heaven. I’m going to guide you a bit, just pinch me if there’s anything you don’t like or you need me to stop.” Ian gently wrapped some of my hair in his hand to pull my head back and forth a bit, showing me how to move. The idea of someone pulling my hair hadn’t been a turn on before. But at that moment, I really just wanted more.

Damien must have smelled my increased arousal since he decided at that moment to start sucking on my clit, letting his fingers move down to probe me. The bolt of pleasure hit me so fast I moaned on Ian’s cock. I couldn’t have held it back if I wanted to.

“Damn, feel free to make her do that again.” He said to Damien.

Feeling a bit bolder, I started moving my tongue around his tip as I pulled back, then ran it up and down his shaft. I was beginning to make my own pace, so Ian wasn’t guiding as much. That honestly made me feel confident.

“Fuck, keep that up and I’m going to spill down your pretty little throat. Would you like that baby girl?” He stopped me by pulling back enough on my hair so that I’d know he wanted me to look at him. Damien hadn’t quit his assault either and I could hold back the moan as I nodded. Well, attempted to nod. The point was made though.

Ian took that queue and started pushing himself into me more, his cock hitting the back of my throat. I let him have the control back, happily. Tears welled in my eyes from the action but honestly I was loving it. I held onto him as he continued.

Damien started to insert his fingers into my pussy further and further, coating them in my juices. It felt so good each time he thrust into me. He then pulled them out and I whimpered at the loss.

“Don’t worry sweetheart. Just stay relaxed for me.” I had no idea what he meant until I started to feel one of those fingers probing at my back entrance. Slowly moving in and out, just shallow thrusts. I tensed right away, not knowing exactly what to do.

“This is what we meant by together. Before that can happy though, we have to get you ready. Just relax and trust me.” It felt so foreign and pinched at first. But after a moment, it started to be quite pleasurable. Seeing that I wasn’t pulling away or tensing anymore, he continued and went back to sucking on my clit. I could feel that tight build up forming.

“Fuck, sweetheart I’m going to cum.” Ian held my head gently but continued to fuck my mouth in earnest. I felt his warm jets coat my throat and I swallowed every bit of him. The moment he pulled out of me, Damien increased his finger thrusts and sent me over the edge. Screaming their names, my body trembled beneath Damien’s continued onslaught and Ian’s gaze.

Holy shit, that was not what I expected when we came up here. Okay, maybe I didn’t know what to expect but damn.

“That was definitely the best dessert I’ve ever had.” Damien said while crawling up my body to give me a searing kiss. I was still coming down from my ‘high’ and that kiss just made me more wanton.

After he pulled back, smirking, I built up some courage. “What about you, I want to taste you too.” That was evidentially the perfect thing to say because he pulled me up to a sitting position and kissed me again.

I had always thought I’d end up being a nervous wreck where intimacy was concerned. I really wasn’t and I was more than happy to let these two fill my gaps in knowledge. They seemed more than willing. Eager teachers really. And based on the look on Damien’s face, I’d say they were more than just eager.

“Are you sure you’re up for more?”

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