The Moon Baby

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Chapter 15 - Dirty Things

Damien’s POV

So perfect. That’s all I could think looking at her as she nodded her head. Wanting more. Wanting to please us both.

I claimed her mouth again while Ian positioned himself on the bed. “Sit on Ian’s face.” I commanded.

“Wait, w...what?”

“You heard him baby girl, come here.” Ian pulled her over to him, and then right over him. She had grabbed on to his arms as he held her hips.

“But... how...OH!” Obviously she wasn’t exactly sure what the intent was with that position but when Ian started “in” on her, she got the picture pretty fast. She grabbed out to me, I assume figuring out how this was going to work.

“That it, ride his face,” I knee walked to her side as she pulled me into her mouth. “Fuck sweetheart. And you claimed we were impatient.” She hummed around me and all I could do was groan. I could see Ian beneath her, enjoying himself and the fact that I now knew what he had felt with not long before.

She continued to bob her head on my throbbing cock, meanwhile Ian continued to pleasure her. She liked the anal play earlier, try it now. I said to Ian through our link. He groaned and began fingering her pussy, increasing her moans and whimpers, damn near making me blow in the process. Once he felt he had coated his fingers enough, he moved to finger her ass.

She pulled herself off me, surprised and obviously enjoying herself, given her moans. “Oh goddess, don’t stop!”

Told you. I was almost ready to blow when she took me back into her mouth, rubbing her tongue from base to tip and she moved on me. I had been trying to hold myself back but it was getting very difficult to do. Then the little minx deep throated me and I about lost myself.

“Damn sweetheart, I’m, I’m going to come.” And I did. I spilled myself straight down her throat, my greedy mate swallowing every bit.

Ian started to really suck on her then, which spurred on her orgasm. “Fuck!” She cried out as she started to squirm more. Ian must have been enjoying himself, given the twinkle as he looked up at her face.

I pulled her to me and kissed her deep, just as she finally let go. I took in each wimpier all the way through her orgasm, then moved her off Ian and onto her back. Watching her chest rise and fall as she came down from her high was making me hard again. I knew she wouldn’t be able to take more tonight though.

“Baby girl, that was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. And your taste is addicting.” Ian said while rolling to his side, looking down at her. All she could do in response was hum. “I’ll take that to mean you’re wholly satisfied?” Another hum to Ian told me she was going to be out in moments.

“Come here sweetheart, sleep now.” I rolled her to rest on my chest and Ian cuddled up to her back, his arm around her stomach. Resist the urge to do anything more tonight. She’s too tired. I shot at Ian.

I’ll try, but with us all sleeping naked, I make no promises. His smirk told me that he was already happy with that thought even if his link pretended to be irritated.

We all passed out moments later. I don’t think I have ever slept so well.

Irie/Illyria POV

Waking up knowing that you were going to be enveloped by two big Alphas is a whole different experience than waking up not knowing what the hell happened. My eyes fluttered open and I realized we all had arms and legs intertwined. And I needed to pee.

I tried to dislodge the arms and legs from around me, but it wasn’t happening. “Um, can I get up?” I whispered out, hoping I wouldn’t need much more to wake them.

“Mmmm, what’s wrong sweetheart?”

“I need to go to the bathroom.”

Damien started to scoot around and helped me out from under Ian. I went to the bathroom and decided to quickly shower before they came in after me. Not that I wouldn’t like their company, but I also know that I’d get more than company. I more than enjoyed last night but I was also nervous about what would happen next. They had already told me they intended to take me together, and I was both excited and nervous about it.

I finished showering and started to dry off just in time. “Baby girl, you okay in there?”

“Yup! Just finishing drying off”

“Didn’t want to wait for us?” Ian said, opening the door. To his credit he also had more clothes for me. Another very beautiful dress.

“Thank you. And I just wanted a quick shower.” I ended it with a wink so he would understand that I knew damn well that wouldn’t be the case if I wasn’t alone.

“As you wish love. When you’re ready we’ll go down to breakfast.” He said and then stole a kiss before he left me to get ready.

I got ready and walked out to see them both dressed and ready to go.

“Kota and Tori went to retrieve both of your belongings yesterday and got back last night. After breakfast, you and Tori can check out more if the pack lands if you want while we get some work done.” I poured a bit at Damien for saying that. I didn’t like the idea of being without them yet.

“Don’t worry baby girl, we won’t be separated long. Damien and I need to get a few things done and we know that we distracted ourselves too much yesterday to really give you a good tour. This way you and Tori can catch up more and walk around. Kota and Tori were up earlier yesterday and he evidentially did a much better touring job than we did.” Ian said while rolling his eyes.

I giggled at that. “Tori’s quite stubborn and probably made him show her everything possible.” I explained for her. I knew Tori. She likely mated and marked the Beta and then insisted on knowing everything she could before she’d let him touch her again. At least that’s the way she probably played it.

“Indeed. Let’s go down to breakfast then.” Damien said as he and Ian walked with me down to the kitchens. “Breakfast isn’t near as formal and we usually just quick sit and eat.” Damien explained.

Nelly was getting plates ready for us as we walked in. Either my mates had linked them or she was just that good. Either way I was hungry and appreciative of her attentiveness.

“Thank you Nelly! This smells and looks fabulous!”

“It is my pleasure Luna. If you ever have anything specific you want served for any meal, just let us know and we’ll be right on top of it.” She said while handing me my plate.

We are and chatted a bit about what Damien and Ian had to do today. Evidentially they had some performance reviews to go over with supervisors and needed to review reports from their warriors and trainers. Some things, like performance reviews, I would be included in as I got more accustomed to the pack. While others, such as the training reports were more something they my mates would handle while I cared for other things.

My mates. It had only been a day, I guess a bit more if you could the time at the club, and I couldn’t imagine being without them. It make me feel warm inside and I was almost glad that things had turned out the way they did. I could have done without the pain but they were worth it.

I was pretty sure they felt the same too. The fact that they continued to touch me, hands on my knees, leg, rubbing my back, while we talked, made it obvious.

“Morning!” I hear Tori yell before I feel her hug me from behind. “I finally get to spend time with you. I can wait to hear everything.” I can’t see her behind me but given the groans from my mates and the fact that they are obviously looking at her, I can only imagine she did a suggestive eyebrow twitch or some other stupid gesture to them. Insinuating she wanted all the dirty details.

“I think that’s our queue to run away. Female gossip is worse than any squabble I’ve ever heard.” Ian says and then pulls me in for a deep kiss.

“I agree, be good sweetheart.” Damien then does the same.

I turn around to see Tori winking at me while Kota, Damien, and Ian walk up to their office. I thank Nelly and the other Omegas for breakfast and then meet Tori by the front doors.

“Let’s go Bitch! I want to explore this place as much as we can. And that means we have no time to waste!”

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