The Moon Baby

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Chapter 16 - Admissions

Illyria’s POV

We spent the entire day roaming the pack lands. Roaming might be the wrong word. Prowling was more accurate. Tori was determined to scope out everything. Run into everyone she could.

I had told Tori everything about the previous day. Well, almost everything. I left out some of the more, intimate, details. As expected she poked and prodded at the fact that I left some things out. She even regaled me with her tales of mating just to try and get me to open up.

I didn’t need to know any of that. I mean it. She went into specific detail about Kota and there was a point where I finally had to tell her that I doubted either of our mates would be okay with me knowing so many specific details. She finally relented.

I had also told her about my iffy feelings on the unmated warrior living in the pack house-Riley. Iffy was another bad choice of words. I felt completely ill at ease about her and I didn’t like it.

While I caught her up on the small amount of time that she missed, which she made out to be epically long, we prowled. We visited the schools, hospital, several shops, and by the time that was done, I was simply pooped. It was just before dinner and I had FINALLY convinced her to let us relax at a small playground on the way back.

Considering weeks ago I was pushing her physically; I was slightly embarrassed that she was dragging me along. I choose to blame all the energy that I expelled with my mates yesterday.

“This place is so much bigger than MeadowEdge. I can’t believe how much we walked today. I bet if I had a pedometer or one of those smart watches it would show quintuple digits!”

“It’s easier to cover more when you don’t really stop.” Tori’s seriously reveling in this. Her stupid ridiculous grin tells me so.

She’s so excited for this new beginning. She had zero problem telling me so too.

When we left, with this intention of finding me a male, I knew she had no intention to go back. Tori wears her emotions out in the open. The only reason she didn’t do more back in MeadowEdge was because of me.

She and I were never exactly part of the popular crowd anyway. Then after everything happened with Daniel, that sealed the deal for her leaving. Losing respect for your current or future Alpha is just a disaster. Alphas are naturally respected by their pack, until they aren’t.

Every kid messes up, and that’s okay. It’s expected that pups will make mistakes as they grow. It’s even expected that teenagers, young adults, whatever you want to call them, will mess up too. Hell, we all know full well even adults mess up. But there is a difference in messing up and making a catastrophic damn mistake.

That’s what this amounts to. I’m not being egotistic or anything here either because really no one knows my secret. Mates are important. And in terms of a pack, to have your future Alpha do something so against our nature was just asinine. Not that we were all that fond of Daniel anyway, but his actions were to her, and I guess me, something that made him no longer worthy of his title.

The sad part about that is that based on the looks that I got from some of his friends, they were none too proud of him either. But there’s a difference in a friend and a follower. They were all followers. Friends wouldn’t care about your title, they may respect it and be private, but they would still call you out on your crap.

Anyway, Tori’s excitement to learn everything about our new pack immediately is helping me. I wouldn’t admit it to her of course. Just out of plain fear of stroking her already massive ego. She had reminded me only a few... dozen... times so far about how we wouldn’t have found our mates if she hadn’t suggested clubbing. And then of course that it all started with her plan to go to the City. Nope, not stroking that ego any further.

As we walked, I thought about how anxious about the future I was too. I eventually need to come fully clean with my mates about what, or I guess, what I am. I really don’t know how.

Alpha Mark told me over the years that girls like me were always coveted, and that it wasn’t just by the “good” wolves. I definitely don’t think my mates would do anything bad, but would they be overly protective? Would they fear what knowledge of my actual background would bring?

I can’t stand being cooped up. When I first came to MeadowEdge, they did that. They basically kept me in the pack house for the first month. I hated it and it took a breakdown to get them out of that idea.

Maybe that’s what I fear most. No, it is what I fear most. I blame that on Alpha Mark too.

He always told me that if anyone were to find out who I really was, they would have to basically hide me away in a tower. It was intended to scare me into making sure my secret was safe. Even though I don’t know how much of the myth surrounding my birth is true, It worked.

It’s still working.

Snap Snap “You there?” Tori always looks so worried when I zone out. To her credit, I do it too often when I get anxious.

“Ya, I’m just...I don’t know. How do I tell them?”

Tori has already been marked by Kota. That’s why she was able to mind link with him. Once mates mark each other, their souls are connected and they can mind link with each other, regardless of if they are initiated into the pack or not.

The completed mate bond is stronger than pack links. Thoughts and feelings are shared between couples very easily. We can sense each other. Our happiness, distress, basically all of it. I’ve heard there are some who have exceedingly strong mental faculties that can completely block out their mate, but I know I can’t and frankly don’t want to do that.

This means that once they mark me, they’ll sense all my anxiety and they will want to know why.

“I need to tell them before we mark each other. But I’m afraid. How will they react?”

“Listen. They are your mates. They pretty obviously already love you and I don’t think they’re going to do anything that would hurt you. Physically or otherwise.” I tried to interrupt, but she kept going. “Frankly, I feel like you should rip off the Band-Aid. Seriously.”

“But what if...”

“Stop! You’ve been taught to be paranoid your entire life. I can’t even say that I didn’t feed into it or help in that regard because I did. But the point of it was for you to make it to the age where you could find your mate. Mates. Trust that bond, trust that the Goddess has a plan, even if she was a little twisted with it. Besides, have we heard of any attacks, danger, or otherwise since you ‘died’?”

I shake my head at her. To my knowledge, as soon as I was whisked away, my parents had told the pack I’d died. Beta Luke said that they would have likely had some type of fake funeral, with real emotions because I was actually gone. I really didn’t ask if their whole ruse paid off or not.

I know Tori’s right about Damien and Ian too. All the shit that’s happened so far and they hadn’t run from me. In fact they’ve done the opposite. Those two had done nothing in the past two days but be excessively attentive and work on our bond.

“Also when did I become the confident and uplifting one?” I just smile at her, then smack her arm.

“When my life fell apart you brat.” We hugged it out, because that’s what besties do, and then started to head back to the pack house for dinner. There were a few more comments about how uplifting she had become and all that crap.

Ego boost was extreme in this one.

“Are you and Kota going to be at dinner tonight? Or too busy in your room again?” Considering just how deep she had gone into her explanation of her time away from me, it wasn’t an invalid question.

“Hey now! I’ll have you know that Kota and I were sent to get all of our stuff last night. Thank you very much.” She totally just pranced about while saying that. And all I could do is laugh at her.

“You also told me how you and Kota christened your bed in our apartment. Then the kitchen in our apartment. And I think you mentioned something about the bathroom. How did you ever find time to pack our stuff?” I’m not being dramatic and she knows it. At one point in her story telling I wondered if she just threw all our stuff in a big box and shoved it in the car.

“Listen Linda. Once you and your hunks go the full mile, you’ll understand. Until then, don’t judge me.”

“You are ridiculous. But I’m glad you’ll be there. Maybe with you there, the snot will keep her trap shut.” That was really the big reason why I wanted her at dinner. I mean, I wanted my bestie around, but I wanted someone else to see what I thought I saw too. And no one better than my smart mouthed fist first best friend.

“Damn. I can’t wait to meet this bitch. This should be fun.” Then she does another little dance like she’s in a boxing ring. Bouncing up and down as she does it saying Let me at ’er over and over again. As I said, fist first.

“Okay first stop swatting flies. Second you’re acting like a crazy person. And third, I love you.”

We continue to talk about how much of a badass she is all the way back to the pack house. Because now that she’s a Beta Female, she’s the baddest bitch in the bunch. Her words.

Entering in the front doors, I see Kota and my mates walking down the stairs, coming straight at us. I figured that Tori probably let them know we were coming back. They timed it way to well to be a coincidence.

“We didn’t think you’d be gone all day.” Ian says as he wraps his arms around me. Like I had been gone years and not just part of a day.

“Tori had this sick desire to see every little thing and not sit down. Even once. She also had this twisted desire to run into and meet everyone possible and introduce us. Luckily, people here work and she was respectful enough not to interrupt.”

“You enjoyed it!” She says in between kissing Kota. She had jumped into his arms and I was this close to calling her a hornball.

“Well, you two are just in time for supper. Kota introduced Tori to everyone yesterday morning so we can skip repeating introductions and go straight to the grub.” Damien says before giving me a kiss on my temple.

He had tried to steal me from Ian, but the hold he had on me was a non-budging one. Not a bad one, like he was keeping me from his brother. Just a slightly possessive, loving, one that outright said, “I’m not letting her go right now”.

We get seated at the tables and I see that Tori and Kota are seated next to Ian, with Riley next to them. Looking none too pleased. Although childish of me, I did take a bit of glee from that.

I don’t know if the seating was supposed to be that way, but I do know that I told Tori how it was yesterday. Given the way she was, I could easily see her planting her butt there just to mess with this girl. I could also see her being that person to spit on her food, but I hoped to the Goddess that it wouldn’t happen.

Dinner is served and we all eat and make conversation. It’s much better than last night’s and I don’t end up interjecting even once. To our credit, there were also no conversations about any topics that could really cause debate.

I may have tried to make sure that was the case too. Tori and I spent a lot of time gushing about how great the pack lands and amenities are. That effectively makes everyone in the room burst with pride and talk about all the work the pack puts in. We also talked about how welcoming the members we did meet were.

The entire time, Riley was just plain quiet. She didn’t say anything to celebrate the good things we were talking about. She didn’t even attempt to take pride, along with her peers, in her fellow pack mates. Just sat there and sneered. At least that’s what I thought she was doing.

After supper, the five of us start going up to our floor while everyone else disperses. Once we get up to said floor, before we all go our separate ways, Tori pulls me to the side and tells my mates that I’ll be right in. Then sends Kota to their room.

“So, you’re not wrong. Girly totally doesn’t like you. She spent the whole meal huffing after your comments or giving you a secret stink eye when you touched one of the Alphas. I doubt she saw me watching her but she was trying to hide it.”

“Told you something was off. I don’t know why she doesn’t like me, I literally just met her. And it was so secret of a stink eye. I was watching her too.” I really don’t get her animosity. I was guessing that she was the only female outside the Omegas and maybe that was the reason.

“Jealously. Maybe she thought she could have one of them?” Tori says with a sigh. That wasn’t my thought at first. Now it was.

“We’ll deal with any issues as they come up. I’m not going to dwell on what the reason is right now, but we should still seriously watch her.” I hug her and run after my mates, who were obviously waiting for me since they were standing right inside the door.

“Everything okay?” Damien asks with concern etched on his face. I’m glad Tori and I were talking low now. I still didn’t want to start off my first few days saying that I had issues with one of the members of the pack, so I wasn’t going to bring it up to them.

“Don’t worry, just girl talk. I’m so tired though, she dragged me all over today! If I missed a part of the pack lands it’s because it doesn’t have buildings on it.”

“Maybe a nice foot rub is in order?” Ian says as he picks me up and places me on the bed. I didn’t even have time to say yes or no before both him and Damien were rubbing on my sore feet. A girl could get used to this.

“Tell us about your day. You and Tori talked about a bunch of stuff at dinner but you didn’t get into any specifics. What did you get to see?” Damien asks me. I proceed to tell them about all the places Tori and I visited and they told me about all the boring crap they did all day. As boring as their day sounded, it was very nice to just relax in their company, talking about nothing important.

I must have fallen asleep while they were talking because I wake up a bit when I’m being undressed.

“Wha.. what’s going on?” I wasn’t concerned in the least, just trying to wake up.

“Shhh sweetheart. We’re just getting you out of your clothes so you can sleep comfortably. Go back to sleep.” Damien’s already curled around me as he ends his explanation. I feel Ian wrap his arms under and around us both a moment later.

I thought for a few moments about if I should ask if I was going to get some pajamas or a sleep shirt. I guess they thought sleeping naked was a good thing. Okay, maybe not completely naked, we still had our underwear on. Nope, I’m saying something.

“You know this would be more comfortable for me if I could take off this bra and get a shirt.” I knew that I needed to add both parts at once. Tori might be a hornball, but they were worse.

Both of them laughed at me but Ian ended up getting me one of his shirts and I quickly swapped. I had mastered taking off a bra while my shirt was on long ago. Laziness has a benefit of learning how to be efficient.

The pouting faces they sported were hilarious. They obviously wanted to see some boob. Not tonight boys, not tonight.

I start to fall back asleep, so relaxed and content. I can’t remember ever feeling as loved and protected as I feel between these two. There’s no words to describe how wonderful they make me feel, just by being near me. It’s surreal really. I went from not even wanting to feel, to not being able to get enough of these two.

“I love you two.” I don’t know if they heard me, I don’t know if I actually said it. I think I did. I definitely thought it. If I did say it, I meant it.

But I was out like a light right after that.

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