The Moon Baby

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Chapter 17 - The Heat of the Moment

Ian’s POV

I know what I heard. She’s out cold so I’m not asking her to repeat it, but dude, I know what I heard. I was sticking to my guns on this one.

Damien and I have been arguing about it for at least twenty minutes know. Damien thinks I misheard her, I think he wasn’t paying attention, for once, and missed it. Which I find utterly fantastic because I know what I heard.

Ask her in the morning then. If she did, then fuck you for distracting me. I could see a slight smile on his face because I think he knows I’m not making this up. Sadly for him, I was kind of distracting him. I mean I didn’t intend for him to miss that, but still.

I can’t even blame him for being distracted. I may or may not have been telling him about my thoughts on what we should do to her. He had this idea, plan really, about easing her into more than just fooling around. I didn’t entirely disagree with him, but I also love to torture my brother. And a detailed description of what we could do to ease her in, well it was fantastic.

We should plan a bonfire or something to formally introduce both her and Tori. Kota said that Tori drug them around a lot and they met a few of the pack members, but nowhere near enough. I think we should get something together and have it in the next few days. I think she’d like that and then they can both start working on that as their first event. The Omegas can give them a hand and they can be the transition of that type of stuff. Look at me, thinking clearly.

Really it was because I wanted to see her happy. I had been listening too. Maybe not to everyone and not all the time, but I was. And I know that she wanted to start helping already. She was just as gung-ho as I was but had Damien’s calm. His ability to pull himself back before he stuck his foot in his mouth too. Or more likely putting my foot in my mouth.

I figured that the best way to get her to meet the pack was a gathering. Once everyone knew at least who their new Luna was, then she could really start working on stuff. I never figured I’d ever meet someone who wanted to jump into the mess that we delt with. Well, we did.

Good idea! Having her here must be rounding you out bro. You’re actually thinking.

Asshole. I think, I just don’t dwell on stuff for long. And maybe I’m just taking your advice. My turn to smirk and throw something back at him. He had been accusing me for years of going around halfcocked way too often.

Suuuurrreee. Go to bed now, I’m tired.

Tired my ass, I know better. If he stays awake any longer he’ll end up getting handsy and waking Irie up. At least he’s smart enough to know it and not make that choice. And to warn me not to try it myself.

I thought about it, he said no.

“I love you too baby girl.” Now it was my turn to pass out.

Illyria POV

We had a few more days of the same routine. Up, breakfast, do some exploring with Tori. Finally dinner with the group… and Riley, and then off to bed. It was a lot more in depth than that, but that was the skinny version.

They hadn’t called me out on what I’d said the other day either, but they had spent every night loving up on me.

I called it quits on them last night and just asked for a cuddle. They readily agreed and we all still fell asleep tangled together.

Slowly waking up in the morning, I realized that I was alone. Ian and Damien weren’t in bed and as far as I can tell, weren’t in the room. I could only faintly make out their scents. I sat up and looked around, just to confirm what I thought. Then pouted at no one.

I had gotten used to and liked waking up in their arms. Yes it had only been a few days, but you can’t beat that feeling. As I started to climb out of bed, I spotted a note on the bedside table. Sneaky mates, I must have been out cold to miss them moving about and leaving something behind.

We’re sorry we had to leave you, but an emergency came up and we needed to attend to it immediately. There was no need to disturb you so we thought it best to let you sleep. We’ll make it up to you later sweetheart.


As sad as I was not waking up in their arms, their thought counted and made me just as warm and fuzzy. Whatever it was that took them away, didn’t distract them enough to make them forget to care for me.

I hadn’t woken up horribly late at least. Still early enough to shower before breakfast. One plus side of them having to run before I woke up was that I could take a nice, relaxing shower. It wasn’t the same alone and part of me missed them soaping me up. The other part was grateful for the ability to crank the temperature up to the comfortable scalding I liked and just enjoy it. I found out pretty quick that they were not fans of showering in hell. Oh well.

Once I was done and the poor bathroom had stopped steaming, I went to get dressed. I wasn’t sure what I was in store for today so I went with a casual but still not slouchy outfit. I cared about my appearance and wanted to project myself in a good way. Well, maybe it was more that I cared about appearing put together. Considering I felt very not put together most of the time, I wanted to try and not look that way.

I made my way down to the kitchens where I saw Tori and Nelly were chatting about who knows what. Whatever it was, they were enjoying the conversation. Walking in they both stopped to wave at me while, out of nowhere, Mimi came up with a filled plate for me.

“Thank you Mimi! This looks wonderful.” She blushed and quickly went back to whatever she was doing. I thought that I had either scared her or insulted her in some way. I hoped not...

“The girl is just shy about praise. She is at that awkward age where she doesn’t always know how to react but appreciates it non the less.” Nelly explains to me.

I smile at her, sit down, and begin to gobble down the breakfast they prepared. They did so every morning and every time it was amazing, they were such great cooks. I still needed to ask Nelly when she would have be okay with me just spending time talking with her over cooking.

“So what’s on the agenda today?” I figured Tori had to have some plan, again. She had one every other day and I was sure that there was probably another trek in my future. I probably should have worn something in preparation for that.

“I’m not sure, Kota had to join the Alphas for something so I’ve been talking with Nelly about the different things that they do around the pack house. I’m sure some oversight duties will transition to us, but we can also start helping around here too.” I nod at her and finish my meal.

Nelly takes over and starts talking about different pack activities that they’ve helped with. Then explains some of the things she can do to help as we take them over. She seemed more than happy to get rid of some of the duties. It didn’t make me cringe though; I was kind of excited for them.

“You know, maybe instead of sleeping in and just walking around all day, you could actually take up some of those jobs and act like their mate.” I damn near choked on my orange juice. I turned to see that the words had poured out of none other than Riley’s mouth.

I knew that she had a problem with me. I mean, I didn’t expect to get confirmation like this. Or in front of my bestie and new pack members, but no one chooses bad timing. I was trying to think, very carefully, about how to react. I must not have soon enough though...

“Excuse you, why do you think you have the right to speak to your Luna like that? Besides being outright disrespectful in general, it’s just plan rude.” Tori is basically growling as she says it. I can almost see the steam coming out of her ears.

“She’s not our Luna until the marking ceremony. And frankly she shouldn’t be here. I heard a few things about you already. Like how your first mate rejected you and you had to run away to save face. Then how Ian and Damien found you. All pathetic and needy. Oh and let’s add how day one you got into a fight with them. Do you really think you deserve them or deserve to be our Luna? You’re too young to understand your role, don’t have any experience in leadership or combat training, and aren’t even from this pack!” She was damn near snarling at me.

I really didn’t care about what she said. It was obvious that she had a problem and based on my experiences, she was the only one. What was bothering me was how exactly she knew about the Daniel situation. And the fight. It made me wonder if she had been spying on me.

Her other argument were a crock. I was honest about my age and experience. She didn’t know that I had spent a decade plus with Alpha Mark learning leadership skills either. One of those skills was honestly how to just listen and let someone puff and blow. Then, once they were out of hot air, step in. I wasn’t exactly perfect at it; my own emotions sometimes interfere with it. I was calm and collected right now though.

I also never understood why people would use attitude or intimidation, thinking that it was to their benefit. Yes, there were many times were those things would cause others to bow down. But more often, that would create a bad taste which would fester. And it would be seen by people who disliked the treatment. Bundle that all together and you get one bully with a whole bunch of people out to get them.

I’d much rather present calm and collected rational and reasoning. Questions if needed. I may not always be liked for the way I’d present myself, but instead of being a bully, I was an intellectual. Don’t worry though, I knew how to handle myself if need be.

“And who do you think should have the role, you? The person who’s making a fool of herself right now by insulting someone they don’t even know.” I asked that very calmly. The commentary itself was likely to set her off more, so I didn’t need to add emotion in it.

“Frankly, yes. I was born here. I’m one of the best enforcers, even being female. And I’ve participated in many ways they make me a leader to the pack. Everyone knows and respects me. Plus, the boys fit with me, probably better than you. I know how to do the job.” She was getting dirty now. Her insinuation was that she had been with my mates sexually. True or not, it was a bad idea on her part.

Never talk about or hint at the sexual adventures you’ve had with someone’s mate to said mate. It never ends well for the blabber mouth. Also, they’re not boys. And no that’s not what I was focused on, it just irked me.

“Listen Riley. Young or not, I have the skills for the role. I listen, which you obviously do not considering you haven’t paid attention to a lot of important things. Not being born in the pack gives me the ability to see from the outside and offer suggestions that you may not, due to proximity. I also know how to be respectful, which I’ve shown many times while you have only shown the opposite. And finally, they are my mates. It doesn’t matter if I was rejected previously or not. It doesn’t even matter how we game together. The goddess placed us together and that bond is stronger than whatever pathetic affair you are referencing. Now step down your attitude.”

I had risen from the chair I previously sat in and was standing directly in front of her. I was shorter than her but I was supremely confident in myself and was showing that I wouldn’t back down. I may had some issues with how to handle people that I’m emotionally connected to, but those that I’m not, I can handle easily. My confident steps forward pushed Riley to step back. She didn’t stop the snarling through.

“Riley, you are being horribly disrespectful right now. You best find your place before the Alphas address this. And trust me when I say that they will, I’ve already let them know and I’m sure so has Tori.” Nelly had stepped up behind me, arms crossed, defending me as well. I knew I liked this woman.

“Shut up Nelly. Being a tattletale is childish and just shows she can’t even fight her own battles. And your opinion in this isn’t wanted nor is this any of your business. ” It wasn’t enough that she was being outright rude to us all. Nope, she had to offer a face to Nelly that just made my skin crawl. A smirk basically saying, “I’m better than you” but without words.

That was my breaking point. I slapped Riley across the face. I hit her hard enough to startle her and she looked at me with a shocked expression. I’m not ashamed about doing it, but I’m also not completely proud of it either. I really try to avoid violence.

“I do not care if you like me or not. I don’t care about what you think or what you think you know of my background. I don’t even care if you agree with my place or with others supporting it. You will not, I repeat, not, disrespect your pack mate like that. Calling her childish when you are the one calling people names and making a fool of yourself. How dare you.” I full on growled at her.

I don’t flex my muscles often, but when I do, I do. Tori and I trained often over the years and the fact was, I was quicker and a bit tougher than she was. I don’t know or care if it has anything to do with my “birth” or if it is just because of my dedication. Either way, if someone was going to cross the line, I’d happily shove them back. Right now, I was ready to shove her back.

Once she got over her shock, Riley advanced toward me, looking like she was literally going to attack me. Just before she got in my face, a gut-wrenching pain hit. For a moment I thought she had actually hit me but was too fast for me to notice. Unlikely, but possible. I folded over and hit the floor, my legs giving out. I think I screamed, or groaned, I don’t know. I just hurt.

“I didn’t do anything, I swear! What the hell?” I heard Riley utter that. I could hear panic in her voice, but I don’t know that I believed her act. I doubted she would care if I was actually hurt. The ringing in my ears and the pain in my abdomen were increasing quickly.

“I linked the Alphas; they’ll be here soon.” Nelly said then rubbed my back a bit. I hissed and pulled away; it was painful to be touched. Okay, I knew that Riley hadn’t done anything.

Damn it all.

“What the hell is going on in here?” One of my mates roared. I was in so much pain that I couldn’t tell which it was. I could smell them both though so I knew they were both here.

“Fuck! Come here sweetheart. We’ll take care of you. Kota, we’ll be busy the rest of the day, please cover for us. Nelly, we’ll talk later.”

I was picked up and could feel that I was being rushed. I didn’t know where yet and all I could do was whimper. The pain had lessened a bit when, I think Damien, picked me up.

“Baby girl, you’re in heat. Fuck. We didn’t think it would happen this soon. We’re going up to our room, it’ll be okay.” It was definitely Damien who was carrying me. I was finally able to figure out what was going on, the pain had subsided a bit. I could see Ian in front of us.

It registered then, what he said. I was in heat. That usually didn’t happen so soon after meeting a mate. The only way to get rid of the pain was mating. I think normally I would be nervous. But between the pain and the fact that I had been kind of wanting this, well any nerves were gone. Right now, I just wanted them to touch me.

“Please....” I don’t know exactly what I was asking for. I wanted the ache to stop though. It had dulled some, but it still hurt like hell. I had thought I had known pain before. The pain I felt when Daniel was with someone else was awful. But this, it was like I was on literal fire but I was burning from the inside out.

I had always read that heat came on slow and it could be scented before it got uncomfortable. I don’t understand why I’m in so much pain. It has ebbed before, only to skyrocket again. Utter bullshit

“It’s okay sweetheart, just breathe. Ian get the door.” I had closed my eyes, pretending that doing so made me feel better, so I wasn’t watching what they were doing. I could; however, hear the door open, then close, then it sounded like it was locked.

I was placed on our bed; I could tell from the scents surrounding me. Then two sets of hands were removing all my clothes. Not having the itchy fabric rubbing against me felt nice. The cool air of the room was even better.

The best though was the fact that they were both touching me.

“Baby girl, you’re dripping for us.”

“Sweetheart, can you hear me? I need you to tell me if you want us to relieve the pain or if you’re ready for us to go farther?”

Fuck questions just touch me! “What do you mean? It hurts, please, just make it stop!”

“I know sweetheart, just relax. Take a few deep breathes for me.”

I did as he asked, then blinked a few times as I cracked open my eyes. My timing was perfect too. I had opened them just in time to see my two very sexy Alpha mates undressing in front of me.


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