The Moon Baby

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Chapter 18 - Revealed

Irie/Illyria’s POV

This was happening.

Watching them undress, knowing full well what was going to happen, was simply put, making me much more wanton. At least that’s the excuse that I would be using if anyone called me out on anything after this.

“Please, stop pretending that you’re trying out to be male strippers and just fuck me already!”

I whined, I whimpered, and I frankly didn’t care. The pain in my gut was too much. And the ache developing between my legs was beginning to get even worse.

“We’ll make it all better baby girl.” Ian said as he pushed me back onto the bed and scooted me further up. Settling between my legs, he kissed his way down my stomach until he reached the place where I wanted to be touched most.

My nerve endings were on fire. I felt every little thing, down to the warm breath on my clit. Right before Ian latched onto me. One strong suck was all it took to push me right up to the edge. I felt the bed dip a bit to my side and then Damien’s lips were on mine while his hands played with my breasts. The feelings were overwhelming but I still wanted more. As Damien trailed kisses down my neck, I felt my insides coil up tight. I needed my release badly.


I felt Ian’s fingers then. I couldn’t help myself any more and I started moving my hips around, a silent plea. I just wanted to feel everything I could. To be relieved of the need.

“Cum for us baby girl...” I mewled at Ian’s request and then he started to rub my insides in that perfect way, pulling my release out. I came, screaming their names.

A few moments later I was looking straight into Damien’s eyes. Coming down to my level, he kissed me. Hard. I knew I had felt their lust for me before but hot damn. If he could devour me I think he would. At the same time I could feel Ian peppering kisses along my thigh.

Damien quit kissing me and held my face so I was looking into his eyes again. “Sweetheart, while you can still think clearly I need you to tell us. Do you want to mate with us? If you’re not ready, we can help ease your Heat in other ways.”

Another reason for my heart to skip a beat. I could feel his cock poking at my side, hard as steel. And I was certain Ian was no better off. Yet they would suffer if I asked. Not a chance.

“I want you both.”

Another searing kiss was planted on me. Ian moved, kissing up my stomach until he could steal my mouth from Damien. I could taste myself on his lips.

He pulled me up so he could sit down behind me as Damien had settled between my legs. Rubbing on my clit as he trailed kisses back down my neck.

“You may feel a some pain at first, but I promise it will be over soon.” His soothing tone gave me assurance that they would take care of me. Hell, I knew they would even before that.

I felt him position himself at my entrance. Rubbing himself up and down my slit, coating his cock in my juices.

“Damien!” I was already feeling the build up again.

He started to push himself into me. I knew he wasn’t even all the way inside me but I felt so full. Slowly he retreated and entered me again. He repeat this over and over again as he went deeper, until he met the resistance of my maidenhood. Ian started to massage my breasts, then pinched my nipples as Damien plunged forward, seating himself fully in me.

“FUCK!” It hurt. I grabbed onto Damien, not wanting him to move. He was trailing kisses up and down my face as Ian continued to rub my sides, my breasts, anything he could reach.

“You’re so tight sweetheart. I’m going to move now okay?” I nodded and he began to pull out of me, only to push back in. Between the sensations from his movements and Ian’s continued touches, I wasn’t going to last long.

“Shit, babygirl, watching you take him in makes me want to cum. Ian tipped my head back to see my blush at his words. I think they liked seeing me blush.

He bent down to kiss me, taking in every sound I was emitting as Damien started to slam into me faster and harder. I loved every damn minute of it and the sounds they drew out of me said so.

Damien hoisted my legs up, hitting a perfect spot and blowing me apart. I had thought that the orgasms I had before were amazing, but no, this was way better. I heard Damien groan above me and then felt the warm sensation of him filling me. I had tipped him over the edge with my own release.

As Damien pulled out, Ian twisted me up and around until I was straddling him. His hardness pressed up to my core, but not pushing in. He kissed me, lacing his fingers into my hair as he held me.

I started to wiggle after a few moments, I just wanted to be filled. Again, and again, and again. I wanted more and I wasn’t ashamed of that.

Ian slammed up into me and I couldn’t help but yelp at the sensation. “Shit baby girl, I’m sorry, are you okay?”

“Don’t stop.” A twinge of pain was there at first but so much pleasure followed. When he didn’t move, I started squirming, seeking more friction.

Taking my cue, he began to thrust in and out of me. Slamming up into me as I came down.

Damien had moved behind us and wrapped his arms around my middle. Strumming at my clit and angling my head so he could kiss me while I continued to ride Ian.

I couldn’t help but scream out my release, again. I wasn’t going to be able to speak after this. Ian came right after me, filling me up.

All three of us were now laying on the bed. I felt utterly spent and started to close my eyes.

“Oh no sweetheart. Let’s get you cleaned up before you pass out.” Damien kissed me, I assume to keep me awake. Ian got up and, based on the sound of running water, started a bath.

I was carried in and placed in the tub. Damien then entered behind me while Ian sat in front of me. I relaxed as they washed my body. Males loved to tend to their females, and we loved being tended to.

They continued to wash and massage me for what felt like forever. Ian got out first and helped me into a towel. The whole experience had me on Cloud 9. A month ago I couldn’t have imagined being in such a blissful state.

Ready to pass out, I started to move back toward the bedroom to wait for them. On my way out of the bathroom the sensation hit me again. The ache, the heat.

“Fuck! Sweetheart come here.” Damien picked me up and carried me over to the bed. “I didn’t think it would come on again so quick. Ian, hurry up!”

“I need you now.” I whined at Damien as I pushed him onto the bed. Again I’m sure I’ll surrender to utter embarrassment later but right now I didn’t care. I straddled him, rubbing my seeping pussy on his cock just before taking him into me.

“Shit sweetheart. Slow down, I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Shut the hell up and just fuck me.” I’m going to pay for that later, I just know it.

“Such a spitfire aren’t you?” Ian says coming up behind me. “Maybe what you need is for both of us to slam into you, hmmmm?”

“Yes! Please.” I hadn’t even slowed down riding Damien’s cock, but I knew what I wanted. Both of them, filling me up completely.

Ian took some lube from the nightstand next to the bed. Prepared for this were they? I smiled thinking to myself. Popping the cap, I watched as he coated himself fully. The sight of him pumping his cock was so erotic.

Damien stilled me and I frowned. “Shhh, let Ian get you ready.” Being the needy little brat I currently was, I still tried to move. I felt Ian insert one, no two fingers into my ass. The sensation was still new but it felt so good. I stilled as he pumped and scissored his fingers in me.

“More, Ian give me more.”

“As you wish.” He said as he positioned himself behind me, pushing me forward so I was chest to chest with Damien.

Damien tilted my chin and kissed me, just as Ian began to sink himself in. He was going slow but it still hurt a bit. I could feel every inch as he primed me in, stretching me little by little.

“Shit, Irie. You’re gripping my dick so tightly. Do you like me filling your ass while Damien is buried in your pussy?”

Pulling back from Damien, all I could do is moan out what I think sounded like a yes.

I felt as Ian I as finally buried himself to the hilt. My head was burried in Damien’s neck. I felt so damn full. So damn complete.

Ian pulled me back, holding me to him as Damien started to thrust up into me. Ian kept still, giving me time to get used to the feeling, then he slowly started to thrust in and out himself.

I couldn’t speak anymore. Only feel. Working in tandem they thrust in and out of me, unrelenting in their assaults. I found my release one, no two more times before they came with me on the third.

I fell asleep tangled in the arms.

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