The Moon Baby

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Chapter 19 - Truth & Lies

Somewhere far away from RiverRun


That’s all I could feel. I was woke up from my normally pleasant sleep by this searing pain. It hurt all over, I couldn’t breathe and it wouldn’t end.

I started thrashing, clawing at anything I could get my hands on, trying to steady myself. I know I clawed at the bed. I heard screams that weren’t my own.

“What the hell?! What are you doing?!”

“It hurts. Fuck, make it stop!” I barely got that out between my own screams of agony. I rolled off the bed and onto the floor, holding my head in both hands. My wolf was screaming too, I wasn’t going to get any help from him.

“FUCK!” I imagined that if someone had taken a dull knife and slowly stabbed me, it might feel better than this. Even my bones hurt. My fist shift wasn’t even this painful.

After a while it starts to fade. I roll onto my back and try to open my eyes, but everything was blurry.

“What happened? Hello,” Then finger snaps, “can you hear me.”

“Yea...” I could still barely catch my breath. At least the excruciating pain was gone but I might as well have been skewered alive because I still felt like shit.

I lay there for a while, then tried to get up. “Help me.” I was being hauled back to my feet when the pain came roaring back. So damn strong that my claws came out and I swiped at anything, everything. And then more screaming.

“Jacob, get the Alpha now! I don’t have time to explain just get Alpha Mark over here now!”

At some point during my endless screaming I blacked out. I woke up on a couch, in my father’s office. The pack doctor was next to me, poking and prodding. My mother and father were talking behind him.

The doctor pulled out his flashlight and checked my pupils. “Can you hear me?”

“Yea, I can hear you, get the damn flashlight out of my eyes.” Everything still hurt.

“Daniel! Dr. Smith is trying to figure out what happened. Show some gratitude. He had to tranquilize you because even unconscious you were thrashing around like you were having a seizure.” My father just loves to scold me.

“Whatever, what the hell happened.”

Dr. Smith cleared his throat. “Well, all of your vitals are fine the rapid tests we did didn’t show any abnormalities, and it doesn’t appear that you had a stroke or anything like that...”

“What does that mean then.”

“Ruling out less common ailments, it would likely have to do with your wolf.” He says.

“My wolf was in just as much pain. Couldn’t do shit to help me.”

“Tell me what happened, as much as you can remember.” The doc asks. I tell him everything I can recall and then Faith fills in some of the blanks.

“Hrm. Ms. Blackburn, is Daniel your mate?” The doc asks. Fuck, not the time for this conversation.

“No sir, I haven met my mate.” She answers.

“Daniel, have you?” I look at him confused, why the fuck does this matter.

“Answer him.” My father says.


“Alpha, you have your answer. I’ll be off. I left more tranquilizers on your desk should you need them.” Dr. Smith gets up, grabs his things, and leaves. He fucking leaves!

“What the hell kind of doctor is that? Asks the stupidest question then says ‘here, tranquilize your kid, bye’.”

“Shut the hell up!” My father yelled at me. He’s never yelled at me. Scolded yes, growled a bit, yea, never yelled. My mother had sat down, looking away from me.

“Who is your mate?” My father asks.

“Why does it matter?”

I saw him snap. “Because you stupid, spoiled shit, that pain you felt was the pain a wolf feels when their mate has sex with someone else after the bond is realized. Meaning you met your mate, for some stupid ass reason let her go, and now she’s fucking someone else.”

“Mark! Language!” My mother hates heavy swearing, she tolerates some light curses but heavy curse words irritate her.

“She’s a nobody, I rejected her.”

“You stupid shit. You seem to think that does something. Until both you and your mate are claimed by another, both of you will feel the ‘betrayal’ of the other each and every time it happens.” The realization of his words start to wash over me.

“You mean every time one of us has sex with someone else we experience this pain?”

“Yes, now who the fuck is your mate?!” My wolf is freaking out. Not because dad is mad, because someone else touched what’s his. More than touched. And based on what I recall and what Faith told me, several damn times.


“It’s the orphan. Irie.” Faith blurts out. I look over to her and Jacob and they are both white as a sheet. Dad, however; looks like he’s going to turn into a tomato, he’s so red. And mom just looks at me, mouth open, her eyes full of disappointment.

“You have to be the stupidest wolf in this world. Rejecting the Goddess’s gift without cause is the dumbest thing a wolf could do and the only time I’ve ever heard it is when one of the wolves has committed a heinous crime. But then to top it off, you had to go and reject the most precious gift the Goddess could give.” The fact that he wasn’t yelling anymore was worse than when he was.

“Wha...What do you mean?” I didn’t even say that, Faith did.

“Irie isn’t a fucking orphan you idiots. She’s Illyria Havenson, Alpha Adam Havenson’s only daughter and the first ‘moon baby’ to be born in centuries. We’ve been hiding her until she could find her mate, for safety reasons. You literally just threw away the most valuable wolf alive.” His stare could kill. And the way he’s looking at me, he might just do that.

Wolf Lore is something we are all taught in school. Technically it’s called Wolf History but some stuff seems more like fairytales. They taught us all about the Goddess’s gifts, our wolves, our mates, and the exceptionally rare ones, like ‘moon babies’.

“I thought she died.” This can’t be true.

“No dumb fuck..”


“I knew her father well and he asked for help. We took her the night of a raid, aged her up for appearances, and kept her hidden. She turned 18 a few months ago.”

No one said a thing, until Faith decided to jump in.

“Can’t Daniel and I just mark each other? The pain would stop right?”

“No. Irie would have to be marked for his pain to stop. But if history is to be believed, not all wolves survive their mate being marked by another. Regardless, we’re going to collect his mate and you are going to go find yours. As you both should have done the minute he found his.” He was growling at Faith now. Daring her to say anything back to him.

“Yes Alpha.” She fucking whimpered. She was supposed to be strong enough to be my Luna and she wouldn’t even bother to try standing up for herself now. Fucking hell.

“Daniel, get up. Irie and Tori went to the City, we’re going to have to try and track them down.” He pulled me to my feet, not even trying to be gentle.

“And what are we going to do when we find them. Fight off whomever it is she’s fucking?”

“Seriously you two, mind your language!”

“Sorry dear. And yes, that’s exactly what we’re going to do. According to law you have the right to claim her as your mate over any choice matings. You better hope she’s willing to give you another chance on that claim, because she doesn’t have to.” He starts pushing me toward the door, motioning for Jacob and Faith to leave.

As we start walking to down the stairs, the searing pain comes right back. Hitting me so hard that fall down the rest of the stairs. Screaming bloody murder all the way down.

“This is what you deserve. You shit on the Goddess’s gift. And given your selfish nature, I’m sure you haven’t been celibate either. Meaning she’s been in pain too. The Goddess isn’t gracious to those who betray her designs. You’ll feel the pain much more severely then she ever did. And if the frequency of these attack is any indication of what’s happening, you better hope like hell you can convince her to take you back. If not, you may not make it to even choose a choice mate of your own.”

His voice was so cold. He had no more emotion for me. I fucked up. I knew that after they explained why I was I pain, who she really was. I was an asshole and I knew it, but I didn’t think-didn’t know-that I’d cause this. I had no idea that I was putting her in pain.

Maybe the mate pull will be enough to bring her back to me. I had felt it for a long time after our eyes met. I only fought it because everyone said she wasn’t Luna material. That, and Faith was really convincing.

Dad shoved me in the car and we started heading to the City. For the first time in my life, I was actually sorry for my choices.

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