The Moon Baby

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Chapter 20 - The Morning After

Damien’s POV

To say that this entire situation was shocking would be severely lacking in the explanation department.

First there was link that we had gotten from Nelly, explaining what was happening downstairs. Specifically what exactly Riley was saying to and about our mate. Ian couldn’t believe it and had asked me if I knew what was going on.

Then Tori linked us and said the same thing. Except her version had a lot more swear words and threats in it. There was also a conversation about our loose dicks that I didn’t understand. We were already on our way downstairs as I tried to get Ian to explain what the fuck that meant.

I didn’t get said explanation because the moment we hit the downstairs we instantly caught the fact that Irie was in heat. I didn’t expect it to come on so soon. I also didn’t expect her to be so damned willing, hell, forceful about what she wanted.

After taking us both, which surprised the fuck out of me, she rested a bit. Finally. It wasn’t long after that that she stirred again and she was burning up. Ian and I had spent the rest of the day and night satisfying her every need. I had once thought that all the training we went through when we were pups was exhausting. I was sorely mistaken on what I thought exhausted meant.

That entire time we had done everything she wanted. We weren’t fooled into thinking that convincing her to do anything was an option. To try and satisfy her need and the damn heat we had taken her together, separate, gotten her food, bathed her a few times, and tried to massage away any soreness that built up.

We learned quickly that massaging her was a bad idea. In theory, we figured that if we were able to help her muscles relax and maybe that would allow her, and us, to rest. Fail. The massage, meaning heavy touching, only served to riled her up again.

By the time the sun started to come up, we were all beat. Hell, even I was sore. I couldn’t imagine how sore she was going to be. Once she woke up and came out of this.

We had tried to sleep between ‘flare-ups’ but the longest nap was only about 2 hours. At least for her. Ian and I took advantage of any time she was asleep to try and get food or anything else we needed. Needless to say, our amount of sleep was equal to shit.

Right now though, we were all finally at peace. She was passed out, cuddled between us having fallen asleep only a few minutes ago. After everything, seeing her peacefully laying with us. It was the perfect picture. Heavenly.

Especially since right before this, she had growled at our attempts to clean up. To be honest and not seem like I’m blaming anyone or thing here, we had both insisted that we tend to her, all night. That meant doing changing sheets, clothes, feeding her, all of the above. She wasn’t in the mood for ‘tending’ though. Sleep and sex were the only things she wanted.

We even had to force her to actually eat something by threatening not to touch her. I didn’t know our mate could be as ferocious as she was when I said that. I basically had to beg for her forgiveness, barter with her, eating for more sexual favors, and remind her how much I cared, just for her not to claw me.

Females in heat are no joke. I’ve heard stories from mated males of the pack. I always thought they were a little over dramatized. I’m pretty sure this is karma for doubting my poor pack members. I’ll never be able to hear a story about a heat and have the same doubt, that’s for sure.

No matter how much we irritated her, she got over it in the end though. Now we could only hope that we had fully sated her and that we all could rest. Good Goddess please let that be the case.

I’m scared to move. Ian’s mental voice even sounded tired and sore. I didn’t blame him either. One time when she was sleeping, we had attempted to move from around her. Big mistake. It woke her up and she thought we were trying to leave her.

I thought for a minute that she was going to nail us to the bed. Not figuratively either.

How the hell do you have the energy to even want to move. I couldn’t even if I wanted to. Fuck moving, just sleep.

I’m not saying I want to, just in general. I knew that we’d probably mate a few times but damn. I’ve felt better after full days of intense training! Aww, the big bad Alpha was whining. I knew how I felt but at least I knew Ian was in the same boat. None of those feelings were anything negative toward our mate either.

No our feelings were all about how stupid we were in our knowledge of how to deal with a mate in heat. And how stupid we were thinking we would be looking forward to her heat. I wouldn’t have let it go any other way, but damn. I still believe there is karma somewhere in this.

Shut up. As intense as that was you wouldn’t trade it for anything and neither would I. Get some sleep, while we can. A female’s heat could last anywhere from hours to days.

The one thing I didn’t pay enough attention to were the in-depth lessons on heats. I know the concept, what we had to do, and all of that. The amount of time it would last and some of the non-sexual impacts though, I wasn’t very knowledgeable about. It was too late at this point though. So I gave up thinking about it and just passed out.

I don’t know how many minutes, or maybe hours, it was later when I woke up to Irie wiggling in-between us. Careful not to touch anything that could be overly sensitive or send her into an aroused state, I slid my arm around her more, trying to settle her. Luckily, she didn’t feel any warmer than normal, but she was still wiggling.

“Sweetheart, you’re going to wake more than me up.” I’m still a man. Evan as exhausted and used up as I felt, she always got me hard.

“I need to pee.”

“Sorry, here let me help you.” I slid out of bed and helped untangle her from Ian, who was still out. I carried her into the bathroom and set her down. She looked at me confused when I just stood there.


“I’m not going to the bathroom with you watching me. Shoo.” She made those cute motions that mothers did when they were moving pups out of a room. I left her and she shut the door behind me. Might have laughed at her a bit.

Hmm, mother’s and pups. I wonder how soon after we mark her we can get her pupped. It was making my hard on worse, just thinking of her round with our pups. We should probably discuss that before her marking ceremony, because once she was marked, that was a huge possibility

I had to try to calm myself down from the thoughts. I think we’ve all had enough in the last day. Or at least I hope so. She didn’t immediately try to jump me and she seemed to be acting pretty calm, so here’s hoping.

After a few minutes she came out of the bathroom, well, she kind of came out. She could have called for help but no, she held on to whatever she could as she got to the door. She also, for some reason, put on a robe. As if she was trying to hide her nudity. Stubborn mate.

“I think we’ve seen literally every part of each other.” I was still standing naked as the day I was born. Just to emphasize the point.

“Shush you.” As I walk over to pick her up, skipping chastising her for not having me come get her, I hear a grumble.

“Hungry sweetheart?” I had to smirk at her stomach making its needs known. That poor thing barely got any acknowledgment over the last day, it deserved some attention. Plus, her blushing at me calling her out was adorable. I mind linked Nelly and asked for as much food as possible to be brought up. I knew she’d devour anything right now.

“Maybe...” Another grumble. “Fine, yes.”

“I’ve already asked Nelly to bring up some things to eat. It will be here soon.” I set her down at the table while I went to put on some clothing before the food was delivered. All of our clothes had luckily been moved in a few days ago. Thank the Goddess we didn’t hesitate with that. Otherwise I’d be answering the door stark naked. I couldn’t even tell you where my clothes from yesterday were.

“Should we wake Ian?”

“Nah, let him sleep.” Whiny baby probably wouldn’t want to get up anyway. He’d made it known a few times that although he was more than happy to do whatever he could for Irie, he was tired as fuck.

“I’m already awake. At least one of you thought I might want food too.” Whoops. Eh, too bad. He hadn’t made a single move until he heard those words so fuck him.

Ian started to shuffle around and got some pants on. The awaited knock on the door started and I think everyone was happy. I put on shorts and went to open it just a bit, since Irie was still just in a robe. Plus I wasn’t entirely sure she was completely over her heat and didn’t want anyone else in here.

“Alpha, here’s the breakfast you asked for.” I wondered for a moment what time it was. I hadn’t bothered to look for my phone but I was guessing it was around noon.

Liza must have seen the confusion and offered up an explanation. “We figured since we didn’t hear from you for actual breakfast that you might not make it. So, we also did a breakfast type lunch. You have good timing.” She pushed a cart, overflowing with food toward me, then ran off.

Smart Omegas. We’ll have to do something for them later to thank them for everything. At least one of them had been awake all night to make sure that if we needed anything, they would be available to help.

I pulled the cart in the room and Irie immediately grabbed a prepared plate of bacon, eggs, bagels, and toast, then went to sit down. “Mmmmmm. Foooood. Twis twastes amayshing!” Fuck, even with a mouth full of food her happy little moans turned me on.

“Baby girl, please don’t say it like that. I can’t go again.” Ian had laid back down on the bed, just with the pants on. So he was half awake while whining. He really needed more sleep.

Irie just blinks at him. “Did I break him?”

Both of us just burst out laughing. I’m doubled over in the chair and Ian’s rolling around the bed like a two-year-old. Over the years, plenty of our pack mates had tried, not for any serious reason, to beat Ian. Where I was the political one, he was more the warrior. We could each hold our own on the other hand, but we had our strengths.

The point was people had been trying to “break” Ian for years. Not a single close match until our tiny little mate.

“Sweetheart, you were, what’s the best way to put it... A fiend during your heat.” And there’s that blush I, no we, love. “Don’t worry, you didn’t actually break anyone. I mean, you might have broken him a little, but not completely. We may all be a bit tired but really, we were very happy to take care of you.”

Ian finally got up and we all sat down and ate everything that was brought up for us. Then we all got dressed in real, and comfy, loungewear. No one was doing anything else today with how tired we all were. I was tempted to try and give her another rub down but changed my mind. I’d rather make sure it wasn’t going to send her back to the super aroused state first.

Instead, we decided to climb into bed and snuggle up. We were getting ready to take another hopefully nice and long nap when another knock came to the door. I got up to answer it, finding Kota behind the interruption.

“What’s going on?” He knew exactly what was going on so I knew he wouldn’t be interrupting without cause.

“Don’t worry, nothing bad. Well, nothing bad for the pack.” I was already not looking forward to whatever he was going to say. “Your father is here. He is waiting in your office and wants you all to come so he can see his new daughter-by-mating.” Fucker smiles and scurries away. Knowing damn well that it wasn’t particularly good news, which is probably why he didn’t mind link me.

We may have left off telling our parents about Irie. Not because we were ashamed or anything. But because the moment they knew that not only had she been found, but that she was both of ours, they would pounce. And we likely wouldn’t get them to detach until after the marking ceremony. Mom never got a daughter and dad had been eager for our mate to be found since we turned eighteen.

They each obviously had their reasons for being excited and I was wondering where mom was since he said only dad was in the office. Helping train the next Luna was something I know mom was looking forward to. Outside the not having a daughter deal, she loved caring for the pack. Teaching her daughter-by-mating was most assuredly going to be a big deal to her.

Dad’s excitement was most likely because he had always wanted us balanced more. Even with us being able to balance each other to an extent, there were still things that we were just us about. Plus, he had been making comments about making him and grandfather for a few years.

So we hadn’t told them. Anything.

“Ian, Irie, uh...we have to go.”

“What, why?” The whine in her voice was almost worse than Ian’s. Poor thing was so tied, I could see that she just wanted to sleep. I could tell from her movements after we ate and now that she was starting to feel the soreness too.

“Our dad is waiting to meet you.” Ian shot out of bed and pulled her up. She looked like a deer caught in headlights. I suppose meeting the parents would do that to you.

I led the way to the office. Before opening the door I wanted to give her a heads up. “Dad isn’t anyone to be afraid of. Well, for you at least. But I’m sure he will be as excited as a kid in a candy store. So be prepared.”

A little whine escaped her. “I hope I don’t make a bad impression. I look and feel like hell and don’t try and deny it.”

“He’ll understand baby girl. I’m sure he knows why we’ve been indisposed. Plus, you look good enough to eat. Again.” Ian’s comment earned him a smack on the shoulder. He wasn’t wrong though...

I opened the door and we all filed inside. It took all of two seconds for the old man to grab our mate and hug the breath out of her.

“Dad, put her down, she’s not going anywhere, I can promise that.” I got her out of his arms after a bit more coaxing. I had to pull her back a bit too. You’d think he was the one that had been waiting for his mate, sheesh.

“Irie, this is our father, Charles Bjornson. Dad, this is our mate, Irie.” And then she was wrenched from me for another hug.

After we detached dad from her for a second time, we all sat down, Ian, Irie, and I on the couch and dad on the chair directly opposite.

“Well Irie, I can’t tell you how happy I am to finally meet you. We’ve been anxiously awaiting a Luna for a long time. And since my errant sons failed to mention that they found their mate...” He eyed us like we were pups again. Pups who he had caught being naughty. “I had to find out when the pack heard you went into heat already.” I swear packs were like high school kids. The rumor mill always ran rampant.

Irie just blushed, I’m sure at a loss for words. No worries about that though. Dad was going on and on about how happy he was that she was here, how we had all been waiting so long, oh and of course there were some jabs about practicing to make him a grandpa in there too. Both Ian and I were groaning the whole time. I knew he was going to mention that. I had just hoped that he would have waited for maybe a day or so first.

“You know dear, your marking ceremony is right around the corner. I’m sure it’s going to be extra exciting for you.” I really wasn’t sure why he said that. Marking ceremonies are supposed to be exciting. I don’t understand what extra he meant.

I went to ask him why but he cut me off with the explanation on his own. “After all, your parents will definitely want to be there. It’s been so long since you saw them, right? I’ve known them both since you were just a small pup. I even remember you as a little one. I don’t suppose you realize that you look exactly like you mother, Illyria.”

All three of us snapped our eyes to dad, Ian, and I with confusion and Irie with complete shock.

He of course looked extremely excited about whatever this was and had the air about him that said, “I’m the king of the world”.

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