The Moon Baby

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Chapter 26 - Confessions

Illyria’s POV

I have never wanted to murder someone before in my life. Outside of my hormonal issues that I don’t want to even get into right now, I’m a very peaceful person. I don’t even like verbal altercations. But right now, in this moment, I wanted to kill. I wanted blood.

I wanted shift and show everyone what they were dealing with and have waves of crimson wash over my pure white coat.

I was seconds away from being market by Damien and Ian. I was braced against them, holding on to them, and ready to do this. Pretty sure I had actually said that. I had been looking forward to finally being marked and ready to be a full member of this pack. Since I was too young when I left “home” and never formally sworn into MeadowEdge, I had been missing the feeling of being a member of a pack. I mean, I still was a member of Moonlight but the distance and all... Anyway, I never got to feel that sense of belonging to a pack because of everything. I was excited for it.

Then someone had to poop on my happy parade, my calm and goosebumpey feeling of my mates breath on my neck with a ridiculously loud ‘Wait’. I heard Ian yell out Oh what the absolute fuck now! as both of them turned to face the intruder. I, while being pissed to high hell, then looked past them to see the last person, well persons, that I would want to see in this moment. Daniel and his father Mark.

Just one stroke of good luck is all I’m asking. Why can’t I just have one stroke of good luck.

“What the hell is going on?” Charles had been standing to the side with all the other parents, front row seats and all. I knew that he was pretty eager to see his sons mark their mate, finally, and was looking pretty unhappy with the interruption. As our unwanted “guests” stepped forward, he stepped between us all, making it very obvious just how peeved at the disturbance he was. Not that I blame him, I can feel and hear the low growls coming from my mates too.

Might have had a few of my own mixed into this. Bloodlust on the brain and all due to the disturbance.

“I object to this ceremony.” Really, can Mark seriously be that freaking dramatic. I wanted to step up and just say, this isn’t daytime TV dude. Of course the whole pack is gasping and confused while my mates are visibly pissed and growling louder by the minute. As each one of those minutes pass, I just want to crawl into a hole where my whole new pack and parents can’t see just how embarrassed I am.

Bloodlust over this is getting heavier and heavier. I’m just going to repeat to myself. I am a peaceful person, do not kill or maim the idiots. I am a peaceful person, do not kill or maim the idiots.

“And what gives you the right to interrupt an Alphas’ marking ceremony? Making a fool out of yourself and an enemy out of us in the process, I might add.” Thank the Goddess that Charles is taking point in talking to him. If either of my mates step away from me, it’ll be to commit murder. The same might be said for me too. That might be why both of them are holding onto me for dear life. Most Alphas have at least a little knowledge of the other territories and Alphas around, so they know who these people are. And given that I’ve told them everything at this point, they probably have an inkling as to the likely reason for why they’ve come.

At least I can’t think of any other reason why both Mark and Daniel would be here or why they would have stopped us.

“She is not their mate.” Mark is treading on dangerous ground here, speaking so openly in front of everyone. I’m pretty sure that Charles was about to tear into him on behalf of his sons.

Our kind can be pretty possessive and protective, and very proud. Commenting about someone’s mate hits that possessive and protective nerve hard. Then to do so publicly and be addressing Alphas, well might as well offer up your corpse right now.

“How about instead of airing a bunch of dirty laundry here, we take this inside.” Laura had quietly stepped in to de-escalate the situation, my mother along with her. Thank the Goddess for that too. I could see the gaping mouths and confused expressions of the pack around me. Concern over the events unfolding around them was obvious. Meanwhile, all I can do is internally freak out more and more. I hadn’t moved except to tighten the hold I had on Damien and Ian.

My parents and Laura move to usher Mark and Daniel into the pack house. As they do, I see them look back, like they were checking to make sure we were coming too. Charles came over to us, to do the same. “Don’t worry, we will get this all straightened out and be back out here in no time.” I’m glad he’s confident about this.

Damien asks that the pack enjoy the bonfire while we address the situation, assuring them all that there is no issue and not to worry. The others were inside by then, which is probably why it was a bit easier to assure the pack that the problem wasn’t serious. I’m positive everyone out here is going to be doing more gossiping than anything else, but there’s not exactly much I can do until this is settled.

Although part of me wants to tell Damien and Ian just to mark me right now. It would be easier. Not as political, but easier.

We walk back into the pack house and up to the Alpha office where everyone is waiting for us. When we enter the room, Damien and Ian immediately shuffle me to the opposite corner from where Mark and Daniel are standing. It’s obvious that they don’t want me anywhere near them. My parents, Charles, and Laura are standing and sitting in the middle of the room. No one says a word for a long time, until Ian breaks the ice.

“What the fuck do think you’re doing here?” He barely managed not to completely growl that out, surprisingly. I can see he is holding his wolf back too. I rub his arm, trying to calm him before he explodes. Although the bloodshed is still a bit appealing to me. A bit less than a few minutes ago, but still appealing none the less.

Mark steps forward, which causes both Damien and Ian to growl and tighten their hold around me. And for kicks I guess; he then decides to piss everyone off even more. I guess why not at this point. “My idiot son rejected Illyria because he didn’t understand the importance of mate bonds. I only just found out and made sure that I’ve addressed the slight with him. HE’s since had the opportunity to evaluate his idiotic decisions and wants his mate back. They are true mates and should be allowed the opportunity to mend their bond.”

What a crock of crap.

That lovely little speech starts off a small war in the room. My parents are yelling at Mark and Daniel for the fact that I was supposed to be cared for and protected. Yet somehow I ended up subjected to, as my dad calls it, the moronic bullshit of a spoiled shit. I had to stifle a laugh because I really don’t disagree.

At basically the same time, Charles is going off on him because he had no right to interrupt the ceremony and try to take me away from his sons. Laura is trying to calm Charles, which is her basically holding him back from shifting himself. I start to wonder just how likely it is that these males are going to shift.

Damien and Ian meanwhile, are holding me as tight as they can without hurting me. I can feel their heartbeats, that’s how close we are. And here I am, just trying to keep the mates I want from murdering the one I don’t. The only thing I can do to stop that, because the idea of bloodshed is becoming less and less appealing, is to whisper that I won’t leave them and hold them myself.

“I don’t give two fucks about what you think your piece of shit son should be allowed to do. Irie is our mate both by choice and by fate. We have a true mate bond with her as well. And as I said, ours is the one that she clearly wants.” Ian motioned to the Irie cocoon that I was more than willingly a part of as he said it. I was internally yelling, Go Ian, while keeping my hands on both of them.

“Wait. What? How is that possible?” Daniel looks between the three of us, flabbergasted. It’s kind of funny to see, considering how arrogant he always is, was, whatever...

“That’s just... It’s, well... That’s not possible! Daniel is her true mate.” Mark is just as confused over Ian’s declaration. I might not think of him as arrogant as his son, but it’s funny to see regardless.

“You heard him...” Damien chimes in, “Irie is our mate. Your son gave up his chance to have her in his life and the Goddess saw fit to give her better mates. Specifically us. Both.” They are scrunched up so damn close to me that you couldn’t fit a hair in between us. Not ashamed to say I like it by the way.

“But that just isn’t possible. She already has a mate, who is alive. A second chance mate couldn’t have come along unless Daniel died. And since he’s right here, that can’t be true.” Mark looks utterly confused, rambling on about how our supposed bond can’t be real and blah blah blah blah blah. I can’t think of a damn thing to say, still.

Actually, I can think of a hundred things to say. Like what Daniel, or I guess Faith, did but yet I’m sure no one else knows about. Or all of the pain I was in until I really woke up with Damien and Ian. None of that would do anything but make this worse though. So I’m back to just trying to think of something to do to just stop this.

“If I may...” My mother chimes in. Curious to hear what she has to say, everyone shuts up. She’s so soft spoke, I think intentionally, that you do really have to be quiet to hear her. I need to learn this trick.

“Illyria, being who she is, likely has to do with, or I guess the better way of saying it, is more than likely the cause of this situation. Adam and I researched everything we could about moon babies ever since she was born. The intent was to find a better way to safeguard her and bring her home, but that never turned out to be a possibility. But we did find a few interesting facts in the archives. The Goddess’ moon babies always, and I mean always find their true mates. There’s never been a record of one having a choice mate. Their mates have always been Alphas too. What if that’s because no matter what, the Goddess arranges it so that available Alphas around their age could be their mates? Re-arranging the fated bonds and allowing for a ‘back-up’, sorta speak. That would ensure that her blessed gift was always set to be cared for.”

I don’t know how I feel about that. I see the logic in it given this whole thing, but I don’t like the thought that any available Alpha I come across could start a bond with me.

“So, you think that all of them are likely her mates, at the same time?” I think Mark has developed a permanent scowl.

“There’s no way to know until she and her mates mark each other, but well, yes. After she’s marked, if Daniel were to find another mate, that would prove my theory.” I might not love her theory about my likely mate situation, but I am very happy with her stance. She straight up, but without any of the yelling the others did, supported that I’m not leaving Damien and Ian.

“Why does it have to be them. Wouldn’t the same possibly hold true if I marked her? They could have other mates out there too.”

Damien just about flew out of my arms to attack Daniel. I already had a hold of his arm and tugged him back when he seemed like he was trying to move. Although he was damn near actually shifting. I mean it too, the claws had already came out but were thankfully receding.

“Try me pretty boy. You get anywhere near her and I’ll fuck you up. She’s our mate you stupid ass. You lost any right to her when you pulled all the crap you did. Not only that but she’s not going to be forced to do anything that she doesn’t want to do. Her hold on us and the fact that it hasn’t faltered should say that right there.”

Ian was holding me around my middle, whispering that it would be alright while Damien continued verbally lashing out at Daniel. It’s kind of hot to watch him...

“How about we take this to the council then.” Damn Mark. Why does he have to make this complicated. “Since she hasn’t been able to bond with Daniel at all, it isn’t fair that she based her decision on the current arrangement. If it is true that she gets her ‘choice’ of who she is with, then she should be able to make a valid and educated one by actually getting to know him. For all we know, you two have poisoned her mind at this point and the bond between you may not actually be any better than with Daniel.”

Welp, that did it. I watched as Charles shifted and attacked. It’s never a good idea to insult an Alpha’s family, even if said family were adult children. And it’s extremely stupid to piss off one on his own territory when you’re basically an intruder. Charles may not be the active Alpha here, but he was an Alpha male regardless.

Mark finally shifted after a moment of attempting to defend himself.

My bloodlust thoughts were completely gone and I could only stand back, horrified as they fought against each other in the middle of the office. Charles was pissed about the whole thing and was clawing at Mark, but Mark was an active Alpha and slightly faster than Charles, so he kept most of the heavy hits at bay while delivering his own in return. I was absolutely a wreck at this point and whimpered as I watched it.

Damien and Ian were yelling at the two men to stop. This office wasn’t big enough for a fight and the whole thing was just stupid. Neither of them would let me go to intervene, and I honestly didn’t want them to do so if they’d end up hurt.

Laura decided that enough was enough and got between the two at one point, demanding they stop acting like children. Mark accidentally, at least I assume so since I doubted he would ever intentionally harm another Luna or anyone other innocent for that matter, swiped at her and caught her in the leg. Charles lost it. Jumping at Mark, he caught his left hind leg and bit down, breaking the skin and making him hobble backward.

The howl that Mark let out was ear piercing. Everyone within the territory would have heard that if it wasn’t for the sound proofing of the office. With his mate getting hurt on top of the insult to his children, I knew Charge was going to kill him if it didn’t stop. Damn children.

“Knock it off!” I yelled at basically everyone.

Both Charles and Mark actually stopped, then backed off and away from each other. Their ears were set flat to their heads like they had been chastised by their mothers.

Well then, go me.

“Can someone get them something to wear so they can shift back. I’d rather have a verbal argument than this.” Damien nodded to me and must have linked Kota. He came in a few minutes later with some sweatpants and shirts, then quickly got the hell back out of the room. Smart man, I’d skedaddle too if I could.

We all averted our gazes as they shifted back and dressed. Mark obviously had a harder time, I heard Daniel helping him before we got the all-clear to turn back around. Laura’s small scrape, and that’s really what it was, was already healed so there was no need for any medical attention. It was kind of fun to watch her scold Charles for his double freak out.

“I’m not going in front of the council or anyone else for that matter. I’m not leaving Damien and Ian for anyone either. A hundred more supposed mates could show up and I wouldn’t give them any more of a ‘chance’.” As both Mark and Daniel attempted to interject, I held up my hand and continued on.

“These two have taken care of me in every way since the moment I met them. They’re not perfect, but they never claimed to be. I’m not perfect either, but we work.” I turned to Daniel then. “I have no doubt that you probably think you’d be a great mate for me. And maybe if things hadn’t happened the way that they did, we could have found out. But that’s not the way it ended up and I’m not going to change my mind.”

“You’re not even giving him a chance. Daniel is younger than these two and I obviously failed in teaching him the importance of mates. It’s only fair that you spend with him too and...” I cut off Mark, outright tired of this.

“I’m pregnant.”

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