The Moon Baby

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Chapter 28 - Held

My mind was reeling. Every time I kind of came to, I had tried to soak up what I could hear. I stopped trying to open my eyes because the concentration it took to just think about it make me want to pass out again. So instead I just tried to relax a bit and listen.

Not that the effort did me any good.

Most of the time all I was hearing was Riley talking to herself. She was too quiet to make out everything but I got bits and pieces of her mumblings. All of what I did hear didn’t bode well for me.

After several more periods of going in and out of unconsciousness, I finally was able to open my eyes. I wished that I had opened them to find myself in my room, surrounded by my mates. That was not the case.

I looked around, trying to at least kind of figure out where I was. It was pretty obvious, and not just because it was uncomfortable as hell, that I was on the floor. And in a room I definitely did not recognize. My arms were tied behind my back, but my legs were free. There were windows around the room that let light shine in, meaning it was during the day now. I don’t know if it had been hours since I had been knocked out or days.

“Where am I?” I know I was talking to myself but just being able to say it and see around me was comforting. After not being able to see or speak for who knows how long, that was a happy moment in what was obviously a bad situation.

“You’re far, far away from RiverRun.” I turned my head only to see Riley in the doorway. Yes, I knew that she was likely near since I knew she had taken me. But that didn’t mean I was happy to see her.

“What do you mean? Wait, what did you do?” Riley didn’t know anything about me, I think. I doubted that she knew I was who I was since very few others did. I knew damn well she didn’t know I was pregnant because I had only just blurted it out to my family, Mark, and Daniel. I wasn’t sure if she knew anything about what had really happened before I was knocked out. I recalled her saying something about Mark and Daniel but not much else.

About the only thing she could know was that my mates hadn’t marked me yet because, well, that’s a pretty obvious thing usually.

“What did I do?! Why don’t you ask yourself instead, what did you do?” She looked like she was going to explode waiting for me to answer. That wouldn’t be a bad thing honestly.

When I looked at her, obviously perplex, she started just looking pissed. Like I was supposed to know. A few more minutes and my shifting to sit up and she finally answered the question for me. “You took him from me! You came in, stepped foot on my pack, and took my place. You stole him from me!” She started moving toward me so I scooted back. Not having use of my arms would seriously diminish my ability to protect myself if she decided to do anything.

“Ian should have been mine! I was born and grew up in the pack, with him. We have known each other since we were pups. Over the past few years, we’ve spent so much time together. I’ve trained with him; I’ve talked through pack problems with him. I know he would have chosen me as a choice mate, but no, you had to come along and steal him, steal them both! They can’t both have the same mate, that’s now the way it works. You could have just had Damien! You didn’t have to take Ian too!” Oh Goddess! This is bad, she was really freaking out.

“Riley, I’m their mate. Their as in both of them. I didn’t trick them into choosing me, the Goddess set us together.”

“Bullshit. That pompous little boy or maybe it was his father, doesn’t matter, said that you were the young Alpha’s mate. You can’t have mates everywhere darling, that’s just not how it works. You should have left with the boy. He’s your real mate.”

That solidified the fact that she didn’t know much about me. I was hoping that this was a good thing. “What about your mate? You’re talking about who my mate is or isn’t, but you have one out there somewhere too.”

“No I don’t. At least not anymore.” I could see the anguish on her face. For a moment, and only a moment, I felt for her. I knew what pain felt like, and I could see that same feeling on her face, even if it was only for a moment.

“I found my mate right after I turned eighteen. He wasn’t from RiverRun. I was patrolling at night, part of training, when I met him at the edge of the territory. I was a shocked that it happened. He said that he felt a pull and followed it, to find me. He told me that he wanted me to come back with him and I would have been more than happy to do so, but first he had to get permission from his Alpha. His pack wasn’t one that had treaties with RiverRun so for me to go back with him, without getting in trouble, we had to ask. He assured me he’d get the permission. He left me to run back to his pack and it but died before he could come back. I never found out what happened. I felt it you know, the pain of his death.” I actually did feel bad for her now.

“But now you must see! I’m the perfect mate for Ian, unlike you. I don’t have anything to tie me back to another male. I know everything about the pack. I’m the right fit, not you.”

Okay so she was positively unhinged, that’s for sure. I know what the pain of your mate, um, cheating on you, feels like. But I can’t imagine the pain of losing your mate. The only ones I’ve known to lose their mates were the older pack members at MeadowEdge and they usually passed shortly after their partner.

I had heard about what would happen when younger wolves lost their mate though. That was something Luna Cecily went over with him since part of her job was counseling pack members. Every now and then, it happened. Luna Cecily told me that when it did, if the surviving mate was strong enough to stay alive, they were broken. It took a lot of work on their and the pack’s part to help them heal.

Riley continued going on and on about how she would be the perfect Luna for Ian. How she was a warrior, had taken lessons from the more senior members so she was well versed on tactics and pack history. How she had spent time with Laura and learned about her time as the Luna of RiverRun. Then of course she had to go on about how good they were together, in bed.

Given their age, I didn’t expect that they were going to be as innocent as I was. I mean really, I was such a hermit because of my paranoia that it just was what it was. I didn’t; however, need to hear about the past escapades of one of my mates. Specifically from this angle and in this position. I really didn’t need to hear about her riding him or the positions that she ended up in. Yet here I was, listening to it all. And it hurt to hear. It wasn’t the same pain I had felt in the past but listening to it was more of an emotional pain.

This seemed to be her form of revenge or torture and she was very good at it.

“Up until you showed up, we spent a lot of time together. I know his dreams, what he wants for the pack. I know how to cater to his needs, all of them. What’s so special about you?” At least she was done talking about having sex with my mate, I hoped. I wanted to throw up so bad. I figured if I at least participated in the conversation, maybe she’d stay away from the other topic.

“Riley, Daniel rejected me in favor of someone else. I can’t explain why the Goddess does the things she does. Like setting me with someone so non-compatible first, but she did pair me with Damien and Ian. I have no reason, especially now, to lie to you. They are my mates.” She growls at me and starts moving forward toward me again.

“Riley stop, please. You know they are going to come for me as any mate would. Do you really want...”

“Stop saying that! Stop lying about this. They are not your mates!” She slapped me, hard, and I fell sideways to the floor. I can’t say that I didn’t think she’d get physical because I did. But I still wasn’t expecting it.

“They won’t find you. We’re not even near RiverRun and there is no chance they’ll even think to look here. No one knew I had you and no one watched me leave. Ian is mine, he’s always been mine. We may not be true mates but he was made for me!” She pulls her foot back and it feels like everything is happening in slow motion. Like I’m watching this as a movie scene. I know she’s going to try and kick me; I can see the determination in her face. The only thing on my mind was protecting the life inside of me.

I rolled over as much as possible and her foot connected with my back instead of my stomach. I should have thought better about what I said. It was pretty clear that my comments upset her because she continued screaming and kicking me all over. At some point, I passed out, curled in a ball.

For the second time during this ordeal, I went in and out a few times. At one point I knew it was night, then day again, then I think night. I heard Riley come in the room a few times, spewing more hate, and loathing for me. I heard her tell me how weak I was and that no Luna would be so pathetic. My thoughts centered on keeping rolled in my tiny protective ball.

I finally woke up and was able to stay awake long enough to try to sit up. It hurt. I know she hadn’t attacked me again since that first day, but I didn’t take any chances and stayed curled up. Between that creating sore and tight muscles and not being able to eat or drink anything, I felt weak as well. And my wolf wasn’t as strong or able to heal me as fast. It was daytime again and to my utter disappointment, Riley was in the room.

“Finally. I was kind of hoping you’d just die out, weak as you are. But then again the opportunity to get back at you will be so sweet.” The laugh she lets out reminds me of the evil cackle that you hear from Disney movie bad guys.

“You know that young Alpha wants you, even if you are pregnant with someone else’s pup.” She continues her cackle and gives me a look that says she’s loving that I was hoping she didn’t know. All I can think is... Fuck! I look up at her, honestly scared shitless for what she’s going to do.

She’s completely crazy and has already attacked me once. Although the comment makes me think that she doesn’t intend to do any more damage, it is also pretty ominous. Underestimating her insanity, and I mean everyone underestimating it, is what got me here. I’m not going to assume anything anymore. No, I’ll just be paranoid and ready to do whatever I have to, to protect myself.

If that isn’t excessively sad, I don’t know what is. But right now, that’s my only thought.

“The injection I gave you was wolfsbane and some other compounds. As I said before, no one followed us, partially because that also has the added benefit of dulling your scent so that no one could follow us out of the pack. I’m not exactly sure how it works but you don’t ask questions when making shady deals.” She was a little too giddy while talking about the shady backdoor deals that she had to make to get everything she needed.

The injection, this place, and a few other things. I really shouldn’t be surprised. Like, I really, really shouldn’t. But yet, I am a bit. She went seriously deep down the rabbit hole here and I don’t think there was a Hatter or weird caterpillar that would get her out of it.

Yes, I was attributing her crazy to an Alice in Wonderland deal, except she was not a sweet little girl. I should focus more on her crazy ramblings but thinking of other stuff was making me a bit calmer. I think that’s what a lot of people do when they’re stressed. Try to visualize something that they like and find a way to link it to what’s going on in their lives.

I drifted out of my thoughts as she finished her story. Saying something about having to kill the owner of this house so they didn’t rat her out. And because that wasn’t creepy enough, she’s smiling at me.

“Anyway, that stuff I shot you up with finally wore off last night. Effective as hell I guess. So effective that it had covered everything about your scent. Now that it’s back, I can tell it has changed.” Why is it that every villain out there has to tell their victim all about how and why they figured things out or did things. I always thought that was odd in stories but hell, now I’m living it. It’s still odd.

“True mates are really interesting. They’ll go to the ends of the earth for their mate and even take a whore of one back, even when they shouldn’t. The plus side is that the Alpha already guaranteed me a spot in the pack. So I’ll get to watch as you give birth to the pup and then it’ll get shipped off to its father. I bet you don’t even know which one fathered the thing.”

She left, laughing, and locking the door as she went. Tears were falling down as I tried to figure out what was going to happen now.

Riley’s POV

The little bitch had it coming. Female or not, no one gets away with taking what is mine. Death did that to me once, the bastard. I cheated death out of the other half of the mate that it took. I suffered for not giving in to death’s designs, but I’m too strong to fall under. It always bothered me that I never found out what happened to my mate. It also bothered me that I couldn’t get revenge for his death.

This slight though, I would get my revenge for. I won’t be thrown to the side again. Fate can kiss my ass; this is my life and I will do what I want with it.

I don’t feel bad about beating the shit out of her, starving her, or even handing her over to those two idiots. I mean, what Alpha first loses a future Luna and then fails to get her back. I mean, she wasn’t Luna material anyway, but that wasn’t my problem. If the worthless boy wanted her back, he could have her.

Maybe I can trick my way up the pack ladder with that too.

I shouldn’t have had to even take her out here. Those idiots were supposed to upheave the ceremony, claim her, and take her back with them. I had been outside while they argued but had snuck inside the pack house, trying to find out what was going on. I had waited for a while, trying to hear something coming from that room. The damn thing was nearly soundproof so I couldn’t hear what was going on inside.

Not only that, but Beta Kota was hanging around. I knew if he saw me, any part of the plan that I had would be fucked.

A few minutes later, I heard the door open and that little bitch was insisting they finish the ceremony. Fucking idiots couldn’t get this one thing right. I should have known after I heard that they had been searching for her for half a week or more. Good thing I had learned to plan for everything. I learned a little late, but I still learned.

The concoction was the best I could find. I wouldn’t have minded if it had killed her but I also had a better chance at my end game if she was alive. So I had followed the instructions carefully and had it ready and the perfect moment of her being alone. I took the chance when I saw that she wasn’t being followed.

The plus side of keeping her alive is getting to know that I’ll get to take Damien and Ian’s little whore away from them and keep her from them while the bastard grows. Males hate being separated from their female while pregnant. But if the boy marks her as his, pregnant or not, they can’t do shit.

I couldn’t decide what I liked the most. Taking her pup away from her and shipping it off to Damien and Ian without its mother was pretty good. A constant reminder that they fucked up.

The other option was pretty good sounding too. Maybe I’ll convince the boy to kill the pup once it’s born after all.

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