The Moon Baby

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Chapter 35 - Patience and Pleasure

I expected them to argue, to try and talk me out of my determination, hell even try to seduce me... again. I did not expect them to be shocked speechless.

“Are either of you going to speak?” Blinks. No words, just blinking. I think I broke them.

“Look, I get that this is less than ideal, but...”

“Do you want to get to know Daniel better, like Mark said you should?” Ian wasn’t even looking at me when he asked that. He was looking down so I couldn’t see his face. Too bad, I caught it. Hurt. He actually thought that I wanted to explore a relationship with Daniel?

Men are idiots.

“Are you fucking kidding me right now?” I was pissed. After a week of being half ass ignored, I finally get out one of the reasons for my mood and this is how they react. I assume they knew I was pissed because the moment that came out of my mouth, both of their eyes snapped to me. I could see the fear in their eyes. I don’t know if it was fear that I did want that or if they were legit afraid that they had crossed yet another line.

“I’ve been trying to talk to you two all week. First because I was feeling bad about feeling happy that Riley was gone, which by the way is not the way I want to feel. I don’t like the feeling that someone else’s life ending makes me happy. But then I try being a good Luna by actually talking with Daniel and listening to him, just to have you two think that means I might not want you? You must be shitting me right?”

Mouths agape. Idiots I tell you.

“Seriously? You have nothing to say to me? I told Daniel outright that I had no desire to leave you two, ever. With or without the baby, that would be my resolve.” I had to take breath before I started screaming. Again. “You know, the time I’ve spent with him this week started with just letting him know he wasn’t going to steal me away. It’s evolved to us being friends, just friends. He wants to be better, to be a good Alpha. He wants to make amends for his stupidity. Maybe you two should take note.”

I turned around at that point to walk out, but before I could even get to the door, a hand pulled me back by my wrist.

“You’ve never gotten that mad at us before. We’ve messed up quite a bit, but still, you’ve never yelled at us so bad that it looked like you were going to explode. Even when we learned of your birth. I thought that after everything Riley had said about me, you didn’t want to be with me-with us, anymore. I didn’t even realize that it could have been something else.”

“You two are idiots. If you would have just listened to me you wouldn’t have had to worry so much.” I moved back into the room and we all sat down on the couches. “I have no problem being close to you, but I’m not looking to be disrespectful or cruel to anyone else. I don’t want anyone else hurting either.”

“I’m sorry baby girl. All I’ve been doing since this whole ordeal went down is second guess myself. All of my mistakes have blown up around me.”

“Everyone makes mistakes Ian. There are some that you can never come back from, but yours aren’t it. The point is that you learn from them and not let them control your life.” Damien hadn’t said anything yet, but he was lightly caressing my leg. “I don’t want you to keep thinking that all of this is going to haunt us. Yes, I am upset with myself for being happy about her death, but no, it’s not going to control me. I really don’t want someone else to be in pain though.”

I had to take another breath because I needed to really make them understand a few things. They have been used to working only together for a long time. That is an issue now. The mistakes they make aren’t ones they can’t learn from, but they aren’t getting why they keep tripping on these things. Moving my stuff, the nature of my birth, this, all of it comes down to the same thing.

“Look. You two need to realize that it’s not just you anymore. It’s the three of us. Since I got here, you’ve been working on our relationship intimately, but you’re kind of doing a shitty job of integrating me into the pack and more specifically, your relationship. You are so used to doing everything together, you are forgetting that for things outside the bedroom, I’m here.”

“We didn’t intend...” Damien tried to sneak in.

“I’m not finished. Most of the arguments we have come down to you two not consciously including me into things. Like not actively listening to me when I’m trying to tell you things. Or rushing to conclusions or decisions before talking to me. It needs to stop.”

Another deep breath.

“And I know that I’m kind of bratty with my reactions too. I know that I need to be more patient with you two. I’m not very pushy, which is probably why I ended up with two very dominant mates, but I will work on making sure you know when I have something I need to talk about.”

“Sweetheart. Every new relationship requires work. We’re going to hit these roadblocks as we navigate how to exist together.”

“Most new relationships also don’t go through the same things we have either baby girl. If you can be patient with us while we learn how work together with you, then I think we can help you be more boisterous.”

“See, so much better when we talk.” Okay, full disclosure, I wasn’t going to stay mad at them no matter what. I just wanted them to understand my feelings. I need to find a better way to get their attention though. Throwing hissy fits was really getting old, even for me.

I moved over to sit on Ian lap and hug him. He needed it first.

“Maybe you should have just done that a few days ago. You have my full attention now.”

And we’re back to the horny mates. I knew it was likely to be bad since, yet again, we had to wait for my marking ceremony.

“Remember, lessened hanky panky. We have three weeks until the full moon. You’re just going to have to hold it in.”

“We’ll be good. This isn’t great, but I get it.” Finally Damien speaks. “But...” Oh dear. “Just because we can’t have sex with you, doesn’t mean we can’t still do other things. Behind closed doors of course.”

Oh shit.

Damien got up and went over to the office door, then locked it. Oh shit, oh shit!

“Now we haven’t gotten to really touch you in over a week. I think we have some making up to do. Ian?”

He only nodded, then stood up with me in his arms. I watched as Damien cleared their desk while we walked over to it. Then I was being set down, gently, on it. But not before Ian had hiked up my dress above my hips.

I missed their hands on me so bad. I knew I had to keep my resolve not to have sex with them, but I’d allow them to do just about anything else they wanted right now. I wanted to tell them that, but Ian had started kissing me, so that wasn’t happening. Yet.

Once Ian had stopped, Damien pulled my dress above my head and removed my bra. The shiver that ran down my spine had nothing to do with being cold. Damien’s hands had already moved to cover my breasts, rubbing them gently as he pull be down onto my back.

Ian was taking off my underwear while Damien continued rubbing my breasts and sides. I took the initiative and started undoing his belt.

“Is our little mate hungry too?” He was getting a kick out of this.


Ian had been kissing his way up my thigh, but then paused. “Maybe you should give her what she wants.”

Damien let me finish unzipping his pants and helped me lower them. Being upside down, well, it wasn’t as easy as you’d think. Once he was free of his underwear, I immediately wrapped my lips around him. He was thrusting very, very slowly in my mouth as I moved my tongue around him.

Ian had made it up between my legs and blew on my clit, making me moan on Damien’s cock. “Someone likes that. I suppose you want more?”

I tried to gurgle a yes, my mouth being full of Damien made that difficult but he got the gist. Ian began sucking on my clit and pumping his fingers into me. I couldn’t help but moan around Damien again.

“Fuck sweetheart. If you keep doing that, I’m going to come sooner than I’d like.” Hell, I felt like I was already going to loose it, more so when he said that. Damien continued to fuck my mouth with a bit more enthusiasm.

It didn’t take much more and Ian had tipped me over the edge. I brought Damien along with me.

“I wouldn’t be opposed to spending the next three weeks doing things like this. Are you okay sweetheart?” Damien was helping me sit back up.

“I’m go...” Ian swooped in and kissed me before I could finish my response.

“Couldn’t wait for me to finish my sentence or brush my teeth huh?”

“Nope, I haven’t properly kissed you for days. I have a lot to make up for and I don’t want to waste a minute. Plus, the smile on your face was enough of an answer. Didn’t think he needed a verbal one.”

“You two are awful you know that.”

“You haven’t seen anything yet.” Ian put my dress back on me then picked me up and started walking toward the door.

“Where are we going?”

“Well sweetheart, you made a point to say how we needed to do more things together, all three of us. So why not start now. We are going back to our room so that we can discuss a few more things.”

Oh shit.

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