The Moon Baby

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Chapter 37 - And then there were...

I was so anxious, waiting for them to mark me. So worried that another ghost from the past would come out of the wood work and destroy the moment, again. That seemed to be the theme whenever a major event happened with us after all.

But you know what. Nothing bad had happened. No one interrupted, no one attempted to thwart the marking, again.

They both marked me at the same time, which by the way had made me extremely aroused. Then, while trying not to jump them, I marked them. Ian first, then Damien. I had tossed a coin earlier in the day in order to decide who to mark first. Simply put, the whole experience was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

The rest of the night was filled with cheers and congratulations. Not only did the pack get to celebrate and truly welcome their new Luna, but they were getting to celebrate the coming of a new heir. Ian was right too, it was better to have it all wrapped up into one party. The party was so fun, but also so exhausting. I didn’t think I could do it a second time so soon.

There were no other issues in the weeks after that either. We had already been working on integrating me into the pack before the ceremony. Once it was over, I started taking on more and more of my official duties.

My mates had a thing or two to say about that, but I won in the end. Sort of at least. We compromised and agreed that I would slowly take over duties. Within a few months, I had taken over all official ones.

Immediately after the ceremony, Mom and Dad asked if they could in RiverRun, at least for now. My brother, Aaron, had even come to visit with his mate and son. That was an extremely teary reunion too. He couldn’t stay long of course. He had his own pack to run. But it was good to see him.

Mom and Dad said that they had gotten to spend time with Aaron and his family and that it was long overdue that they spend time with me. I had assured them that they shouldn’t feel obligated and they simply said, they wanted to. They had missed out on so much, they wanted to make up for lost time.

Plus, Dad and Charles had bonded, way too much in fact, during their exercise in imparting knowledge unto Daniel. Within a few months they were dancing around with the idea that they could spend their retirement offering to do the same to other Alphas. Of course, that had be be carefully proposed. Goddess forbid you insult an Alpha by insinuating that they couldn’t train their own heirs.

No, no. They had toyed with the idea of proposing it as an additional service. Basically a training camp type deal where Alphas could send their sons to learn from others, gain experience outside their own pack. Make them more worldly.

Of course, they had to make sure everyone was on board with that since they were all living in RiverRun. Specifically because such a ‘camp’ would be hosted right here in our pack. That would mean that non-pack members would be living here for potentially months at a time. Damien and Ian thought it was a great idea, so long as we didn’t allow rival packs entry. They had limits after all.

Considering how well everything had worked with Daniel, they really didn’t have any other objections. They thought so highly of the idea, that they had even started talking about building them a place house and train. I think it’s just because they didn’t like idea of unmated, non-pack males around me. But hey, it worked out for our fathers.

My mother was right about everything too. Daniel didn’t have a single reaction after Damien and Ian marked me. He knew from the congratulations and cheers that it had happened, so he came out to offer his own. There was no jealousy, no hate, no possessiveness. Just, I think, relief. He was just another wolf that I used to know.

That’s not entirely true. After spending a month in RiverRun by that point, he was a better person. He ended up staying for several more months, taking advantage of the opportunity to grow outside of his pack and without his father, who he obviously was very at odds with. Neither of them were actually bad people, they just had a bad relationship.

Arguably, the best part for Daniel was that he found his, new mate. A very nice female from RiverRun who was working at the hospital. There was a little part of me that was happy it still wasn’t Faith. I didn’t share that thought with anyone though. It was my own selfish little secret.

It has been five months since the Marking Ceremony. My due date is coming quickly and with that, in a few days, Daniel and his mate, Amanda, would be returning to MeadowEdge. He had finally conceded that it was time to go home. He and Amanda had gotten the opportunity to bond and, after I insisted that it was in his best interest, he told her about Faith, me, and basically all of the things that could haunt him. My insistence was that he do it before he left too.

She wasn’t very happy with him, but luckily for Daniel, she was willing to listen. I had gotten to know Amanda over the last few months. She was a natural healer. She loved working at the hospital and was really great at calming people.

That’s how I knew there wouldn’t be any issues. That and because Daniel had marked her a few days after they met after all. MeadowEdge didn’t have the same ceremonial traditions and even though Charles had advocated that they follow RiverRun’s, both parties agreed that they didn’t want to wait.

Daniel wouldn’t take over as Alpha for a few more years, given that he was only 19. But he and my mates had talked at length about a long term treaty and some trade options. Daniel had said he would talk to his father about enacting the treaty before he took over, but we had his assurance that even if Mark didn’t agree, once Daniel was Alpha, he would ensure it happened. Considering Tori’s parents were in MeadowEdge and Amanda’s were here, it was just a good idea.

Speaking of Tori, she had settled into her role very well. She had starting working with Kota more on training and really took off. All of the training she had been doing before we left for the City payed off big time. She was beating out several of the seasoned warriors and teaching them a thing or two. Including how I pulled off my roller coaster stunt after I had escaped.

I, on the other hand, was more inclined to work with children. I wasn’t inclined towards training much anymore and my advanced pregnancy prevented quite a bit anyway. The early childhood center, which was a daycare and preschool, was where I spent several hours each day. The other hours I would be with my mates working on the ins and outs of the pack. I found that I had a strong mind for business and finance, so we had worked out a routine that included the three of us reviewing all the reports and pack finances.

Which is where I was headed now.

Walking into the office, my mates immediately got up to welcome me home after my long day. Long meaning the whole 4 hours I had spent with the children this morning.

“How was your morning baby girl?”

“Pretty good. No temper tantrums at the center.” They always asked me to describe my day. I think they just liked hearing about me caring for pups. They were pup happy to say the least.

“You forgot one thing sweetheart.” Damien was smiling as he hinted that.

“And what is that, Alpha-mine?”

“We did not get our I’m home kiss. We need lots of those before our little Alpha-to-be takes them all from us.” We hadn’t gotten confirmation on the gender, but Damien was insistent that it was a boy. And if kicks were any indication, it likely was.

“I’ll give you your kisses, but you know, we’re just as likely to have a girl.”

Ian snaked his arms around me. “Nope. Two virile Alphas here. We’re defiantly having a boy. We can have a girl later. If she’s anything like you, we’ll need all the boys we can get to guard her. At least a half dozen.”

“You two are ridiculous. Good thing I love you.”

“Maybe you should show us how much you love us.” Damien let out before kissing me.

That was another thing. My mates absolutely loved me being pregnant. Besides my hormones raging, making me horny all the time, they loved feeling their pup inside me. Every second they could, then would have hands all over me. Caressing my extended belly was a constant.

Ian sat down with me in his lap, using his knees to separate my own. I had given up wearing anything but dresses around these two. Too many pants had been shredded.

Ian was pinching my nipples as Damian rested on his knees in front of me. Before I could even ask for more, a sharp cramp hit me and I’m pretty sure my water broke.


“Fuck, Ian come on.” Ian had picked me up while Damien was opening doors. They didn’t have to go far since we were only going to our suite.

My birthing plan was not to be in the hospital. I know they were setup nice and all, but it wasn’t homey. I wanted to be in our home.

The pack doctor, Damian, Ian, Tori, and Kota had helped get some equipment into our suite just days ago. Everyone had been preparing for this, especially with my odd request. As we got to our room, Damien was linking the doctor while I, Tori. Ian was getting me comfortable in bed.

Tori got there first, followed by the doctor. Our parents and Kota were waiting outside because I frankly had limits to who was going to watch this. Once everyone was calmed down and everything setup, it was a waiting game. Luckily, werewolf labor is also shorter than that of humans.

After a few hours, a lot of curses from me, specifically aimed at my mates, and some petting and cooing from them, I was able to start really pushing.

Not long after that, I was holding a beautiful baby boy. Damn them for being right.

“What do we name him?” Damien asks.

“Theo. And before you ask, the name means god-given in Greek. In a way at least.” I had been thinking about that for some time. I thought it was perfect, given everything.

Ian and Damien nod and we cuddle with our new little one.

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