The Moon Baby

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Five Years Later

Illyria’s POV

There have been a handful of times over the years where my patience was tested. Being a mother, mate, and Luna, that was just part of the package. I had mastered keeping my cool and looking for solutions. But now, this time, I think I might have reached my limit. Okay, limit was a bad word, but it was the way I was thinking about it.

The thoughts I had right now, well, I was going to kill them. Seriously, I was going to outright murder own my mates. I’d make it a clean death, nothing too painful. I did love them after all. I’m pretty sure I’d be able to get away with it too. Insanity defense and all that. I doubt anyone would blame me.

Why was I going to murder my loving, dedicated mates? Because I’m pregnant. Again.

After Theo was born we waited and were careful so that I didn’t get pregnant right away. Learning how to be parents wasn’t like learning how to be an Alpha or Luna. It was exhausting and I made Damien and Ian help with every damn bit of it.

Raising a pup is a hell of a lot different than caring for the ones at the day care centers. And of course, the other part of all the rumors and myths seemed to be partially true. Theo was exceptionally smart and very quick to pick up anything. He got to crawling, walking, and unfortunately talking, way sooner than normal progress.

All of that meant that we were constantly running around after the little stinker. We were barely able to keep up with his development. We were all too dang tired to do much else, most of the time.

Breastfeeding was the same as humans, where it helped in the prevention of pregnancy. But of course that wasn’t a sure thing and I hadn’t looked at birth control because I did want more pups. Even if I wouldn’t admit it to the pup crazed family. So, by the time Theo was ten months old, I was expecting pup number two.

I wasn’t alone either. Tori was already a month along when we found out that I was pregnant again. I knew that she and Kota had been trying, but I didn’t expect us to be pregnant at basically the same time. Not going to lie, it was kind of nice, being preggers with my bestie. I mean, not always. When we both got worked up, it was hell for our poor mates.

Their son, Joseph, was born a few weeks before our second, Andre.

Over the next few months, the males acted weirder and weirder. Neither one of us had any problems with the attention that we were receiving from our mates. It was pretty fantastic until we started catching on. At some point we determined that Kota, Damien, and Ian had started making bets on who could get the next pup going first. We both confronted them on it, and of course, they denied it, vehemently.

To this day, I still think they were making bets. Especially when, only six months after Joseph was born, Tori told Kota she was pregnant again and his response was overly excited. I mean, there may have been some jumping up and down, a few shouts, and some interesting comments to my mates. Some that I never caught because they were hushed.

The minute Samantha was born, I think the baby fever hit max capacity with Ian. Probably Damien too but he wasn’t as obvious about wanting another pup as Ian was. Somehow all of my pants disappeared and I only had dresses to wear. About the same time, I somehow constantly ended up pulled into rooms. I couldn’t call them quickies though because they were extra thorough about their attempts to impregnate me.

Theo was just under two and a half when I found out I was pregnant with our third. At least I had gotten a bit of a break. Not much, but it was something.

Or so I thought. Collin was born, then basically immediately followed by Keon. Just to clarify, that’s four damn boys within 5 years. I had joked about them liking and wanting to keep me perpetually pregnant, but that’s exactly what happened. I was more than ready to be done.

Every single one of our boys showed the same quickened pace for learning. So that was four boys, who were exceptionally intelligent, mobile, and well, boys. Theo had learned how to get into everything and had figured out how to use the computers and tablets better than his fathers. Andre wasn’t far behind.

And all four of them were little terrors when it came to rough housing.

Everyone thinks that it’s fun to watch fathers and sons wrestle and have fun like males do. It was heartwarming and made my ovaries burst every time I saw it. And then I realized that my little stinkers were picking up everything their fathers were unintentionally teaching them. My four-year-old floored his father. Like somehow while they were wrestling around, Theo tripped up Ian, making him fall down, and then rolled him to his stomach and pinned his hands. Four.

That didn’t last long because obviously Ian was far bigger. But it was the point of the matter. Several pack members were around too, so at least no one has let Ian live that down.

All of this was just fuel to my fire. The grandparents as well as my mates were pouty about it. All of them making comments to support another two dozen. The grandparents swore that they’d be even more invested in pup sitting and whatever else I needed.

But no, I was done. Finished. No mas pups. I had decided my uterus was closed for business. In fact I was so ready that I had made an appointment with the pack doctor to get an implant. This mama was ready for a break and a nap. I knew I wouldn’t get them really, but a girl can dream.

I know it takes more than one to make a pup, but in my defense, I was seduced. I was completely and totally thrown for a loop. Those evil sexy mates of mine had taken advantage of my horny and over tired state. I never saw it, them, coming. I swear...

I had gone in for the implant, our pack doctor knowing full well my intentions. After he had me take the obligatory urine test, he came back a wee bit too happy. And when I mean happy, his statement was, Well Luna Irie, we can’t do the implant today because surprise! You’re pregnant. All of that woops, sorry lady you’re too late, was said with a sappy smile. Like I said, packs love pups.

I thought I had been pretty careful. I mean, there was that one time... but still. I thought I was careful! After I got over the shock, I started babbling like a loon and asked the doctor to repeat the test. He was more than willing to do so, and of course it came back positive, again. A bit more babbling and the doctor telling me that at least we made special pups happened before I finally left.

And now I was on my way back to the pack house, on a war path.

Walking in, I walked right past all my pups as they were playing nicely with Tori and her little ones. I had given her a heads up on the way back so I knew she wasn’t going to stop me. I was slightly sad that I was so determined because the pups really were all playing very nicely.

Walking up to their office, I found them with Kota, going over who the hell cares what.

“I said no more! I said after Keon that I needed and wanted a break. But what do I find out when I go to get an implant today? Just guess. I bet it won’t take more than one!” I’m sure you could see the steam coming off of me. Kota had started inching toward the door after I burst in and was scrambling to get out as I finished my rant. He was smart enough to know to get the hell out of there fast.


“Don’t even start with me. This is it, no more. Do you understand me? No more pups!”

“Baby girl.” Ian was already holding me. “You say every time, that you’re done, no more. A few days after each was born you said you wanted to either wait or be done. Then you hold a little pup in your arms and say you want a hundred. You can’t blame us for being a little confused.”

Okay, so he had a point. I swore off pups each time after natural birth, which sucks. But when pain medication doesn’t work because you’re a werewolf, you deal. Then I’d cuddle up with my pup, breathing in that new baby smell. I swear it was worse for wolves because of our increased abilities. If I could bottle that...

“You can’t take what any woman says while holding a newborn completely serious. It’s baby fever and they smell too good.” Damn him. I swear they had to have prepared for me to be mad because neither of them are acting like they normally do when I’m pissed at them.

“Not only that but you said you wanted at least one girl.” Damien finally came over to hold me too. And rub that in. I did want a girl. Damn them to hell and back. They were totally prepared for this.

“Five pups is enough. Girl or no girl, we’re done after this one.”

“Awww, but don’t you know baby girl, big strong Alphas love having lots of pups. And you have two very big and very strong men. So the need is doubled. Plus we make cute kids and you know it.” Like I said, Ian was completely pup crazy.

“And how many Alphas have that many? My dad had two, your parents had you two, Daniel’s an only child.”

“The Alpha of ForestLake has six and your brother and his mate are on four. And unless you’ve forgotten, Daniel’s on his third too.” Damien’s always there with facts. He was right too, there was an influx of pups in the newer generation. It was almost like all the Alphas had bets too. I bet they did.

“Plus, you were always likely to end up with tons of little ones.”

“Being what I am has nothing to do with quite literally making my own army. We’re well on our way to a basketball team with soccer and football coming up if you two having anything to say about it.” I knew damn well that my army comment wasn’t entirely true. My mother had made it her mission to become an expert on the topic. She had found that, in history, most moon babies ended up with larger broods. Again, there wasn’t a large amount of data on the subject, just what she was able to find from lore.

So of course that meant that this was both a grandparent pleasure and a documentation opportunity for her. The fact that our pups were intelligent as hell and strong only made it worse. Or better. Not sure which.

“That probably does have something to do with it, but that isn’t what I was saying. I meant because you have two males who want more than just one or two pups. And said males more then enjoy making said pups. But if you wanna go with that you can.” Smart ass. He knew damn well what he was insinuating and was just ready for me to pick up on it so he could redirect.

Sad fact, their cuddling up to me was working. It always worked. A mate’s touch is always calming. This two on one thing worked against me in a lot of ways. It worked for me in a lot more ways and much more to my benefit, but right now it was working against me. I couldn’t stay mad at them. It was damn near impossible for me to stay worked up with them nuzzling up to me.

“You two aren’t playing fair and you know it. I’m serious though. I need a break.”

Ian pulled me on to his lap as he sat on the sofa. Damien went to his side so he could pull my head to his shoulder. Yup, totally playing our bond to their benefit here. It was too relaxing for me to fight it though. I didn’t really want to either if I was being honest.

Damn it, this is how I got pregnant. They were too irresistible.

“I promise sweetheart, we’ll give you a break after this one. You might have to beat us off of you though. You know that you’re exceptionally sweet and we just love to taste you. Well, maybe more than taste you. Best addiction ever, and one I don’t want to quit.”

“He’s right you know baby girl. If you weren’t so delectable, this wouldn’t be an issue.”

I knew their words were intended to placate me and work me up all at the same time. Damien was good at that and Ian was always known to add his own spunk that escalated anything and everything. Sadly for me, it always worked. Okay, it really wasn’t sadly. Damn it, this really is my fault for giving in.

After letting them make me feel a lot better, I got them back on topic. I got their agreement that after this pup, mama gets to take a well-deserved break. Although they wouldn’t promise they wouldn’t talk me into another in the future, at least I got one win. I was also pretty sure I was going to end up talked into more.

Thinking back to all the craziness, I could have never imagined this would be my life. We had a beautiful and strong family, which I was taking almost 100% credit for. After all, I incubated the little stinkers and popped them out.

Over the years, my mates had negotiated treaties or at least removed any hostile situations between many of our surrounding packs. They didn’t have a lot of enemies, but wolves could get heated over a lot of things. At some point after Theo was born, it had gotten out that not only was I alive, but I was where I was.

I had expected that our secret wouldn’t stay that way long. I was really surprising that it had been kept as long as it had. It tends to be extremely hard to keep a secret once an entire pack knows. Regardless, it seemed that all of the rumors, lore, and just overall speculation about our pups had made several Alphas want to think twice about being enemies.

I had a lot of laughs about that. I mean, Theo being as smart as he was, could be intimidating yes, but he wasn’t even five. What was the worst he could do right now? Once they got older, I figured that these things would pop up, but no, it was basically right after it had gotten out.

Of course I didn’t say anything about that. Peace was something to be treasured and I’d take it even if it was because some idiots were speculating that my less than five-year-old could already beat them down. Well, depending on the Alpha, maybe he could.

Our fathers’ camp had been part of those treaties too. Partially a reason to make them and quite often part of the paperwork and such. Mark had make it known how much more knowledge his son had acquired and that the perspective of others was not something he could compare anything to.

Because of that, and how well Daniel was doing as a new Alpha, there was a lot of interest in extended learning from the other packs. So much so that the few packs that we previously had issue with got extra curious and were willing to set aside old wounds and grudges. Not all of them of course. You can’t expect everyone to love us. No matter how delectable my mates said I was.

Everything had fallen into place. More so than I ever expected. And even though I had not planned on popping out this small army so quickly, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Although right now I’d trade my mates in for some ice cream.

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