The Moon Baby

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They say that Alpha-blood pups born under a full moon are destined for greatness. That males born will have all the strength the goddess can bestow. That they will bring their pack up to unrivaled strengths. A pack, an Alpha, that no wolf would challenge. But what of females? Females of Alpha blood, born under the full moon are said to be not only much rarer, but much more valuable. They are always caring, highly intelligent, and beautiful she-wolves. Born Lunas. But, as women, they also hold the goddess's favor. A powerful female in a world of males. Because of this, these females are always given precious and powerful gifts. It's said that these women, 'moon babies', always birth powerful pups themselves. Strong future Alphas, Lunas, and warriors. Such a gift, is always treasured and sought after. After all, who wouldn't want to be the father of the next generation of powerful pups? That is why, these females must always be protected. Allowed to find their goddess given mates. ***WARNING!!! 18+ mature scenes, hints of suicide, adult themes, and language****

Romance / Fantasy
Elle J Smith
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Chapter 1 - Keeping You Safe

More blood. More dead warriors. It's always the same. My brother told me that before I was born, he had never seen war, battles, needless death. But then everything changed. All because of me. Our pack was no longer surrounded by peace. I've never known a time without fighting.

"How many died today?" I hear my brother, Aaron, ask my father. His tone stoic, as if he was a seasoned warrior and not a 12 year old boy. He has been training for years to eventually take over for my father. Even still, he has seen more than he should at his age.

"Only 3, but several more were heavily wounded." My father answers, just as stoic.

My father, Adam Havenson, Alpha of the Moonlight pack, is a strong man and a good Alpha. He is respected by his pack, and by his fellow Alphas. I may be a little swayed in my thinking, but oh well.

My brother is good to me too. He never lies to me, but he isn't mean about anything either. He told me that the attacks that we see are because bad people want me. Because I'm special. I don't understand why, but he never gets mad at me for it. He just says that they will always keep me safe.

"We have to think of something Alpha." My father's Beta, David, says as he walks up to him. "Many of the warriors are concerned about their families."

"I understand. I've talked to a few of our allies and they have concerns about getting mixed up in this too."

"In the mean time, I'll talk to Alfred and we'll work on some more defensive measures." Beta David says back. Alfred is my father's Gamma. He's funny and plays with me all the time but Aaron says that he's really tough.

"Thank you David. I'll let you know as soon as I have a plan." David then walks away and only my father and brother are left. They still haven't realized I am hiding and snooping in on their conversation.

"I thought you already had a plan? I heard you tell mom that you found a way to protect her and end the attacks." My brother says.

"I have." My father deadpans. "DO NOT tell anyone else what you've heard son. My plan isn't one that any one else can know of."

The slight lowering and snip in his voice startled me and I backed up a step, bumping into the wall and creating a small thud.

"Illyria, I know you're there." Dang it! I think to myself. "Papa, I'm sorry, I wanted to see what happened." I try to sound smaller than I am but I know he sees through me. He always does.

"Come with me honey, we all need to talk." I follow my father and my brother up the stairs of our pack house and to his office. My brother told me that no one could hear what happens in his office once the door is shut, that's how I know that the really big stuff only happens here. My mother, Luna Catherine, is already there as I walk in. She looks so sad but is still smiling at me as we walk in.

"What's wrong papa?" I ask, a bit scared of what's happening after seeing my mothers face. She always shows a happy and strong face. I've never really seen her with sadness in her eyes.

"Do you remember how mommy and I told you that you were special?" I nod. "Well, there are bad people out there that want to take you from us. These are the people who have been attacking us, but we finally found a way to stop it."

I see a tear roll down my mother's face and start to get really scared. "Wha-what are you going to do?" I ask, about to cry myself.

"Shhhhhh. Don't cry honey. We are going to send you to stay with a friend of mine until you are old enough to find your mate." Wh-wh-what?! I don't know what to say. I just look at my father. "You're sending me away?" My mother starts really crying now, gathering me into her arms as her tears land on my nightgown.

"There isn't any other way to keep you safe honey. We have tried to fight off these bad people, but they aren't giving up." I can see his eyes begin to water, but the tears don't fall as he finishes his explanation. He always stays so strong. "It's the only way you can grow up without the constant attacks and fear. We will have a visitor coming soon, they will be here until the next attack, and they will take you with them. Since you haven't gotten your wolf yet, no one will know that you're gone, and your mother and I will tell everyone that you died during the attack." I see the tear finally fall from his face and I feel like my work has shattered. "No one besides us, the Alpha and Luna of the other pack, and their Beta, who is coming to get you, will know if this. You cannot tell anyone who you really are. Do you understand?"

"Yes." I say. I don't know what else to do anyway. I see my brother start to cry and that's when my tears really start to fall. He is always strong, never cries. He runs to me and hugs me tight along with my mother. "W-we will see you again. D-don't think that we won't." He says between sobs.

This visitor comes a few days later, I'm told. I never see him but my father told me he was there. I don't understand how we can hide a wolf not from our pack, but I guess they must have found a way.

Just as my father predicted, another attack happened, and that night, he quickly takes me to the woods behind the pack house, where this stranger has been waiting. "That happened sooner than I thought". The stranger says. "I figured I'd be waiting at least another few weeks."

"The attacks have been more frequent. I knew it wouldn't be long." My father says to the man. "Illyria, this is Beta Luke from the MeadowEdge pack. He is going to take you with him. Do you remember what we talked about?"

"Yes papa. I won't say anything about where I came from or who I am. I'm supposed to pretend that I was abandoned and that I don't remember anything about the pack that left me. I'll be good I promise." I get that all out without crying, but I don't know how. Aaron told me that the easiest way was to stay strong, was to just not dwell on anything. Don't keep thinking about it, don't let it sit inside.

"Beta Luke, take care of my daughter. I trust that no harm will come to her in any way while in your care."

"I'll protect her with my life, Alpha." And with that, we left. The Beta picked me up and started running far away. I brought no belongings, nothing to tie me to my pack or even myself. I even wore a tattered nightgown that my father had gotten from...somewhere.

That was the last time I saw my family, my pack. The last face I saw my father make was one of heartache. He truly has lost his daughter.
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