The Moon Baby

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Chapter 3 - Mate?

A week later and here we are, my actual 18th birthday. As I get up i feel the same as I do every other day. I don't know why I feel disappointed. I guess I hoped I would feel different today, but I really don't. Tori and I agreed to skip our morning training for the rest of the week so that we could 'scout' for my mate. I just think she wants an excuse to check out all the eligible males in the pack.

"Bitch get up and get ready!" Tori yells as she bursts into my room. Since I'm pack adopted, I live in the pack house, meaning it's quite easy for her to come into my room whenever she wants.

"I'm going! Calm down!" I roll out of bed and jump into the en-suite bathroom to shower. Once I get out I see that Tori has rummaged through my clothes and picked out my clothes for today. In true Tori style, she picked out a black crop top and some shorts. Both I seem to remember her buying me and me shoving into the far back parts of my drawers. I'm not a flashy person. Even without the request from the Alpha and Beta that I stand out as little as possible, it's just not me to be that showy.

"I'm not wearing that."

"Yes you are. You are going to dry off, put on some super cute u serenar and this outfit, you know, just in case." She gives the eyebrow raise a few times. "And we are going to march our asses all around the pack grounds until we've seen every single unmated male!" Tori can be scary when she gets serious, and I'm certain she's being serious.

"And why do I have to wear that while doing so? Even if my mate is here, showing skin isn't going to pull him to me faster." Ha! Try getting past that logic!

"Because I'm wearing something just as cute and this way we can match!" Well shit. At that moment I realized that she was wearing shorts and pink crop top herself. Although, her shorts were definitely shorter than the ones she pulled out for me. I gotta hand it to her, she's very confident in her looks.

Tori starts stalking toward me, looking like she's ready to wrestle me into the damn skimpy clothes. "Fine! Just calm down and let me get ready. And food first!" I say as I yank the clothes from her. Grabbing the rest of the essentials to get dressed, I run back into the bathroom before she can think of another way to torture me.

Knowing that she won't settle for any half ass job, I finish getting ready and make myself look presentable with a little makeup and fix my hair. After I finish, we head down to the dining room to grab some breakfast and head out.

"Alright, you're dressed, fed, and ready to go! Let's start ogling men!" And so began the day of Tori drooling over every male in the pack. Luckily, none of them pulled at me the way the mate bond would. They taught us in school about how you would know your mate. One way was touch. When mates touch each other, it's like little sparks of electricity are flying over your skin. Kind of like those weird lightning globes that used to be so popular. Another way was looking them in the eyes. When mates finally see each other, eye to eye, it's like that puzzle piece clicks into place. And in some cases, it's like a magnetic pull. Where the parties legitimately feel like they are being pulled together. Like they have to go to each other.

I'm glad none of the men Tori has ogled have have given off any of those signs. Especially when she started drooling over the hunky popular crowed. Every pack has them, I'm sure. Just like high school, in wolf packs, there are cliques. The 'nerdier' people, who although may not be future warriors, would likely help the pack in other ways. Like becoming doctors, accountants, and so forth. Then you had you jocks and all who basically all ended up as the warriors and laborers for the pack. And then there was the higher tier. The 'All-Star' clique of wolves generally ended up comprising of the future Alpha, Beta, Gamma and other higher ranking warriors. That crowd is the one that Alpha Mark's son, Daniel, belonged to. Of course, why wouldn't the next Alpha align himself with that group. The sad truth was, although every group had both males and females, the females that were attached to the 'All-Star' group were likely not mates of anyone else there. The females currently aligning themselves with that group were, in my highly judgmental opinion, tramps.

I know I'm being what seems to be jealous, but I'm really not. It's more the aspect that some of those females act like they are large and in charge just because they are sleeping with future high rank wolves. Very few of them actually have come out and said that their girlfriends were their mates. Meaning when they did find their true mates, these girlfriends would be tossed aside. Yet the girls still gave themselves away and absorbed the lime light.

As part of my aversion from lime light or being the center of any attention, I stayed far far away from that group. Sadly, given how much time I spent with the Alpha and Beta, you'd think that I'd be a massive part of it. But no. The frat boy attitude that those guys hang onto disgusts me.

"Let's go somewhere else, please?" I hated this group. Daniel, although the Alpha's son, was a typical 'All-Star. It's honestly in his blood. As the next Alpha, being strong, fast, and a bit handsome kind of went with the territory. But the frat boy attitude and lack of give a shot really was what sealed his inclusion in their clique. His best friend and likely the next Beta, Jacob, wasn't any better. None of their group held much regard for others, even though when Alpha Mark turned over the pack, it would be their responsibility to do so. "I highly doubt one of those block heads is my mate." The goddess couldn't be that cruel.

"Fine! But this is basically the last of the available men. You know if we don't find 'him' here, that just means that we're headed to the city!" She said the last part with way too much excitement.

Pack lands for various packs surrounded a pretty big industrial hub. The city, as it is commonly referred to, hosts many of the major businesses that allow us all to live as part of the modern world but not be in it. From electronics to department stores, it had basically everything. Up to and including, multiple different clubs. Wolves are highly social creatures and the city provided us a way to socialize inter-pack without treading on each other's grounds. That was a big no-no. You did not trespass on another packs territory. As social as we are, we are also very territorial.

Many wolves that did not find their mate in their own pack would go stay in the city for a time, some even a few different times, all in hopes of finding their mates. And while they were there they worked as part of the industrial hub to keep it going. Some ended up staying with their families, but most went back to of their packs to raise their family. Being surrounded by Mother Nature versus iron and buzzing sounds of a city was highly preferred. Especially since humans visited the city to pick up different agricultural products we produced and deliver other necessities. We can't exactly shift with a human around.

I had preferred to stay away from the city. Besides the fact that it typically puts more focus on a wolf as many go there initially to find their mate, those that go tend to end up partying quite a bit. I don't enjoy that lifestyle.

As we turn around I see Daniel and his girlfriend Faith coming toward us. Faith is, to put it bluntly, a bitch. She's a classic 'Mean Girl' that sleeps with the most popular jocks to get attention. All she cares about is her 'status' and what she can get out of people. Based on the number of males I've seen her hang on over the years, I feel bad for whom ever her mate is.

I'm sure they are going to say something snide. Neither of them have ever liked me and both of them have always noted how much attention that Alpha Mark and Beta Luke give me. So much so, that remarks like 'Alpha's pet' and 'nerdy foundling' frequently get uttered in my presence. I don't know why, but the two of them are always terrible about it. Years ago, Daniel used to be nice to me. But once Faith really joined in on their group, he stopped. Then it gradually got worse until they were just outright rude. Of course never in front of anyone who would tell his father. I sure wouldn't, it wasn't worth my time.

I see her whisper to him and then they both snicker. Just great, all this day needs. I can tell that they are trying to come up with some ridiculous comment. Tori starts to pull me away from where we are standing, but not before he looks at me, ready to throw whatever insult they came up with.

That's one thing I am proud of. No matter what childish thing anyone has ever said to me, I've always kept my head up. Staring down anyone who wants to ridicule me. Try me assholes. I prepare myself for the retort, looking straight into his eyes. Shit. Shitty ass damn fuck. No, this can't be happening. I can feel it as he looks at me, the fucking mate bond.

"Tori." I grab her arm and let out a whimper. This can't be happening. He's been an asshole to me for years. "This can't be happening." Tori looks at me wide eyed and I feel her hold her had rubbing over the one gripping her arm.

"Shit." I hear him say it too.

Instead of trying to do literally anything to acknowledge what just happened, he turns around with Faith still attached to his side and walks away.

"What the fuck just happened?" Tori says. "Did he just... walk away from us?"

"Can we go back to your place?" I ask her. "I don't want to go back to my room right now."

"Ya, of course." She says and we start to walk back to her house. Her dad is a warrior but since he has a family, they live outside the pack house. The whole way to her house I know she's saying things to me but I can't make out what she's saying. Why? Why him? And why did he basically run away from me? Doesn't every wolf want their mate?

That thought leads to another about how before this I didn't want to be in the same room as him but now I'm crushed that he doesn't want me? I have so many conflicting emotions right now, I feel like I want to throw up. I almost did on the way back. Twice.

We get back to Tori's house and she gets me to her room and onto her bed. At this point I realize that it's starting to get dark and she's still trying to talk about what happened. "Tori, can I just go to bed? I can't deal with this right now."

"Okay." She says and turns out the lights.

Happy birthday to me.
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