The Moon Baby

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Chapter 4 - Mine

Tori and I got up the next day and she insisted that we talk about my 'situation', as she was now referring to it. Almost like it's a teen pregnancy and we just don't want to say the words.

"I think you need to just go up to him, and her, and stake your claim." She says to me. "I mean, he's your mate, she has no chance right?" I can see in her eyes that even she's not entirely confident about this plan.

For some stupid reason I agree and we get dressed. After we got ready for the day we began to prepare ourselves for this showdown. I felt like I was preparing for war honestly. Who the hell has to tell off their mate's girlfriend and then stake her claim on her mate? My unlucky ass, that's who.

"What do I even say to him? You're mine. Then tell her to shoo". I honestly didn't know what to say.

"I wouldn't use the word shoo. Fuck off maybe. But not shoo." I can literally hear her trying to keep her snicker inside. I don't like to be mean. I can think mean thinks but acting mean is a whole different situation.

"He's likely at Jacob's house. He doesn't stay at the pack house much anymore." It's sad how much I know his habits even though we're clearly not friends. Like for instance, I know that he stays at Jacob's house specifically because Alpha Mark is quite devout and believes we should only ever be with our mates. Meaning his son couldn't easily bring his parade of women around without getting an earful.

"Let's get going then." She says while dragging me out the door. The whole way there I keep asking myself, Is this really a good idea? Then all the sudden we're at Jacob's house and Tori is knocking on the door. Answering it, like he just woke up from a bender, which I am betting he did, he shouts at us, "What the fuck do you two want?!"

"Just get Daniel. Hell, might as well bring his skank out with him." Tori says. Damn girl, she's more upset than I am. Should that be concerning to me? That my best friend is more upset about my mates idiocy than I am.

Jacob slams the door in our faces but I can hear arguing inside. A few minutes later, the door opens back up with Daniel and a Faith standing in the doorway. Both also looking and smelling like they drank their weight in booze before passing out. "What?" He asks.

Alright self, time for some backbone. "You're my mate. You and I both know that. Why deny it and run away?"

"I don't want you." He deadpans.

"What!?" I didn't say it. Tori did. I'm standing there, looking at him, speechless. I look over at Faith and she's grinning ear to ear. "Why?" Goddess, that sounded so pathetic.

"Why would I want a loser, abandoned pup that we took in. You aren't fit to be my Luna." Wow, what a jack ass.

Now I'm just pissed off. "How the fuck would you know what fit to be? You haven't bothered to even get to know me, much less judge my abilities. The goddess paired us. Even though I'm not entirely sold on her reasoning, I'm smart enough to respect that. Which is something I can't say for any of you right now." Wow, I really just went there.

"She was wrong. You are not my mate. I, Daniel Richards, future alpha of MeadowsEdge, reject you, Irie as my mate and future Luna." I think my heart stopped in that moment. I can feel the tears making their way down my cheeks. I can't even speak as they back into the house and slam the door in our faces.

"What the fuck? Who the hell does he think he is?" Tori is ranting at this point. "No one with any amount of brains defies her will, asshole!" She's yelling at a closed door. I'm standing there, speechless and in tears and she is legitimately insulting a closed door. I know she's insulting the people behind it, but the reality is she's insulting a door.

"Tor, let's just leave." I turn around without her and walk back to her house. Well shit, what's the plan now?

A few days to by. I've either stayed with Tori or she's slept in my room, but she hasn't left my side once. When I asked why, she simply said, "I have a bad feeling that something is going to happen. I don't want you to be alone if it does."

After the third day, I appreciate her feeling. I woke up in the middle of the night, my gut wrenching in pain. I literally fall out of the bed and hit the floor with a thud.

"Irie! What the hell!"

"Pain. It hurts. It hurts so much." I can barely breathe.

Tori jumps out of bed and holds me while checking for any cuts or other reasons for the pain. There are none. All it is is pain.

10 minutes later it ends.

"What the fuck was that?" She asks me.

"I. I don't know. I've never been in that much pain."

"I'm going to get the doctor." Tori says as she gets up from the floor and heads to my door. As she opens it I see Daniel shushing Faith as he pushes her down toward the stairs. She's in his shirt complaining about having to leave right away.

"Shut the door Tori, I think I have a pretty good idea of what happened." This has to be a sick joke right? He gets to reject me and then screw his whore but I'm the one that gets to be in pain? What the hell!

"Well, looks like they're both leaving. Probably going back to Jacob's. Why the hell were they even here?" Tori asks.

"He has to meet with his dad a few times a week to go over pack affairs. Usually she waits for him in his room and they leave shortly after. Guess they couldn't wait, or maybe they never do." Again, pretty sad how much of his schedule I know. Not even by desire, just because I spend so much time with Alpha Mark. "Just go back to bed Tor."

And with that I crawl back up into my bed and go to sleep.

A few hours later, it happens again. This time it's a lot less painful but still feels like hell. I don't fall out of bed or wake Tori this time at least.

This is ridiculous. Maybe he doesn't know? Maybe if I tell him he'll take it all back? And it's with those thoughts that I creep out of bed, put on some yoga pants and a shirt, and march my dumb ass over to Jacob's house.

I knock on the door and it opens up to one of Daniel and Jacob's other buddies. "Uh, what are you doing here." At least he's not being an ass.

"Please get Daniel for me, it's important."

He yells into the house and then Daniel comes to the door. Looking slightly surprised as if he thought he'd never see me again. "What do you want now." He says.

"Did you know that fucking around with your little whore causes me physical pain?" The look on his face says no, but of course the she demon heard me too.

"How dare you!" Faith shrieks from behind Daniel. "I'm going to be his Luna! You better show some respect and mind your tongue!"

"You are closer to a hyena than a Luna." I immediately shoot back.

Daniel, to his credit is stunned at my words. Jacob; however, was hovering just inside and reacts quickly. He pulls me into the house and slams the door behind him, using me to slam it.

"Look little bitch, no one here cares about you. No one gives a shit if you're in pain." What the hell did I ever do to him?

I look right at Daniel, "Tell me honestly that no part of you feels the bond, that you don't care that your causing me pain." He doesn't speak.

"She's probably lying. Trying to trick you into being with her by being pathetic like this." Faith says to him. I can see it, he believes her. His eyes say it all. His look changes to one of sheer hatred.

"Come here baby, lets show her who your mate really is." I hear Faith tell him. I try to get away but Jacob is till holding me to the door. He grabs my face and makes me look at the two of them making out. "Since you like to lie, maybe your punishment can be watching her claim 'your' man". Jacob says into my ear.

And so I did. I watched as she pushed him down onto a couch, in the middle of this little party they were having, and start to grind on him. Some of the others in the room excuse themselves and leave out the back. I can see disgust in their eyes, but they don't bother to try and help me. Then she does it, Jacob forces me to keep watching as she unzips his pants and then starts to ride him. Little tramp wasn't wearing any underwear inset her clothes.

Every fiber of my being was screaming in pain. I wanted to scream, but I didn't. I buried every one. The tears kept coming but that didn't phase anyone. "Knew you were lying. Pain my ass." Jacob says to me as he pulls me away from the door. Just enough to open it and throw me out. I ran, I just ran.

I got back to my room and shut the door. Evidentially not quietly enough because I woke Tori up.

"Irie, what are you... WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED?!" I look across my room to the mirror and see that I'm dirty from being thrown out of the house, tears still falling down my face, and a bruise is appearing on my cheek from where Jacob was holding me.

I told Tori everything I witnessed. Everything that happened. I don't know how I got it all out but I did. She helped clean me up all while threatening to do some pretty unspeakable things to all of them. "No, I just want to leave. I don't want to be here anymore."

"Hmm. Okay, let me talk to my parents. I think I can convince them that we should both go to the city for awhile." I nod and let her get me into bed, with her right behind me.

I woke up a few more times to slight pains, nothing as bad as before, but pain regardless. Tori was right there each time, holding me and comforting me through it. By the time morning came, I felt like utter shit and could barely get out of bed.
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