The Moon Baby

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Chapter 6 - Party Like There Is No Tomorrow

Tori drags me out to a club called Mad Max’s. Which evidentially has zero connection in any way to the movie franchise, the owner just likes the name. Although, I have heard that chaos can be a thing here, so maybe it takes a bit of the crazy from the movies?

When we got here, Tori pulled me with her to the front of the line and got us right in. I could see other females in the line giving us glares. The evil eye was strong in these ones. Like many of the clubs here, it was wolf ran, which made it easier to both get in and get drinks. Wolves can always tell when someone else is a wolf, it’s the smell. So, basically VIP treatment. To an extent.

Tori was off like a rocket as we got into the bar. Given we were under the normal legal age, only wolf ran establishments would serve us. I’m not entirely sure how they got past raids, but I’m going to assume that since the local law enforcement was likely also all wolf, it made it easier. There were only a few non wolf ran establishments in the city, which was good to make sure humans didn’t get overly suspicious.

As soon as we got up there, Tori ran off again. Based on what she had been saying to me, she was likely in search of some company for us. Meanwhile, I was itching to catch the attention of the bartender.

“Two Sex on the Beach please, hard.” I said to him. I had learned through our various outings that ‘hard’ was the code for a wolfsbane shot mixed in. He gave me a funny look but mixed them anyway. I suppose my tiny ass self, asking for that particular edge to be added didn’t make sense to him. Either that or he just didn’t see many woman order it. I chugged the first and took the second back to Tori, who had already found some guy to hit on. I wasn’t even surprised.

“Irie!” She yanks me closer to them as soon as I was in range. At least she didn’t make me spill my drink. “I want you to meet Sam. Sam this is my bestie, Irie.” Then she pushes me closer to said man. I didn’t have to wonder, like at all, about what game she’s playing here. “Sam is here looking to meet some new people and have fun, right?” Nope, didn’t have to wonder at all.

“Hello Sam.” I said while polishing off my second drink. He cocked his eyebrow at that, but I was already at the whatever stage of the night. I think I hit that coming in.

“Why don’t I go get you another drink while you get to know Sam?” She kind of asked that, but it was definitely more of a commanding suggestion. As quickly as she said it, she walked away. I think she was running before I could say anything. Although I was definitely standing there with my mouth open, ready to.

Hmmm, couldn’t she be a little less obvious.

“So, what’s her story.” Sam asks, obviously picking up on Tori’s desperation to get me laid and my obvious desire to get hammered. “Seems like your friend has a goal or two here.”

“Ya, she’s bound and determined to make sure I meet some new people and let loose. I’ve evidentially been in quite a mood lately and she’s sure that having some fun would fix my attitude.” I didn’t want or even feel the need to share my sob story with anyone, much less someone I just met. Besides the fact that it was a huge downer, I didn’t want to retell it.

“That and, just in case you couldn’t tell, she wants to let loose herself and have fun.”

“Well in that case, maybe I can be of some help.” He said with a wink. Oh boy, well at least I know what was on his mind. Wolves are exceedingly social and can be pretty hot blooded. I had my own reservations about not bed hopping, but I didn’t judge others for it. The way Sam was looking at me, he was going for that end game.

Just then, Tori came back with my drink and, by the looks of it, a second.

“I figured I’d help you loosen up a bit.” Then she leans into my ear and says, “and before you ask, yes I ordered them the way you like.” Plus side with her wanting me to find someone, she was all for getting me drunk. Given the past few weeks, I didn’t think she’d be so free with the booze. I guess she really did have an agenda. It was a good thing she said it in a low whisper though, I didn’t need to give Sam any crazy thoughts. Like how easy he thought it would be to get in my pants. It wouldn’t be.

“Thank you! I promise I’ll try to loosen up.” Then I downed one of the drinks she gave me and started sipping on the other. At least the fruity taste covered the burn. I was already feeling the buzz. After three of these, I better be. Anyway, I figured what the hell. Let’s see if I can let bring myself to let go of some morals, even just for one night. Some, not all.

“So Sam, do you want to dance?”

“Hell ya!” Yup he was definitely expecting to get some tonight. I polished off the second drink Tori gave me after he said that. Which had earned me another eyebrow raise from him. We slipped onto the dance floor and started to grind on each other.

“You feel pretty good against me.” He dipped his head low to say this to me. I hummed a response because honestly, I didn’t know what else to say. I wasn’t trying to feel so I sure the heck wasn’t going to reciprocate the comment.

The club was packed so I immediately ended up pretty firm against him. Considering the arm he kept around me and the commentary, I was pretty sure he wanted me to stay like that. I was barely even feeling my own feet anymore, so I just kept dancing. Maybe I did need to loosen up a bit.

Let’s just see what happens.

Unknown POV

I don’t know why I agreed to come here. I hate crazy packed clubs. My brother wanted to scope out the females here, and somehow that ended with me coming along to this circus. I can’t say I didn’t like the idea of finding someone to spend the night with, but none of the females here had peeked my interest in the slightest. Half of them seemed way too drunk and the other half were obviously mate hunting. The bar was packed and many of the wolves were starting to look rowdy.

“Find anyone interesting Damien?” Max, one of my oldest friends asks. He owns the club and named it after himself. Well kind of. He had named it Mad Max’s.

A large number of people had asked him over the years if it was because he liked the movies or not. I always loved his reply.

Nope, I’m just mad, like the Mad Hatter. Who knows what kind of crazy will come out of my hat!

“Not really. Ian’s still out there though.”

Ian and I had both come here with our Beta, but he was headed back to the pack. We didn’t like to leave them without one of the three of us. Ian and I are twin Alphas. We took over our pack from our father years ago but had yet to find our mates. An alpha without a Luna sucked. Two Alphas and no Luna seemed even worse. Luckily, our pack was pretty strong and the lack of a Luna hadn’t hit us too hard yet. Although we were still looking out for them, we didn’t like spending nights alone. And that’s how we, yet again, ended up at a club in the city. At least it wasn’t far from RiverRun.

Part of going out like this was to see if we could find our mate. That was always the end goal.

“Well, you better find what you’re looking for. It looks like I’m going to have to shut down the party soon. Or at least start kicking people out. I don’t want any more trouble from City Patrols. The last time I had fights break out, they rolled out to the street and I ended up with a shit ton of fines.” Max said and then turned around to direct some of his security.

The City Patrol along with City Council kept everything running smooth inside the City’s limits. Because of the humans that tended to be around, fights could turn bad publicity wise. And higher publicity means more humans and less that we can freely do as wolves here. So the Patrol kept fights and even the rough housing down. Fining business owners who don’t keep a handle on the activities inside their establishments was one of those ways. Many of the business owners made pretty good money here.

Looking out again, over the crowd, I easily made up my mind. I’m not going to find anyone I want to spend tonight with. I sighed and went to walk toward Max.

That’s when I caught the scent. One of the females on the dance floor was either in or going into heat. It was a pretty unmistakable smell and it called out to me, just like it probably did to every unmated male out there.

“Max! You have a problem.” An unmarked female in heat, surrounded by unmarked males means a frenzy was going to break out. Frenzies are bad. Frenzies usually end with people getting hurt, or worse.

Unmarked males tend to lack the ability to fight off the scent of a female in heat. The natural instinct to mate with her will overcome them. Then it’s all about it the strongest male winning ‘rights’ to said female. It’s stupid, but a basic and instinctual part of our nature.

How the hell the female’s mate had allowed her to be here was a mystery. Females went into heat, generally just after meeting their mate. It was nature’s way of ensuring our marking, mating, and basically procreation. Why any male would take his mate, unmarked, to a club full of males was beyond me. The idiot would be lucky if he still had his female by the morning.

“Max, I’m going to find Ian, is there somewhere we can get the females, especially that one, that will be safe?” Trying to get them out of the building was out of the question. The moment the doors would open to the outside, more males would catch the scent and file in.

Again, the scent would call out to our wolves. It’s overpowering and somehow almost ridiculously potent. I think barge in was going to be the better way to describe what would happen if we opened the doors without that female in a secure location.

“There’s a lounge in the back that has a lock on it. Get them all in there!” Max started yelling the same to his security. Lucky us that he had hired ones that were either mated themselves or could withstand the aroma of a female in heat. It took a strong wolf to resist that, at least hopefully they could.

Ian’s POV, a few minutes earlier

I had been sweeping through the crowd for a while now, looking over the females here to see if anyone interested me. No one had until I saw a small blonde being pulled out onto the dance floor. You could see every curve to her body in the dress she was wearing and it had me adjusting myself just thinking about pressing up against her.

I wondered, only briefly, if I could scare off the male that had drug her out there. It was a brief thought because I knew I could. I was bigger, stronger, and probably way more determined than most out there. Looking at him, I didn’t doubt at all that he applied to the most category.

I had never had that reaction to a female so quickly before. Usually, I would find them attractive and decide if I was going to give them a go. This one, she was more than a little hot though. I easily made up my mind to say screw it, then started walking over to her.

As I start walking toward them, the people between us were starting to rough house quite a bit more than usual. “What the fuck!” I yelled at a couple of the guys in front of me. They looked over but then went right back to what they were doing. Their eyes were heavily dilated.

Ian! My twin had linked me and then came up out of nowhere.

“What the hell is going on?”

“You don’t smell that?” He is looking at me like he can’t believe that I don’t know what’s going on. Sorry bro, I have a bit on my mind. A cute little bit...

“What the hell are you taking about, I was just about to...” He cuts me off then, “Some girl is in heat out there, you’re standing in the middle of a frenzy.”


“Come on, we need to get the females to the lounge in the back. Max and his bouncers are helping but we need to get to the female that started this too.”

We started getting all the females we could see out of the main area. Females wouldn’t be impacted by the scent, but they’d be in danger while the males were out of their mind. As strong as the females of our kind were, there was no comparison to males during a frenzy. The amount of testosterone that would be pumping, well, it basically hulked them out.

We pulled almost all of them out of the area and got them to Max’s lounge. A few of them were yelling at us about helping their friends too. I went back out and saw the female I had my eyes on still in the middle of the mess. She was my next target.

Illyria’s POV

Sam was a decent dancer. We had danced to a few songs, his hands on my hips the entire time. One minute, I was grinding up against him, and the next I was thrown aside as he scrambled, with what seemed like most of the other males in the place, to get closer to the sound stage.

Fuck, I could smell it. Someone was heat and had obviously lost her senses too. I know females weren’t hit the way males were. Most of the time, females wouldn’t even catch the scent since it was basically a signal specifically for males.

Dancing in the middle of what was turning into a giant, horny, wolf mosh pit. The song playing couldn’t have been more perfect too.

Shut my eyes I know it’s now or neverRide or die, I let my heart surrender
Rise up, I was born a fighter
Dancing in a ring of fire

Yup, it was like the set list was setup for this very moment. Either that or the amount of irony that the universe wanted to throw down was high.

“Tori!” I screamed out, but I couldn’t see or hear her. Since I was never sworn into MeadowEdge officially, I couldn’t mind link her. Growling and shouting was all I could physically hear around me. My adrenaline was pumping and my buzz was wearing off fast.

That’s when I felt it, another heavy stab of pain. Fuck not now. It was official, the universe was definitely out to get me.

I can’t deal with this, not with what’s going on around me. I can feel my wolf, she’s panicking. Partially due to the frenzy around us and partially from the hurt inflicted by the damn bond. I need to get out of here, fast. I can feel my claws extending from my fingers and I start to lose control. My wolf wants out, badly.

She’s been dealing with the hurt and pain for far too long. The subtle drugging has kept her down, but with the frenzy around us, the buzz wearing off, and the idiots going at it, well, she was done. Just outright done.

I swipe at a few of the males pushing against me, trying to get away and drawing blood when I do. More growls, some pointed at me for trying to fight my way out. Then I hear it. A well-defined growl that, at least temporarily, makes many of the males around me recoil.

An Alpha.

He can’t make them fully submit as they’re not of his pack, but their wolves will at least temporarily recoil from the growl, enough to maybe disperse the crowd a bit. I see females being ushered away somewhere else. Then, I feel a set of arms grab me around my waist.

“Let go of me!” I yell and start clawing furiously at the arm holding me. My buzz must not be completely gone, I feel fuzzy and tingly as he lifts me up. Dizziness surrounds my mind.

“Calm down!” I hear the male holding me say as he tries to move us out of the crowd.

“Put me down!” I yell at him. He doesn’t and I start to claw at him more, kicking and throwing my head back at the same time. Evidentially the oaf behind me is quite tall because I only manage to hit him in the chin with the back of my head, which now hurts too.

“I said calm down!” He says as he moves me into a choke hold. Shit, he’s trying to knock me out. I fight back more but it’s not enough and I start to see black. The last thing I remember as I pass out is another big oaf running at us, yelling something.

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