The Moon Baby

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Chapter 7 - Why Me

Damien's POV

Max's security had gotten most of the females into the lounge. A few mated males were guarding the door, making sure they stayed safe. The only females left we're the one in the middle who was the cause of this madness, and one other that I had just watched clawed the shit out of my brother's arm. I could see Max extracting the female in heat from the middle of the frenzy. His security was pushing back on all the males trying to whoop his ass. I watched him shove her in the lounge and lock the door.

Well that's cared for. I ran up to Ian just as he knocked out the little firecracker that he had been dragging off the floor.

"Fuck, Ian look at your arm!" She had really clawed the shit out of him and he was bleeding pretty good. He'd heal quick but was still dripping blood all over her. "Give her to me and we'll get you cleaned up."

"NO!" Ian growls at me. He has never, in his life, growled at me.

"What the fuck dude?" I go to grab her from him by taking her arm. That's when I feel it, a tingling sensation. Shit. "You too?" He nods. Shit.

"Max! Where can we take this one. Not the lounge." I yell at Max. He's working with security to subdue to males before anyone gets severely hurt.

"Take her up to my office. Lock yourselves in there. We're going to have to quell the shit storm down here."

Since we had been here a few times, we knew where his office was. Ian and I take the female up to the office on the second floor. Max's office has a view of the entire bar and he has bedroom and bathroom connected to it. After getting inside, we lock the office door and proceed to the bedroom area. Ian places her on the bed and walks out, shutting the bedroom door as he does, then comes back into the office area.

"What do we do now?" I asked my brother.

We had agreed that years ago, that whomever found their mate first would take full leadership of the pack. The other would move down to be the Beta and our current Beta would move to the Gamma position. Kota knew of our agreement and was fine with it. It's also why we had never bothered to fill the Gamma position. We had shared everything since birth, the thought of separating wasn't something we wanted to think about but it was really the only option we could think of.

I guess that plan could be thrown out now. Well at least I think it could.

"I don't know Damien. What the hell are we supposed to do. Wait for her to wake up and say 'Hi, your ours' then take her home? Who the hell will just accept being mated to two wolves." I could see the worry on his face. Mates have always been one on one. Hell, twins in the wolf world are rare. Twins sharing a mate? Never heard of it. How would that even work?

Oh, and Ian just knocked our mate out. This is a cluster fuck.

"We better call Kota." I said to Ian. He had dropped us off here and headed back to the pack. "Tell him to bring the SUV." Ian nods to me and picks up the phone to make the call. He looks like shit. Just as worried as I am about how this is going to play out.

Fuck Goddess, of all the things to throw out way, why this? What if she doesn't want to be with both of us?

Illyria's POV

I wake up in a strange bed, in a strange room. I hear my phone buzzing. The last thing I remember is the big oaf knocking me out. Where the hell am I? Fuck, what happened, did...did he do anything to me? I feel the same so I suppose not.

I pull my phone out from it's hiding spot in my bra and answer it. What, a girls gotta keep her phone on her.

"Tori, what happened, where are you?"

"The security here shoved all the females in a room. One of the girls went into heat I guess, and they put us in here until they can calm the frenzy. Where are you"

I look around more, there aren't any windows. "In a room somewhere. I don't know where, let me snoop."

I start to look about the room. Just trying to figure out where the fuck I am.

"Anything?" She sounds worried. I can hear all the females behind her. Some freaking out, some just complaining about their night being ruined.

"Hold on." Theres a mini bar setup on the other side of the room and a bunch of papers littered the top of it. "Looks like I'm still in the bar, the papers in the room look like some of the accounting books for the club."

"I guess that's good. Is there anyone there with you? How did you get there?" She keeps firing question at me.

"Damn girl, I literally just woke up in here." I proceed to tell her everything I remember. All the while I'm going through the stock of the mini bar. Looks like the room's owner keeps himself stocked for company. There's a ton of booze here and a few vials of wolfsbane.

Tori's going on about the train wreck this night turned into just as another bought of pain started coursing through my body. Fuck! Why damn it! Take a few days off!

"Tor, it hurts!" I'm starting to cry at this point. She's trying to calm me down.

"Listen to me. Breathe. Just breathe." She's trying so hard but fuck it hurts.

Screw it. I take a shot of one of the vials. Shit, it's pure...

I hear Tori still talking to me as I pass out.

Ian's POV

"Ya, it's been a fucking circus around here." I say to Kota. The little shit didn't really leave after he dropped us off. Well, he did leave the club but not the city yet. Probably looking to get his own dick wet. Max knows him so they let him in.

"Looks like they subdued most of the males already, but they have the females calling friends or family to come get them, for safety reasons." Kota says to me.

I nod and look at Damien. He's sitting back in Max's chair, eyes closed. I know he's thinking the same thing I am. What the hell are we going to do. Just then we hear a pretty hard thud coming from the bedroom area.

"What the fuck?!" I hear Damien say as we both sprint to the door. Opening it up, I see our little spitfire, passed out. Except she's not on the bed anymore she's on the floor and we can hear screaming coming from her cell phone.

We both run over to her and I pick her up first. "Shit Damien, she's barely breathing!" The screaming from her phone gets louder. Damian picks it up.

"Hello?" I hear him say and then he pulls the phone away from his ear. "Calm the hell down, who are you and what's going on?"

I hear more chatter from the other end. "Okay, Tori, we brought your friend up here but she passed out and isn't breathing very well. Do..." Then I hear more ruckus from the other end. "Fuck girl fine, fine!!!" Damien hangs up the phone then.

"Kota, go down to the lounge and have Max help you find a girl named Tori. Hurry up. Ian, she said that we need to make her throw up." What the fuck.

We move her to the bathroom quickly while Kota runs out of the room. "Come on babygirl. Hold on for us". I say to her while Damien shoves a finger down her throat. She starts to cough and then finally throws up.

Kota comes back pretty fast, some stupid smirk on his face. Behind him is a brunette looking like she might kill anyone who gets in her way.

"Give her to me now!" She yells at me and literally yanks our girl out of my arms.

"What the fu.." I start to say as the other girl, Tori I guess, pushes our girl farther over the toilet and makes her throw up some more.

"Why me..." our girl whimpers out, then she's out again.

"What the hell?" I just blurt out. The friend looks at us like we're the cause of all this.

"Why did you bring her up here. Why wasn't she with me and the others. She shouldn't have been alone!" She yelled at us. She seriously just yelled at us.

I growl at her. "Look, I don't know what your problem is but she's ours and we didn't want her down there packed into that lounge with everyone else." I yelled right back at her. I hear Kota growl behind my back, which surprised the fuck out of me.

"Don't talk to her like that. She's just concerned about her friend." What the fuck Kota. "She's my mate." Oh! Well that explains the attitude.

Damien finally chimes in after watching all of this. "Can we just get her back to the bed so she's comfortable and then we get some explanations. Please?"

Tori cleans up our mate. Fuck, we don't even know her name yet. Then she lets us bring her back to the bedroom where we lay her down on the bed. "Do you want to go outside to talk." I ask.

"Bad idea, we should stay with her. Just sit down." Damien and I sit down next to our mate on the bed. "What do you wanna know first?"

"How about her name." Damien just breaks the ice on that one.

"Irie. Her name is Irie." Shit head got to ask the easy question.

"Okay, how about why we found her passed out and barely breathing." Might as well dig right into that one too.

Tori sighs. "It's a pretty long story so I'll give you the cliff notes. But first, who's her mate?" She looks back and forth between Damien and I.

"We both are." We say at the same time.

"Huh. Okay then." Not exactly the reaction I was expecting. I guess I don't know really how people would react to this though. "So, you're not her first, I mean only, fuck. She had a mate before you two who rejected her."

Damien and I both growl pretty low. Who the fuck rejects their mate? That's just messed up.

"But. Why?" I ask.

"He told her that she wasn't worthy. Personally, I think the skank he's fucking has him seriously pussy whipped. I never thought it would be possible, but he did it." She looks down then. "That's not the worst part of this though."

"What do you mean?" Kota asks that, then goes over and puts his arms around her. Yup. He's hooked.

"Every time her mate.. I mean.." She trails off. I can tell she feels like she should refer to him some other way now.

"Just call him something else." I say.

"I do. I call him duche canoe. Anyway, every time he sleeps with the skank, she feels immense pain." She starts to look away then, seemingly nervous.

"What?" I ask.

"Well. When this first started to happen, we tried numbing the pain. With diluted wolfsbane."

"What the fuck!" I know wolves that mix it into drinks in very low doses, but even that is crazy to me.

"I know! I know okay! But it was the only way she wouldn't be in pain. It's been bad! When I was talking to her, she told me she was in pain again. She must have found some in here. Um, she's kind of overdosed before. That's how I knew to make her throw up." She's embarrassed that this happened. I can tell she loves our mate and doesn't want anything to happen to her.

Just then, our little spitfire starts to wake up again.

Illyria's POV

I wake up in the room again. But now Tori is there. And so are three strange males. Two of which are sitting on the bed with me.

"What happened?" Everything feels sore.

"You overdosed again." Tori deadpans. Fuck, I promised her it wouldn't happen anymore.

"I'm sor..." I start to apologize and then one of the males touches me. Sending tingles shooting up my arm.

"It's okay babygirl. She told us everything." The one on my left says.

I look straight at him and there it is, again. How the fuck.

"Don't worry sweetheart, everything will be okay." The one on my right then says, then he puts his hand on my leg. Again, tingles. I turn to look at him and the same thing. Twins, fucking twins that are apparently my new mates?

"But how? Why? What is happening?" I lean forward and rest my head in my hands. This is too much.

I try to get off the bed. Nope, bad idea. The room is spinning and I watch everyone in the room move in slow motion as I pass out. Again. Fuck, why me?

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