The Moon Baby

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Chapter 8 - Theirs

Damien’s POV

What. A. Cluster Fuck. I’m 110% sure that this night could go down in history, at least my history, as the most fucked up one ever. Irie passed out again and Tori admitted that they hadn’t eaten in hours. That combined with the booze, wolfsbane, overall insanity, and finally us making her throw up a few times, well you get the picture. This time at least I got to holding her. She didn’t appear sick or feel cold in any way, so trying to wake her seemed unnecessary.

“Alright, how about we just get back to RiverRun and then deal with this tomorrow. At least there we don’t have to worry about anything else happening.” I don’t have any other thoughts except getting Irie back to our pack, our home.

“Good idea.” Kota says to me. “I’ll go get the car and move it out back. Babe, you coming with?” He says to Tori.

She nods and goes with him. Leaving Ian and I alone with our mate.

“What do we do Ian?” I don’t even know where to start. I want to hold her tight and take away all the pain. It’s been only a few hours and I can’t imagine hurting her like that bastard has.

“I...I think we just need to bond with her. Help overpower the original bond and take away the pain.” I look at him, skeptical that it would work. We’ve always been taught that the mate bonds are the most sacred of the goddess’s gifts. That there wasn’t a way to erase it.

“Just listen to me on this. She was given us, and us her as mates. That means something. The bond is there, I can feel it. I think we just need to nurture it.” When did he become so wise.

I nod. I really don’t have anything else to add to it anyway.

Ian’s phone rings and I hear Kota on the line. Car’s ready.

I pick up our mate bridal style. Tucking her head into the crook of my neck as I hold her to my chest. She smells like caramel and vanilla. Shit. The last thing she needs right now is her mate popping a boner while she’s passed out in his arms.

Ian can see my discomfort. I’m not sure if he’s jealous or laughing at me, but he smirks and nods his head, signaling that it was time to go.

I walk behind him, uncomfortable as fuck, as he descends the stairs toward the back exit. Most of the females had already left but there were still a few waiting for their rides. It looked like Max had gotten everyone calmed down before the City Patrol had needed to intervene. Thank goddess for that. As if on que, he walks up next to me.

“Seems like you did find someone of interest.” He says with a raised brow.

“Shut up Max.” Ian says it before I can.

“Calm down now, I’m happy for you.” At my curious look, he explained. “Kota told me on his way out to get your car. Seems like he got lucky too, huh? Just saying, you’re welcome.”

“And exactly what are we thanking you for?” I ask.

“Well obviously this wouldn’t have happened if you all hadn’t been at my establishment. Since it’s my club that brought you all together, I get to take credit. That means the first pup better be named after me.”

“Well then Mr. Matchmaker. Next time you think to coincidentally have people meet up, some of which you don’t even know, could you maybe skip the frenzy?” I had to shoot something back at him.

“Hey now. That wasn’t my fault. In fact, the couple in question, after marking each other in the lounge, finally, apologizes to me. She explained that her very recently discovered mate had immediately been taking her for granted and she wanted to show him up before finally letting him mark her. She said she didn’t expect to go into heat that quickly.” He let off a low rumble. “Then of course they ran out of here with him trying to undress her as they got into their car. Ah, young love.”

If I didn’t know my friend better, I’d think he was being sarcastic. But no, he really was a hopeless romantic. He and his mate had met here. He had left his pack for the city, like so many others. After several months, he decided to stay. He worked at several other clubs non-stop, hoping to find his mate. Eventually he had built up quite a sum and opened his own place. It was on opening night that his mate walked into his life. While Max cared for his club, his mate was at home with their pup. I had seen them several times since they initially met. And every time it was like he was courting her as if it was the first night he saw her again. Hopeless romantic if there ever was one.

“I’m going to barf if you keep it up.” Ian told him.

“Alright, alright. Just get home safe.” Max had walked us to the back door by that point. He opened the door for us and Ian went out first. Scouring the area for any threats, he nodded to me once he determined that there was none.

I walked out then and followed him as Kota opened the door to our SUV. Ian got in first and motioned for me to hand Irie to him. I reluctantly did so, not that I was jealous that she was his as well, but because I wanted to keep her scent close to me.

After handing her off, Kota closed his door and went around to the other side to open mine. I climbed in and got comfortable in the seat next to my brother, moving Iris’s legs over my own while she sat sideways in his lap. Her head in the crook of his neck the same as it had been in mine. I could see it on his face now, that uncomfortable expression that let on that he was having the same issue I had experienced.

Kota shut my door and climbed behind the wheel. I could see Tori in the passenger seat, already asleep herself. It had been a hell of a night.

We then started the short drive to RiverRun. Well, I felt the hour drive was short in comparison. Most other packs were several hours away. Our pack was very large and had expanded over the years to be relatively close to the city.

During the trip, I continuously rubbed my hands up and down Irie’s exposed legs. I could see that Ian was doing the same to her arm as he held her. She stayed asleep the entire time. Our touching was obviously comforting as she didn’t stir once, even when we reached some of the bumpier roads that led to the pack house.

Kota pulled up and parked. I got out first and retrieved Irie from Ian. Kota had picked up his own mate and was following Ian and I into the pack house. He took his mate to his rooms while we did the same to ours.

“Who’s room?” Ian asked me. We had separate rooms and obviously neither of us had thought about future sleeping arrangements.

“The Master Suite.” I said. Although each of us had our own rooms, they were separate from the actual Alpha and Luna’s quarters. We had decided, along with our previous plans, that neither of us would occupy that room.

Ian nodded to me and we made our way up. No one had occupied this room since our parents moved out of the pack house. It was kept clean, linens changed regularly, but we hadn’t changed the decor.

Ian opened the door for me and I walked in with our little mate in my arms. “Shit. She got your blood all over her dress. We need to change her.” Yup, there’s that tight feeling in my pants again. Changing her meant getting her naked. This was going to be a long night.

I hear Ian curse, meaning he had the same thoughts. “I’ll go and get a shirt. You can, um, start to undress her.” And then he ran out of the room. Fuck.

Don’t get me wrong, I have zero fear of naked females. Quite the opposite really. But seeing her naked and doing absolutely nothing but putting clothes back on her might actually kill me. Why the fuck did Tori have to be asleep.

I sat down on the bed with her in my lap and started to unzip her dress. Once I got it all the way unzipped, I carefully slid it down her arms and to her waist. Then had to maneuver it under her ass while not waking her up and finally all the way off. Her shoes going with the dress. In the end, I was sitting there, with my half naked (of course she wasn’t wearing a damn bra) mate in my lap. I thought for a minute about leaving her without a shirt so that we could caress her body as we fell asleep. But I knew that would just end badly too. So instead I sat there, not moving, waiting for Ian to return.

As I waited, I continued to look over the beauty in my arms. What fool would reject this treasure. She wasn’t overly muscular but not too thin either. Her breasts were definitely the perfect size and I was aching to cup them and run my hands over her taught nipples. Shit. I was seriously aching when Ian finally came back with a shirt.

“Get it on her before I lose what little control I have left asshat.” I ground out. I was clenching my jaw as I was aching with need to take her.

“Why am I an asshat? You got to hold her.” He slips the shirt over hear head and helps me move her arms into the sleeves, then covers the rest of her body with it.

“Because, while you took your sweet ass time getting that shirt, I had to sit here with her naked in my arms. Unable to do shit but imagine what I want to do to her.”

He just looks at me. “Don’t worry bro, I spent the entire time I was gone imaging the same things. I just didn’t have the live visual of her body.”

I stood up with her still in my arms then. Ian pulled back the duvet that covered the bed and I placed her in the middle. “Do we leave her here alone or..” I trailed off.

“I’m sure the hell not leaving her alone. Just get in bed.” He said to me.

We both undressed to our boxers and climbed in on either side of her. Falling asleep next to our mate.

Our mate.

Illyria’s POV

I was relaxed. No pain coursing through my body. And I was warm.

I hadn’t even opened my eyes yet but my mind was working. My wolf was awake and was, content? I knew I was laying on someone’s chest. That’s a feeling you can’t mistake. That and I had my hand on what was most likely a well defined pectoral. With said owners arm holding mine.

I could also tell that there was another arm draped over my middle, with a firm chest pressed up tightly to my backside. The sensical side of my brain was telling me I should be freaking out just a bit. But the fact that my wolf was just hanging out, tail wagging in my head, made me think that there was really nothing wrong.

I shifted a bit as I started to open my eyes. Then I heard a low groan from behind me. “Baby girl, if you keep doing that, we’re going to have a big problem.”

What do I even say to that?

I decided to go with, nothing. I just continued to lay there between the two males. Enjoying the tranquility of the situation.

I felt like I was going to fall back asleep, that was until the arm around my middle moved and the hand attached to it started rubbing my side. I don’t know if he thought it was to keep my calm or not, but he was slowly rubbing down my side to the end of the shirt I was wearing. Wait, where is my dress? Who’s clothes are these? My mind started to focus on those questions versus the hand on my side.

As I continued to wonder what happened after I passed out, for the third time last night, the hand started working it’s way back up, only under the shirt this time. “Wha.. what are you doing?” I had turned my head and whispered back to, shit I don’t even know his name.

His eyes were closed and he mumbled something. Is he asleep? Finally, I moved my hand off the other make’s chest to stop the one wondering up my front. Considering he had already reached my bare stomach, it’s probably a good thing I stopped him.

That action; however, woke both of them up. The one behind me moved and I rolled onto my back. The shirt I was wearing hiked up and his hand still on my stomach. The other one sat up and was rubbing sleep out of his eyes, trying to understand what was going on.

“Can we maybe start with names before groping?” Please?”

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