Love, Lies & Compulsion.

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Sexual Content | Strong Language A spinoff to Unwanted Daddy. • • • Needing to leave her sorted past behind, Beautiful Mae Wilson encounters handsome dazzling Millionaire, Victor Howard who just happened to save her life, It sparked a sensual affair that changed both of their lives irrevocably, especially Mae's Victor demands a deeper commitment, Determined to keep her so unworldly Mae agrees becoming involved in Victor's Opulent society. But Mae knows enduring Victor will not be easy and that being together will pose challenges that neither of them would anticipate. Especially corrupted pasts...

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I | Mr Opulent


A lie is an assertion that is believed to be false, typically used to deceive someone.


A profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.


An irresistible urge to behave in a certain way, especially against one's conscious wishes.

Enjoy everyone.

ℒ . ℒ . 𝒞

Two days later after Victor's and Mae's first naughty session in the bedroom.

The day turned out to be incredibly slow and viciously busy as everyone works hard including stressed especially Victor Howard, Equipped with his expensive navy-colored tailored suit and matching tie. Victor comfortably sits at his company desk repeatedly losing focus due to his chaotic overthinking, ignoring the laptop in front of him.

His full calendar, his foes, a thriving company, and especially his personal life involving a certain girl - Victor couldn't stop thinking about but of course, not everything comes easy to Victor.

There's always a thin impediment keeping you to get what you want and that is, Her father

Ignoring responsibilities, Victor's irritability runs a tatted hand through his slick brunette hair that is neatly combed back.

Kyle Wilson, The name that caused a sour taste in Victor's mouth. He always knew there was an issue with Kyle not only with his attitude but something deeper, His delusional sanity, and of course, nothing will cease Victor's power especially a corrupted man with no potent values.

Soon his thoughts washed away hearing his door being knocked on so Victor closed his laptop telling the person to come in coldly. His personal assistant enters his office who happens to be a woman with an alluring appearance.

Unfortunately, her job will soon be history.

"Doctor Ericson called and the contract has been finalized all it needs is just the two signatures, Sir" She stated formally setting down a folder, a note, and having a flirtatious eye.

Victor eagerly grabbed the folder and ignored her completely "Thank you, Miss Tate" dismissing her, She frowned leaving the room and Victor picked up the note by Doctor Ericson.

Stating that Victor needed to go have a checkup on his injured leg caused none other than Kyle Wilson leaving nerve rupture in his leg.

He crumbled the note having the anger bubble recalling the memory and pain he inflicted. Victor's whole life he never experienced a stab wound before just a couple of beatings and heartache but that was only in his teenage years.

Opening the folder, Victor read the contracts over and over again with satisfaction and mischievousness. After seeing Mae's reaction when Victor confessed his want for her, She declined,

This shocked him, any girl would agree on the spot to have Mae's place so why didn't she? Victor could give her the world but she still refused, is she stupid? Victor chuckled at the thought.

He picked up the phone dialing a number and they answered on the first ring

"You in the building?' Victor asked still looking at the contracts.

'Sure am, Want me to come up?'

"Yes," He hung up. Moments later, A knock erupted then the door swiftly opened revealing a handsome man wearing a black tailored suit looking arrogant as ever.

"Close the door and sit down" Victor ordered remaining stoic.

"What's up?"

"How's the case coming along?"

The man crossed his leg over the other unbuttoning his dress coat leaning back "Fine, I managed to keep this out of the media but Kyle Wilson is no longer affiliated with Howard industries, however, Kyle did have some offshore accounts in the companies name" He cocked a brow

Victor slowly reverted his gaze from the papers at him with a deadly gleam "Excuse me?"

"They weren't contributed by business deals, It's blood money apparently he's been planning to use those accounts against you, Have you arrested for laundering money" He explained seriously, and Victor clenched his jaw feeling absolutely pissed standing to his feet and began pacing

"That bastard!--how much exactly?" Victor halted very intrigued

"87.7 mill" He answered

Victor pursed his lips calming down sitting back in his chair adjusting his tie becoming quiet "In each account or did you just add them all up together?" He questioned

"I combined the accounts proportions and that is the total"

Victor calmly nods his head "Take forty percent for yourself and transfer the rest of the funds into my account then make those offshore nonexistent"

His friend smirked standing up "Payday has come early"

"Thank you, Kyle" Victor smiled in a smug way turning his chair towards the floor-to-ceiling window displaying the city.

It's a shame, Kyle is delusional. He was an adequate earner. Victor thought

"Anything else?"

Victor shook his head then a thought occurred "What about his personal account?"

"Since Wilson has been admitted, his life insurance goes directly to his daughter's trust fund as he directed"

"How much is that?" Victor asked out of curiosity

"Half of what I discovered in the offshore accounts" He answered lowly

Victor narrowed his eyes, Mae is practically a wealthy girl if she found out or got her hands on that trust fund, Giving her a chance to live the life she wants too especially with her smarts and ambitious goals.

Away from him and Victor couldn't have that so he cleared his throat "Fuck it, transfer his portions into my account"

His friend finally looked hesitant and stunned "Are you sure?"

He glared at him "Very now go and send Miss Tate in and thanks for this Rafe"

"Of course, Victor" Rafe, Victor's personal security adviser finally left then his assistant returned looking hopeful

"Yes sir?"

"Clear my schedule for today, I have errands to run"

Miss Tate silently slumped and agreed leaving the office again. Victor grabbed his phone and contracts then left heading to the elevators.

He should feel bad about what he did to Mae but a girl her age is not responsible enough for a big trust fund and taking care of her is what Victor plans to do.

ℒ . . 𝒞

Returning home, Victor was itching to get out of his suit and take a shower but first, he wanted to see Mae, he was eager to see her all day. He checked every room but she was nowhere so Victor proceeded to the bedroom finally began to take off his suit, He started with his tie then so on.

He plans to find her once he changes and hopes to finish what they started that night, Victor definitely needs it.

Victor starts to get annoyed searching the whole penthouse scouting for Mae and she was nowhere. He curses walking inside his private office looking at the surveillance discovering she went into the elevators last then travels to the roof and that was twenty minutes ago.

He rushes towards the elevators following her and reached the roof immediately finding Mae sitting on the ledge, feet dangling over, and Victor panicked knowing it's forty floors high.

"What the fuck are you doing!?" He exclaimed in anger storming towards her

Mae turned her head "What?" Simply asking with her hair blowing against the wind.

He approached her "What!? Are you serious? Get away from there, now" demanding harshly keep his distance

"Come join me, The view is amazing" Mae patted beside her batting those eyelashes. Victor rolled his eyes hating her wandering around especially to the roof alone.

"I brought dinner, let's go eat before it gets cold," He said, Mae seemed to take the bait as she stood joining his side and Victor grasped her wrist dragging Mae back to the elevator.

The relief he felt to be off the roof.

"What's for dinner?" Make asked softly

Victor looked down at her with a smug stare "I don't know I haven't ordered it yet"

Her narrowed eyes snapped at him "Really? I was enjoying myself a minute ago" Mae whined

"And you can't enjoy your time with me? I can blow your mind away baby" Mae blushed crossing her arms as the elevator doors finally opened. She started to feel nervous about scurrying away until Victor caught her hand

"I'm not done with you yet" He picked her up as Mae wrapped her legs around his waist, She yelps releasing a soft giggle "Victor!" Exclaiming in surprise

He chuckles "What?"

"I thought we're going to eat" Mae blushes more holding onto his shoulders

Victor smirks "Well I am, You're just laying back and enjoy it" huskily saying closing the door to his bedroom.
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