Why Me?

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Chapter One - What have I done?

Nora’s POV

A New Years' party. Exactly what is thrown every new year but this time was different. This two year or however I'm supposed to explain it had everyone in it, usually, all the adults and their high-class children came, but this time it had other people, and from my obvious observation had every parent and student of my school, moon heights high school.

This party was thrown by none other than our school head, Mr. Nathaniel Adam. I bet the theme was chosen by Noah Adams son of our school head. Why I think that is because the theme is lace for women. Though I couldn't follow it since I didn't bother buying another dress and my pale peach gown was just fine.

My mum made sure I attended with her since this was the first time we were invited to something this prestigious. I saw some familiar faces and people which I made sure to greet in my politest manner.

About forty-five minutes into this thing and I'm already feeling tired and bored I tried looking for my cousin who said that she'll be here, but I can't seem to find her in this big room. I instead spot the deserts table and head for it.

I started picking up and tasting every dish on the table. Taking slow bites, hoping it tastes good, some had three to four expressions for each bite I took.

Fifteen desserts in, and I liked, hated and choked on some of them. I only liked one and it was probably the only dessert I had tasted before, cupcakes.

I felt so heavy after eating so much. I could imagine the disappointed my mother would give me once she saw that this was the only thing I did since we entered.

I walked away while shuffling my feet lazily, looking around I finally saw my cousin, piper. And after so many hours.

I wave at my cousin to get her attention but she still wasn't seeing me so I started walking towards her when suddenly I missed my footing on one of the steps below me which I didn't even notice was there and I began lurching forward and right into the big shimmery vase taking it down with me.

Oh no, what have I done?

It all happened so fast me tripping, flying right onto the vase and the gasps of the crowd. I heard the shatter of glass all breaking into pieces. Now everyone was looking at me, it got really quiet even the musicians stopped playing. Shock and terror were evident on my face. My eyes widened so big looking at all the pieces of the broken vase. I looked up at my cousin. At least I got her attention, right? I looked back down in shame.

"Please tell me that wasn't expensive?" I said, my breath hitching.

"Deceased grandmothers 13th century, 16 karat gold with diamond specks and crystal and gem intricate detailed designs, and real pearl flecks and platinum inside vase, so no, not expensive at all". A guy said I could hear his steps moving towards me and I saw his shoes coming to my vision.

I look up seeing it's none other than Noah Damian Adams, one of the most attractive people I have seen, standing in front of me smirking with his devious and huge hint of amusement in his eyes. And the most surprising part. He was giving out his hand to me?


Thank you for reading this book. Its another one of my books since it is my holidays, I thought I could finally take the time to write this and share my idea. I will try to post it till chapter four because after that my school starts and it gets hectic from there and only when I have my plans cleared out and when I have ideas then I will be able to write on some occasions.

Please inform me of any grammatical or spelling errors for I might have looked over it, along with honest feedback which is always appreciated.
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