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Chapter two - Hospital meet-ups

Nora’s POV

"Just make sure you don't get the cast wet and you'll be perfectly fine"
Dr. Nanda advised me on my third visit.

She patted my back caringly like a mother. More lovingly than my mother would ever do honestly.

I smiled up at her "Thanks, doc" and I'm pretty sure I heard her say "heard that name more than enough now"

I walked out of the doctor's office with my plastic crutches. Its been like two weeks since the big embarrassing and awful fall at the party and I have still yet to get over the emotional trauma it had left me in.

I now have a plaster on my feet and have to use crutches so no weight is going on my legs. Did I mention the healing process will take up to two months. Yeah well thats just great.

I felt sad honestly, mostly because I will have to miss tennis practice and probably miss a season because of my fracture. It truly broke my heart that I won't get to do what used to be my escape in life.

I looked down at the new set of prescriptions Dr Nanda had given me. Thank god for that new set of painkillers. I was truly gonna need it.

My mother wasn't here with me on this visit, which sucked cause that meant I had to take the bus home on freking crutches. Those things are not easy. I feel like the reason she wasn't here was mostly due to the fact that I also embarrassed her with the fall. The look she gave that whole night was the epitome of a very disappointed mother.

Our reputation in town is already not the best as is. I had to add that cherry on top.

I walked the halls of the hospital. The medicine smell was still as horrid as before and the certain chill that it used to give me when I was a kid was still there.

I looked up and see a familiar figure. That same familiar figure that makes me want to run the other way like I've never before even when I 'm wearing crutches. My eyes widened as I gawked at the sight of Noah Adams talking to one of the senior doctors of the hospital. What the hell was he doing here?. He was just two meters away from me, I stood frozen at first not knowing what to do. His back was to me thankfully that meant that I could go by unnoticed.

As soon as my brain functioning started I made a beeline for the exit but my crutches made a loud banging sound when I moved a bit to fast than I could handle. My crutches clashed between each other and I that had caused me to tumble and trip on them.

Two warm hands quickly pulled me back up, stopping me from yet another embarrassing fall. The person's hands wrapped around my waist making my body crash on to theirs.

"Easy there, Elle" I heard that same husky voice from two weeks ago whisper in my ear.

My back was up against his chest. His body heat was radiating through his clothes. But no, Nora willows will not get affected by a mere pretty boy.

"Back off, Noah," I said, not at all meeting his eyes, which was throwing daggers at the back of my head.

His warmth went away as soon as he let go. He stepped away and this time I turned around to see him.

He unfortunately looked really good in his military green shirt and his sweats. His outfit was plain yet he made it look like it was a millionaire outfit with his lean build and messy but perfect soft hair. Too bad he had a bad personality to go with it.

"This is how I'm treated for helping you twice, Elle" he cocked his eyebrow in mockery.

His comment made me think my behavior through. He seriously thinks I should be nice to him after his comment right after helping me up at the ball.

"Thanks" I said after being helped up by him.

He chuckled humorlessly "Good luck with your family trying to pay us back for it. That's gonna be tough looking at your guys situation"

"Its not like we are in poverty" I remarked. My chest, restricted with hurt by his comment.

"Well if you think you weren't then...now you will be" He whispered.

The way he said that to me with malice in his tone made me feel disgusted by him. I had decided right there and then that Noah Adams was an A grade asshole.

I looked up at him in bewilderment.

"You don't deserve it" I turned to walk away. As quickly as I could get away from him the better.

"Oh don't ignore what happened in the party, Elle" He called back.

I stopped and turned to look back at him.

"I don't know, seems to be working so far" I continued walking away but remembered something.

"Noah?" I called back at him. He lifted his eyebrows as if saying "well-I-am-waiting"

"Don't call me Elle" I said with as much sternness I could hold in my voice which seemed to not be enough because he had the audacity to chuckle at me.

"Does Eleanora sound better?" He mocked.

I furrowed my brows. How the hell did he know my full name?. The teachers in school even call me 'Nora'.

"Nora is fine" I turned back again, not waiting for his reply.

I got out of the hospital and let out a sigh of relief. I swear to god I can't handle his stupid presence.


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