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Chapter Three - Helpign the disabled

Noah's POV

The girl sure is feisty. I could literally feel the icy coldness of her eyes when she warned me not to call her "Elle".

Guess, I will have to stick with sunshine. Suits her very well, I think.

Oh and she also thought I was done tormenting her. Well she thought wrong. I was just getting started. She clearly has no clue what I have planned for her.

I walked outside and saw her sitting at the bus stop. It was getting pretty dark out so it's a pretty good opportunity to get her in the car with me. But obviously she's here to make my life harder and so will resist but I have just the weapon to get her to willingly let me drive her home.

Call me crazy. Wait actually don't. But I see why someone will. I had to let her know my side of the deal.


"Hey shawty, ya man still around?" I holler at her. And all she did was roll her eyes at my antics.

"isn't it almost your bedtime rich boy?, go to sleep and leave me alone" She fired back and still stubbornly sat at the cold bus stop seat.

"Not unless you let me drop you off" I stated.

"I already have a bus to catch. So no thanks" She smiled at the end, smugly.

"Oh okay, guess you won't know how you can get out of that lawsuit of yours for breaking my family vase" I casually let out. I put my hands on the steering wheel and relaxed back on my wrangler Jeep's seat.

Her attention piqued at that.

"Wait a minute?" She countered "what lawsuit?"

"For the vase, sunshine" I cocked my eyebrow like I always do around her.

"It can't be that ex-" but I interrupted her.

"Deceased grandmothers 13th century, 16 karat gold with diamond specks and crystal and gem intricate detailed designs, and real pearl flecks and platinum inside vase"

By the time I finished saying her eyes widened and her jaw dropped.

"And you, you little munchkin, Have to pay for it all"

If she was a cartoon there would already be steam coming out of her ears just by looking at the death glare she was giving me.

She stood up and wobbled near my car. "I freaking hate you!" She yelled and got a hold of her bottle of lotion from her bag and threw it at me.

My eyes widened as I saw the little bottle lurching at me. It was good that I had an amazing reflex because I caught it.

She gasped when she saw I caught it. She quickly pursed her lips and stubbornly went to sit back at the bus stop.

"Did you just try to assault me!" I exclaimed. "That's another lawsuit coming your way, willows"

"What do you want, Noah?," she interrogated.

"I want you to let me drop you home safe and sound" I flashed my million dollar smile at the end in hopes of getting her trust.

I underestimated my target, because she clearly was a tough cookie to crack. She looked skeptically at me.

"What's the catch?" She asked me.

"No catch at all, all I'll do is have a normal conversation" I did the smile thing again. Dammit why weren't my cute dimples doing anything to her?.

"No thank you" she said and looked straight in front, going back to ignoring me.

I sighed in defeat. And turned on the engine getting ready to go. Right as I turned the gears to reverse I heard her voice.

"Wait" She stopped me.

I looked at her, expectantly.

"Can I-can I get my lotion back?" She sheepishly asked.

And there goes all hope.

"I don't know...seems like evidence for the lawsuit I'll be filing against" I took her little cute bottle of lotion looking at it as if it was the most interesting thing in the world.

"Please. It was a gift" She tried persuading me.

"Nope, You threw it at me, should have thought about that before assaulting me like that" I fired at her smugly.

"Okay fine, I'll let you drop me home" She got up with her crutches.

I smiled triumply and got out of the car to open up the passenger door for her.

She looked at my Jeep.

"Holy shit this thing is a monster" She said

"Hey don't say that, its my baby" I defended my wrangler.

"No I love it actually" She said but more quietly. Oh a compliment from this creature, I thought those were rare

"You need help getting on" I said as I saw the hesitant in her eyes.

Nora, being Nora, she shook her head.

She took off her arm crutches and made me hold them. She wobbled to the side and got her left leg on the steps on my Jeep's. She tried pushing herself up but her heavy cast was weighing her down not to mention how she winced slightly from the pain.

I put her crutches aside and held her small waist.

"I said I don't need your help" she scoffed.

"We'd be here all night watching you wobble yourself up a car seat" I said.

She said nothing but held my upper arms to brace herself as I easily lifted her up the seat. I saw her wince slightly as I sat her on the passenger.

"Shit, did I hurt you?" I immediately asked, feeling guilty.

Her attention shifted from her legs to me and she just stared.

"Didn't know you had a heart, Adams" She mocked me.

"Please, I only asked just to know you won't complain about me hurting you" I tried defending myself.

"I'm not a little bitch like you Noah" She smiled maliciously at me.

"Whatever" I scoffed and shut her door close.

"Way to be rewarded for helping the disabled" I whisper

"I heard that!" She yelled from inside and that made me chuckle.


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