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Chapter Four - Taco Tuesday

Nora's POV

"Are you going to be quiet the whole ride now?" I asked the bumbo driving.

He said nothing. His warm brown eyes just focused on the road in front of him. After I told him my address there had been 2 minutes of silence. I expected him to bother me a little bit but he just looked like he was deep in thought.

"Aren't you going to tell me about the lawsuit?" I asked him yet again. He slightly looked at me, but bit his lip and looked forward again.

"Noah!" I hit his hard arm.

"Ouch! What did you do that for?" He asked frowning while he rubbed his arm a little bit before putting his hands back on the steering.

"Tell me." I demanded.

This time he fully looked at me. His brown eyes boring into me. And then he looked away again. It scared me how much I wanted him to look at me with his gorgeous eyes again.

He's a dick, Nora. Get that in your head. No fantasies about him. Not even your, "stranded in an island with Noah" ones.

He blew out a breath of air, and changed the gears. His hand grazed my knee a little.

"Okay, well about the lawsuit. I won't go through with it."

I let out a sigh of relief.

"But in one condition" he finished saying.

"but why?" I said in despair. I really thought I can get out of it.

"You broke my dead grandma's expensive vase, I won't let you off the hook so easily" he said in a matter of fact.

I frowned. "What's the condition?"

"Glad you asked," He started, holding my gaze for a second"You have to be my slave"

My jaw dropped. "What!?"

"Wait let me explain. You just have to do whatever I say for two months"

"Are you crazy? I'll just pay for it instead then"

"Aw cute" He mocked me.

"I really can, you know. Just tell me the price" I sighed

"Its priceless"

"Well at least try to put a price on it"

He stays silent for a few seconds as if trying to evaluate the price of the vase.

"Five million"

My eyes widened. Oh no, this is bad.

And obviously he had to make my life even better by adding. "And thats just the least price I can put on it, the actual price might reach up to 20-30 million''

"You suck, you know that" I fold my arms on my lap in anger and frustration

"But you love me" he teased.

I stayed silent trying to think of ways to get out of this situation.

"Isn't there any other way to pay off your family for the vase?" I asked. I hated the way my voice sounded desperate. "I really don't want to do anything involving you for two months"

"Wow Nora, I'm starting to think you don't actually love me" He teased.

"I'm serious!" I hit him again.

"Ouch- Stop hitting me women or that's another lawsuit from my side" He joked but I couldn't help but taking offense to it.

His persona is this rich boy, who had everything being handed to him on a silver platter his whole life. He can use his fathers money and power as a leverage over people. Not that it's particularly a sin to do.

But having him basically threaten me with his money and power makes me feel so low. And for that hate him.

"I want to get out"

His head swiveled to look at me. "What?" He asked, wondering if I was joking.

"You are seriously the worst person to be around, I can't believe
Mason hangs out with you" I said in anger.

Mason was his best friend and a close friend of mine. Mason and I grew up together and basically was like my real brother. We played tennis together and competed in the schools championships together every single year. We were pretty close. But him being a guy would need a guy best friend and that was Noah. Whenever he wouldn't hang out with Noah though, he would be with me. But that's not much considering Noah was always around in school.

Noah looked at me for a few seconds, his brown eyes boring into mine. I thought I saw a flash of emotion in them but then he masked it with his emotionless ones. If he was hurt by my comment he sure did not show it.

"Are you serious right now? We are in the middle of a motorway" He explain to me, his voice holding judgement.

"Well then get off of it" I said.

He sighed in frustration but amped his speed only a little since he was already driving fast. He got off the motor way and continued along the normal road.

"Do you want to get some Chick-Fil-A?" He hesitantly asked me as if I would blow up if one wrong word came out of his mouth.

"Taco" I murmur.

"Sorry what was that?" He asked with a hint of a smile on his face, he knew very well that proposing the idea of food had won me, but I won't give him that satisfaction, I still will treat him like the asshole he is.

"I said Tacos"

"T-bell it is" He announced.

In a few minutes we had pulled up in Taco bell. Noah tried helping me out of the Jeep but because I still had to show I hate him I had ignored his warm inviting palms and instead held on to the Jeep for dear life when I got off. It hurt but I'm pretty sure I hid the pain well and walked in Taco Bell like my stomach had ordered me to.

I heard Noah sigh behind me but he said nothing as we got to the register and looked at the menu in the display. I looked at the menu intensely even though I knew I was getting what I always get.

"One cheesy Gordita Crunch, with extra fries. Cinnamon twists and shredded chicken mini quesadilla and for the drink I would like a coke" I said my usual order out.

Noah said his very small order of only one soft taco and coke, compared to mine.

I took out my card and was ready to give to the cashier lady but Noahs hand moved the card away from the cashier and gave his card instead.

"I was going to pay for mine" I said looking at him incredulously.

He looked down at me with his signature smile on his face.

"Now how can I ever let a lady pay?" He said, putting his hand on his heart, acting as if he was not the devil reincarnate I knew he was.

I gave him a deadly glare. "Yeah right, instead you make them pay by making them do work for you" I commented.

All he did was roll his eyes and retrieve his card back after jutting in his pin.

"Its how the world works, sunshine. Don't tell me you're still naive" He said.

The memories flashed and quickly went away. He quickly realized his mistake too and probably expected me to flinch. I didn't.

His words will never affect me like they used to.
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