New Beginning

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This is a short story or you can say it to be a teaser. This is to introduce you to the main characters of my story. It's about a man married to a woman he thought loved him and would never betray him. In his toughest time, she left him stranded and alone. He thought that this was it for him. He thought maybe it was time to let go of everything. When he drank himself to oblivion he met someone who changed his perspective about everything and it was just the beginning.

Romance / Drama
Niyati Lakhotia
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2 years back

I ran towards my destination - to avoid getting wet in this unexpected rain.

Finally, I entered the coffee shop. The doorbell jingled - I saw everyone staring at me but I just kept my face neutral.

There seemed to be very few people approx. 2 to 3 people sitting and sipping coffee. The inside of the coffee shop seemed to have a very cosy feeling to make people feel at home. Walls were painted cream colour - one wall had a big painting of rainfall and coffee brewing.

I looked towards the right side of the entry door there was a counter for serving people coffee and just beside it a cash counter. There were two baristas and waiters ready to serve people.

They were wearing a white colour uniform. Girls were wearing white skirt and shirt, boys their usual attire pant-shirt same colour as girls.

I wiped my boots on the doormat and walked towards the table far to the corner of the left side of the shop with an outside view. Each table had only two chairs.

There I saw her sitting still, looking serene. I had never been so nervous meeting her than at this moment.

She was looking too perfect in her green top and black pant. Her black hairs were pinned neatly at top of her head with few strands falling on her face. Her skin was milky white as always.

I looked into her eyes and it was enough to make me fall in love with her again. So beautiful and Angelic.

“ Hey.” I sat down on a chair across from her.

“ Hi! How are you, Shawn?”

She smiled slightly and looked at me with those green eyes I love the most.

“ I am good. So, did you order anything or should I...”

“ Shawn...Look there's no need to be so formal. Just please say whatever you want to say.”

She said it like I was bothering her so much that she didn't want to be here.

I grimaced, “ I see you don’t want to be here...But I am sorry for everything I have put you through. I want us back together like a family. I can’t live without you and I am not willing to give you divorce.”

I knew I was being unreasonable but I couldn't ’t help it. She had to understand my feelings. But she was staring at me like it didn't matter what I think or feel. Looking at her made me realise that may be my Chris was not mine anymore. But still, I had to at least try for her sake too.

“ Shawn look... I know it is hard for you. It is hard for me too. I had to be the one to take care of myself and our house while you were in jail because of your temper. I loved you. I tried to be patient with you and your temper.

" Now, after 3 years it has made me realise that I can’t live like this with you anymore.”

She covered my hand with hers on the table just as quickly as she withdrew it back.

“ I want you to be happy too that is why I am asking you to move on. Please you have to let me go.”

She said all this with tears in her eyes and looked outside of the shop’s window.

I was stunned. I had so many thoughts running inside my mind guilt, fear, shame, anger and most of all HURT. I was hurt.

Couldn't she see How much I love her?
I cleared my throat and blinked away tears

“ How could you say that? Is it too easy for you? I know I am not the greatest personality to live with but I will try I promise. You know better than anyone. I am not a bad guy. My anger has made me like this but now I am taking anger management classes. I will be good.”

I was hurting to talk. I wanted to hug her and kiss her and forget all that had happened.

She slightly shook her head and sighed,
“ I am very happy for you but No, that is not possible for me now. I have moved on now. I am with someone else. You should find someone. I just came here to tell you to sign those divorce papers I sent you and just free yourself and me from this burden. Do something useful for you. I have never asked anything from you but today I AM. Give me this one thing.”

I fisted my hands and pursed my lips

“ I see.”

I gritted out. All of this is making me mad but I knew this wouldn’t do me any good.
“ Fine then.”

I stood up.

“ You will get what you want and I will show you my face in the courtroom for our divorce. Now, I bid you goodbye.”

I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to leave.

I could hear her calling my name but when I was outside her voice couldn't torture me with her sweetness anymore. I would give her this one thing she asked even if that thing would be the end of me.

I promised myself there will be no one for me. Loving her was my poison I should drink it and lived with its aftereffect.


I know this chapter has many mistakes. I'll try to improve. I promise the next chapters are going to be more interesting.

I hope you all will love them too.
Please give my book your love and feedbacks it will help me to grow myself as the writer.

I am still in the learning phase. Your feedbacks will teach me what you all love to read and how to improve my writing?

Thank you.

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