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New start, New friends and even a mate... But can they handle who I am? Can I trust them with my secrets or will they ask questions I cant answer? My destination in this life is unknown but the journey is definitely life changing. My past is secret, the deamons in my mind hidden from sight, the pain replaced with a smile and my mouth that will always run wild. (Sex, violence and strong language) (I am not a writer so please excuse any mistakes, this is my first book wich is a combination of random dreams I have had over the years made into a story)

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

I have been at the school for a year now,
My last Foster parents were freaked out by me so here I am new school, New pack and a new life, who knows maybe one day someone will accept me and my differences, who am I kidding? This is why I keep my head down, scent hidden and powers in check.
I'm not your average warewolf far from it, my old Foster parents called me a walking abomination but they don't know the extent of my gifts they didn't stay in the room longer than my eyes changing colours so what do they know? Who the hell are they to judge?! Anyway that brings me to the present another long day at school before I have to go back and check in with my alpha, so far he's been great he gave me my own small cottage at the edge of the pack grounds so I have my own space instead of being stuck in the pack house with every other unmated wolf, Alpha Duke basically gives me free reign compared to the other wolfs wich suit me just fine, I'm not a people person, yeah I know unusual for a wolf right? But that's me 17 years old Skie Crystal, proud virgin, all round wild child but equally controlled and well mannered as Alpha duke says.
I love to have fun but know when to stay quiet and be invisible like hear at school for instance, I practically don't exist, no friends, no talking to anyone and no bothering anyone, I get the usual stares now and then but thats expected from the mystery girl that has only ever spoken to the Alpha and beta of the pack, I do have my fun away from the pack I have a few friends from our neighbour pack the Stealth pack, iv become quite close the their future Alpha, beta and gamma after a crazy night of drinking a little more than I should of and wondering around ending up on their territory, luckily the future Alpha Stoke seemed to be in the same situation and we ended up bumping into each other lucky for me I cant imagine what would of happened if It was one of the guards on patrol, but long story short two drunk teenagers with nothing but time to kill and in need of some fun we did what all wild teens our age would do.... we went to a rave yeah not the best choice but hey it was fun and I made my first real friend. I won't lie I was terrified about Alpha Duke finding out I was friends with the future Alpha of another pack but he surprisingly was happy about the situation he said something along the lines of and I quote "better a friend and allie than a future enemy" I guess I see his point of view.

Finally! The last bell oh how I have waited for you! Yes I hate school can you blame me? Thankfully tomorrow is the weekend and my 18th birthday! I usually don't celebrate but Alpha Stoke insists we do something together with his beta deon and gamma tilly wich I'm not going to argue about their all fun to be around.
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