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Chapter 8

Alpha Leon pov

I have been pacing back and forth for hours, alot of my questions were answered by my father but some still remain.

How can I share my mate? The thought of someone else touching her lucious body infuriates me to my core!
All her markings were explained except one... I'm positive I saw a bat, what does that mean?
Does skie even want me? She pushed me away, why? It hurts being away from her my body and wolf crave her, does she not feel the same?
Is she angry with me? I wouldn't blame her after this morning I was a tota prick to her.
Where is she? Tyson roars in my mind at the thought of her being where I think she is, is Alpha Stoke her 2nd mate?

I'm brought from my turmoil of thoughts when my bedroom door opens, the scent of cheap perfume filling my nose, tyson growling knowing just who it is, he hates her.

What do you want fusa? I say irritation clear in my voice,

She walks over to me throwing her scrawny arms round my neck, "I just wanted to see you baby, you seem stressed maybe I can help?"

I know she is trying to be flirty right now but her voice sounds like nails on a chalk board, if she keeps talking I'm sure my ears will bleed.

I'm not interested fusa just leave insay with a huff pulling away from her.

Cant she take a hint? My temper is going to get the better of menif she doesn't go away, I known everyone thinks she will be my luna but truth is I can't stand her, their are rumours of us sleeping together but they are not true, she follows me around like a lap dog trying to seduce me but in all honesty I would rather pluck my eyes from my head nothing about her is appealing to me.

"Come on baby let me help you relax I know I can make you feel better"

Is this girl for real?
Fusa! Enough! I roar, she jumps startled but doesn't give up, reaching for my tshirt and trying to remove it she has really got on my last nerve!

Enough! I found my mate I don't need a skank like you, skie is more than you ever could be!!

I know I shouldn't use my alpha voice for this but tyson pushed through he hates this bitch.

"Y.yo.you found your mate? That weak little nobody is your mate? Ha please you would be a fool to accept her when you have someone like me! Even her parents didn't want that runt! Besides she's a whore we have all seen her with Alpha Stoke she obviously doesn't want you so make me your luna!"

Tyson is pushing forward again, I know if I don't control him he will tear fusa apart, no one insults our mate I open my mouth to speak but I'm cut off by someone clearing their throat at the door, when my eyes connect my rage is fueled can today get any worse?

"Am I interrupting something?"

I reply with an irritated grunt is everyone trying to piss me off today?

"I was just telling Alpha Leon here that his mate doesn't want him, she is clearly with you!"

Another deep growl slips from my chest, my body is vibrating with rage, skie is mine!

" Haha is that what you think pup? It looks to me like your hoping me and skie are together so you can get your slut claws into her mate"

Wait he knows im her mate? She told him that counts for something right?

"I think me and Alpha Leon need to have a chat now leave pup before you get on my bad side!"

As much as I hate this dude at this very moment I could kiss the guy, watching fusa storm out my room with her ugly pout is somewhat satisfying.

What do you want alpha? I know I'm being petty practically spitting the words at him but if he is sleeping with my mate I have every reason to right?

"I brought skie back, she's speaking to your father it seems he knows more about skie than she knows herself, but that's not why I came to see you I know you think me and skie are together and I have come to clear some things with you..."

Skies back? She's here I'm not sure who's more excited to see her me or tyson I have so much I want to say to her.

Just get to the point alpha are you sleeping with my mate? Is that why your here to rub it in? Believe me I'm not in the mood for your shit!

"You know you and skie are very similar"

"You both have a wild mouth and short tempers, both Stuborn as hell, it's quite funny really, but to get to the point no I'm not sleep with skie, In fact she's still a virgin and quite proud to be, she insists on being pure for her mate even with having little hope of being accepted, I'm here because I care about skie she is like my sister and part of my family we care for each other and I would die for her wich brings me to my next point if you ever hurt her Leon I will tear you limb from limb! Skie is special if you dont treat her like the princess she is then she is welcome to transfer packs and live with me"

Did he just say she's a virgin? Fuck why does that excite me so much? More importantly she isn't sleeping with him.
Tyson is leaping in my mind, extatic our mate waited for us, wait did he just threaten me? But he threatened me for skie I suppose I can accept that I understand what it feels like to want to protect every fiber of her being.

She won't be going anywhere! She's mine! I don't plan to loose her again!

I take a few deep breaths to calm myself that last thing I want is skie angry at me for lashing out at her friend, they are obviously really close.

How much do you know about skie? I mean does she tell you everything?

"You mean do I know about her powers? Yes I do, some are rather scary ill admit that but she is gaining more control by the day with our training, I heard she put some of it to practice with your sister "

She... she trains with you? But why? Why would she show you her powers but not her alpha? Or her pack?

"Haha its actually a funny story the first night I met skie we were both a drunken mess, we ended up at a rave, for someone so small she has so much energy I hope your prepared to keep up with her, we went out through the fire escape to avoid the crowd but before we got down the second step skie slipped and fell over the railing I panicked and ran down thinking she was hurt but when I reached the bottom skie was just... well she was floating in mid air, still holding her drink giggling to herself, her face lit up when she realised what happened I don't think she had ever done it before, I was shocked to say the least, when she realised I had seen her she dropped to the floor with a thud and I bust out laughing seeing her tiny hand still holding her drink she didn't spill a drop, the next morning I spoke to skie and ensured her I won't judge so she told me about her powers and how she struggled to control them from their I promised to help her train so we did"

Hearing the story of my mate having fun, the image of her smiling and giggling warms my heart she should only ever be happy, I just wish those memories were with me.

You two are really close then huh? I know I have been a dick towards you but I thought you were sleeping with my mate, I am sorry, and Stoke?
Thank you

"Don't mention it I just want the best for skie, but right now I'm sure she's still freaking out in your father's office she thinks the pack won't accept her after seeing her powers, we should go see if she is ok I'm pretty sure your dad would freak if her demon came forth"

Her demon? What so she doesn't just shift into a wolf? I mean I know she has other powers but I didn't know she shifted into those too?

"Like I said some of them can be scary but you have to remember inside it is still skie I'm sure she will show you in time if you earn her trust"

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