What am I?

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Chapter 9

Alpha Duke pov

Listen skie I know its alot to take in, just breath we will figure this out.
Furthermore I know my son is one of your mates, do you have any idea who is the second? You need to be prepared for your heat it will happen any day now, having two mates I'm not sure if just one will end your heat.

"My heat? But I'm not ready"

Her voice is barely a whisper I feel sorry for the poor girl but having witnessed this numerous times being Alpha it's not something a she wolf can fight.

Skie jumps on the spot from a loud knock on the door, taking one last look at skie I shout enter, I wasn't expecting my son to walk in along side the future Alpha Stoke but I guess they worked out their differences wich is a relief the last thing I need is another attack on my hands, none of the prisoners have spoken, I need to find out who ordered the attack on my pack, I need to bring justice for my little girl!

It's nice to see you two have worked out your issues, I have spoken to skie and explained what I know and skie don't worry about the pack they still accept you even though they are a little nervous this is all new to them but you saved their alphas daughter for that they owe you everything.

Ada has been asking to see you I know she misses you she says something about snowflakes and stars?

This earns a giggle from skie she obviously has secrets with my daughter but I know I can trust her, you are dismissed if their is anything else you know where I am.


I cant believe I'm supposed to have 2 mates! How is that possible.

"Skie are you ok?"

I'm fine Stoke just a little confused you know? I just found out I'm supposed to have 2 mates, my mother is the moon goddess, my father the devil himself and that's not even the half of my family tree, then their is my heat Alpha duke says will come any day now I met my mate...

My heat... my mate...

I'm brought from my whirling thoughts to Alpha Leon clearing his throat, his perfect face the brightest blush.

"Hum I think you two need to talk where is the kitchen I'm starving you can find me when your done"

Trust my best friend to be thinking about his stomach right now I'm sure we could be faced with every threat in the world and he would risk his life for a sandwich... the thought makes me giggle and shake my head he really is one of a kind.

I decided to walk outside to the fountain, I always find it so calming here, Alpha Leon hot on my heals he obviously feels just as awkward as me right now I guess this is new to us both.


Leon... just call me Leon... his blue eyes dazzle me as he takes a step closer to Me.

Leon, his name sounds so good leaving my lips it's like I can taste him, he stiffens looking at me before a huge grin stretches across his face

"I love how my name sounds from your mouth little mate"

Little mate? Is he accepting me? No don't be silly he was so angry with me this morning he can't want me.

I'm s.s..sorry for pushing you away, I take a deep breath before I continue...
It's just you asked me what I am, I didn't know the answer, I couldn't give you the answer, I know now thanks to your father I just thought you would hate me more not answering you...

I'm cut from my rambling being crushed into his hard chest I take a deep breath, his scent engulfs me I love it.

I'm sorry little mate I shouldn't of spoken to you the way I did, you didn't deserve that and I understand this is all alot but we will deal with it together if you will allow me to help? Your my mate and I will never reject you"

He wont reject me... tears fill my eyes I never thought my mate would accept me everyone usually runs away when they learn who or what I am, I feel his fingers under my chin tilting my head to look at him, he wipes my tears staring straight into my eyes like he can see into my soul, my body is hyper aware at his touch he excites me, I can feel my panties getting wet from my arousal, I know he can smell me his eyes speak that alone his wolf flashing at the surface.

"Grrr little mate you need to stop your naughty thoughts its hard enough to resist you"

My face instantly heats up, he pulls me close wrapping his arm around my waist, the other sliding round the back of my neck as he leans in.

I'm freaking out iv never kissed someone before, what do I do? How do I do it? What if I do it wrong?

I pull away slightly not missing the flash of hurt in his eyes, I...iv nev... iv never urm you know...

He let's out a chuckle shaking his head
"I guess this is a first for both of us then little mate"

Wait! He's never kissed someone?
My thoughts are wiped out by him smashing his lips to mine we mould perfectly together, my mind feels like a million fireworks going off all at once, my body feels alive, this moment feels perfect, I never want to part he nips at my bottom lip asking for access, his hand slips down to squeeze my but earing a gasp from me, he takes this opportunity to slip his tongue into my mouth exploring every part as we both fight for dominance he tastes amazing this moment right here right now is perfect.

We slowly part for much needed air he stares into my eyes with a huge smile on his face.
"Your mine little mate, I promise I will do everything in my power to make you happy skie"

His words shoot straight to my heart, my stomach fluttering with a million butterflies, and my panties soaked my mind wondering to how hard his body is against mine... how hard his man hood feels pressed to my stomach he feels huge!

"Grrr naughty thoughts little mate carry on and ill take you upstairs right now"

"Ooookkkkk too much info thats practically my sister your talking to dude!"

I thought it impossible for my face to burn any brighter but right this moment Stoke has proven me wrong I Bury my face in Leon's chest trying to hide my embarrassment while he let's out a deep throaty chuckle laughing at my friend.

"Just wait until our pups are running around you won't be able to denie the things me and skie get upto"

Que embarrassment overload! I will never understand guys and how loose their mouths can be!

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