What am I?

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Chapter 10

Urgh Monday morning, I know you would think my mate accepting me and sorting things with my best friend would make me excited to be going to school today but I still hate mornings and I still hate school....

I jump in the shower washing my hair and body, nothing feels better than feeling clean and fresh, the hot water pounding on my skin relaxes my muscles ready for the grueling day.

Once I finish I brush my teeth then head to my bedroom to get dressed, I throw on a pair of black skinny ripped jeans and plain white vest top paired with my black and grey wedge trainers before throwing my hair into a messy bun.

I shove my phone in my pocket and head for the kitchen switching on the kettle for my daily hot chocolate, I hate coffee most people think it's strange I love the smell but hate the taste, once I finish I put my cup in the sink grab my keys and bag and head for the door, once I step outside I'm shocked to see my mate and best friend waiting for me, what are they doing here?

"Morning princess you ready for school?"
My best friend asks in his annoying chirpy voice earning a grunt from me as he giggles at my lack of enthusiasm.

As I reach the bottom of the steps my mate steps forward with his goofy grin wrapping his arms around me pulling me in for a kiss.

"Not a morning person little mate? Don't worry I can help change that" he adds with a wink

I think my ovaries just exploded how can someone be so hot?

"Ok lovebirds keep it pg13 I don't need to see that mushy stuff so early In the morning!"

I shake my head and giggle at Stoke he definitely knows how to make a situation awkward and funny all at the same time.

Let's just get today over with hmm I'm sure their will be lots of whispers going round by now I say to the guys.

"Let them whisper all they like little mate I will be with you all day and so will stoke"

Wait... how will Stoke be their he doesnt even go to our school, they both must see the confusion on my face as Leon speaks up....

"He transferred starting today, we both were talking and we both agreed you need us both around you so what better way than for him to join our school? Besides now we know the danger of the wrong people finding out about you we think its best we are both close by to protect you"

Don't get me wrong I love that they are both getting along but something tells me having these two together is going to be infuriating at times goddess help me... or should I say mother? Yeah still haven't quite got my head around that yet.

The 15 minute drive to school was frustrating to say the least both guys rambling on about my training and who will help me with what, like don't I get a say in any of this? We pull into the car park and all eyes are on us suddenly I'd rather be back in the car listening to the guys

"Don't worry princess it will all be fine"
"Hes right little mate just ignore everyone you are their future luna"

Future luna... I never even thought of that even with that in mind it doesn't make me any less anxious from everyone staring at us, we have all heard the rumours about me and Stoke, I can only imagine the things people will be whispering now I'm walking into school with both alphas by my side.

As we enter the halls some sort of commotion catches are attention we push through the crowd to see what is happening, when we reach the front we are all shocked at what we witness, tilly is standing over fusa her fist clenched while fusa tries to scurry away from her on the floor her lip cut and nose bleeding, what the hell happened? I take in my surroundings and see beta Deon standing with beta tank both with their arms folded over their chest looking smug at the scene infront of them.

Alpha Stoke steps forward as the crowd steps back "what the hell is going on here?"

Tilly turns to face us looking rather proud of herself "Alpha this runt thinks its acceptable to bully the weak she was about to attack an omega! Then when we stepped in she thought it acceptable to insult our friend and her future luna, sorry for my outburst Alpha but some things she said iv seen top warriors be sentenced to death for saying less of their luna her behaviour and lack of respect is unacceptable "

I'm standing mouth gaping open, did they really defend me? But what did she say that was bad enough to get a rise from both betas and gamma? It can't of been anything worse than some of the things she has said to me this past year can it?

Alpha Stoke nods and turns towards Alpha Leon

"She is part of your park Alpha how would you like to deal with this?"

I didnt even notice Leon's rage flaring he looks ready to burst, is he angry fusa was hurt? Does he have feelings for her? My heart breaks just at the thought, I place my hand on his arm hoping the contact will help calm his wolf, he turns slightly to look at me taking a deep breath he speaks

"Take her to the pack cells the rest of you come with me I would like to know exactly what was said"

Oh shit... didn't see that coming, my heart aches knowing I doubted him how could I think my mate felt anything for her? I feel awful.
I guess today isn't going to be another boring day at school, tilly walks beside me linking her arm with mine, we really have become close lately she is the only female friend I have even though we are so different we get on well, tilly is a girly girl she loves her makeup, heals and anything sparkley, her waist length red hair and bright green eyes entrance anyone who looks at her shes extraordinary, she's a little taller than me at 5.2 I only just reach 5ft but her personality is adorable yet fiesty she can be the sweetest person you ever meet or your worst nightmare but I love that about her.

Hey tilly how come beta tank and beta deon were there? Like I'm greatful for you guys having my back but I didn't think they would?

"Haha the guys love you skie your one of our closest friends I can't speak for beta tank but me and deon love you your family, beta tank just sorta appeared, the runts friends tried to step in and help her but beta tank went all manly man growling to warn them off it was kinda kinky if you ask me"

I gasp and chuckle hearing tillys words she's anything but shy and always speaks her mind I learnt the day I met her she has no filter wich is another thing I love about her.

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