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Chapter 11

The guys wouldn't let me into the cells while they interrigated Fusa, I decided to spend time with ada while they spoke to tilly and the guys, I missed her little face she always lights up my day, for someone so small and so young she's so strong she lost her mother and continues to smile every day, we were playing in the living room when she jumps up and down clapping her hands shouting snowflakes and stars I have to laugh at her enthusiasm she is adorable, at least my powers make someone happy.

I concentrate on the ceiling as I whisper a little spell making little stars twinkle above us and tiny snowflakes fall around us, tilly always loved this I remember the first time I did it I didn't mean to I was doing my homework on the porch when my pencil snapped for the 4th time it irritated me the next thing I know tilly is standing in the field across from me her eyes sparkling as she watched the snowflakes its kinda been a favourite for her since.

" snowflakes and stars ay? I get it now"

Alpha Duke is standing in the doorway Chuckling I instantly stop and look down at my lap, most people don't like my magic let alone around their children

"Don't stop on my account skie, I see why ada enjoys it so much"

I look to my alpha with a smile seeing him smiling back I raise my hands and mutter the spell again he walks into the room scooping his daughter into his arms spinning with her in the snowflakes.

"Isn't it pretty daddy?"
"It sure is angel"

This moment makes me realise how much I want my own pups in the future, before I can think too much into it a bunch of gasps erupt from the doorway we turn to see everyone has finished the interigation and is staring in aww at the scene infront of them.

"This is beautiful" Tilly whispers stepping into the snowflakes

Everyone slowly makes their way into the room astounded at what they are seeing, Leon walks over placing a soft kiss on my lips wrapping his arms around me whispering into my ear

"Beautiful just like my mate"
He really does take my breath away, my heart pounds in my chest with every word he speaks what is this guy doing to me?

Alpha Leon's pov

Something needs to be done! I growl slamming my hands on my fathers desk, after interrigating fusa earlier we found out her brother is a rogue a very dangerous one at that, fusa confessed she arranged the attack on our pack expecting to have skie killed so she could take her place as my mate, the twisted bitch tried to have my mate killed! Upon hearing those words leave her lips I lost it and let tyson come forward I sliced her plastic face open from her eye to her chin, Alpha Stoke followed by repeating this in the other side of her stupid face.

Further interrigating lead to her revealing that her communication was poor with her brother, wires were crossed somewhere along the line so her brother attacked while we were at school not realising skie wouldn't be at the pack house so he went for the next best thing my sister! He will pay with his life for what he has done! Just as I was about to finish her she let out information that froze my body to the core....

"He knows about your little mate and her powers, you think I havent been watching her? He's coming for her once he marks her as his the darkness will take hold!"


"She won't have a choice when my brother gets hold of her! He will deflower your precious mate weather she is willing or not!" She spits with so much venom in her voice

Enough! Both I and Stoke roar at the same time,
No-one will ever get close to skie without us ripping them apart! As for you runt! You are going to suffer a slow and painful death months from now your going to wish I killed you instantly!

I watch her smug smile fall as the colour drains from her face she is an idiot if she thinks she can provoke me into giving her a quick death! I plunge my claws into her stomach and curl them under her rib cage making her scream in agony the sound is music to my ears, with a quick yank I rip one of her ribs from her body hearing a high pitch scream leave her bloody mouth before she passes out.

Once we clean up we head to the living room to find skie what we see is nothing short of amazing, snow falling from the ceiling and disappearing before it hits the floor, stars twinkling above as my father spins my giggling sister in his arms, I havent seen my father smile like that since before my mother was killed I can't help but silently thank my mate she really is a goddess, my goddess, my life!

"We will up the border warriors keep skie with you at all times until we know how real this threat is, she will have to move into the pack house for now"

I cant help but get a little excited at the thought of my mate staying here with me, can't wait to hold her all night.

"I will also call my father and inform him of the news, skie is like family to our pack they are all willing to protect her, my father sees her as a daughter he will want to help keep her safe"

"Thank you alpha Stoke that would be very much appreciated now both of you go break the news to skie I'm not sure how she will react to being told she has to leave her home to come stay here, if it helps I will have a room arranged for you also alpha Stoke skie might take better to the news knowing you are close by"

"Thank you alpha"
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