What am I?

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Chapter 12

I'm not entirely happy about having to leave the privacy of my little cabin but Alpha Duke says it's for my protection, something fusa said during the interigation has put everyone on edge but no-one is willing to tell me what is going on, the only thing I have been told is their is a possible threat and until they are sure how true it is then I have to stay close to the pack, I guess it gives me chance to get to know my mate better and Stoke will be close by, his father sent some of his best warriors to help with the border and has arranged daily meetings with both packs to keep on top of any information.

Tink has been itching to shift for a few days now, she just won't settle I'm not sure what is wrong with her but she's making me jittery, in an attempt to calm her I decided on a run around the pack lands, as I reach the stream at the edge of the border tink is going crazy bouncing around, what is going on with her? I lower my head to lap up some of the crisp fresh water when I hear foot steps across the stream, my eyes snap up, my teeth bared ready for any threat but the breath is knocked from my lungs infront of me stands a huge wolf, fur grey like Ash hes double my size and I can feel the power oozing from him, I should be scared but something about this wolf is drawing me in, looking into his deep grey eyes tink howls mate in my mind.

What? No I was hoping it wasn't true! I start to panic as the wolf slowly steps forward just as he reaches me I hear growls and snarling from behind me but I can't bring myself to look away from those deep pooling eyes....

I'm lost in a daze everything around me dissappears, I'm shot back to reality hearing multiple sets of bones cracking I take a quick glance around seeing everyone shifting back to their human, my mate, my best friend and the warriors all stand their naked I try to avert my eyes but seeing Leon's bare body sends heat straight inbetween my legs I lower my head trying to hide the blush as he steps forward earning a growl from the wolf infront of me.

Leon booms in his alpha voice, but the wolf doesn't move, he's staring it me with lust filled eyes.


The wolf simply huffs and sits tilting his head to the side looking between me and my mate.
Leon grows impatient and begins to shift, feeling the panic of what is about to happen I quickly step forward changing back to human, usually I'd be embarrassed being infront of all these people naked but right now I need to avoid a blood bath if this wolf is really my second mate then the last thing I need is him fighting with Leon.

I step forward Leon releasing a possessive growl at my naked body infront of everyone, I turn my head to give him a small smile reassuring him it's OK.

I look into the wolfs eyes as I ask "can you shift please so we can talk?"

The wolf looks me straight in the eyes before raising to his towering hight and shifting, my mouth is agape at the man infront of me his chest firm, broad shoulders, body chiseled like a god, beautiful grey eyes, with a mouth watering smile, his hair is short and black I rake my eyes over his body but stop at his waste feeling my cheeks heat up at looking at this god of a man, he's exactly like Leon apart from the black hair and grey eyes if I didnt know any better I would say they were twins.

"I have no business I was just passing through when this little stunner caught my attention"

Leon and Stoke growl next to me, the wolf raises his eyebrow looking at the men protecting me.

"Now now Alphas that is no way to act when a man finds his mate"

"Mate? Skie is this true?" Stoke asks from beside me, Leon is seething he knew their was a chance I would have another mate but having him stood here infront of us completely naked for that matter is alot to deal with.

Urm I think so tink says he's my 2nd mate.

"2nd mate? What do you mean 2nd mate little wolf?"

"Its a long story but if you are her mate and you both accept each other then I think we should head to the pack house and talk"

"I think I need to speak to my mate first, don't you little wolf?"

I nod my head slowly, I know we need to talk before we accept or reject each other, I turn with my pleading eyes to ask the guys to give us a minute after a few minutes they finally agree but not before Leon has one of the guards hand me and my new mate some clothes, he crashes his lips to mine earning a vicious growl from my 2nd mate before smirking and walking to the edge of the forest, I cant believe he's already trying to cause a problem here doesn't he realise this is important to me? To my life? If Alpha Duke is right I will die without my 2nd mate.

"What is your name little mate?"

My name is skie I whisper feeling really nervous

He says my name like he's testing how it sounds on his loucious lips His deep voice sends shivers down my spine, I'm trying to control my arousal but the thought of him and Leon in the same bed as me sends my mind into all sorts of exciting thoughts

"Hmm you smell so sweet darling, you should control those thoughts of yours, you don't want me taking you infront of your boyfriend now do you?"

Fuck his words aren't helping!!

I squeeze my legs together trying to control the feelings he's giving me, he.. he's not my boyfriend, he's my mate I say stumbling over my words

This seems to piss him off as he let's out a deadly grown, gaining everyone's attention I can see everyone ready to attack if he makes any sort of move.

It's kind of a long story one wich you will need to hear, being My 2nd mate but I will happily explain if you will let me?

"Hmm you intrigue me darling"

What is your name?

"My name is blaze darling, I must say you are a beauty"

My cheeks blush hard at his words, his smug grin stretches as he watches me

"I think you have alot to tell me darling and by the looks of your pack back their they are eager to have you close by them again ill come to your pack house and hear you out how does that sound?"

I release a breath I didnt know I was holding smiling up at blaze I nod my head and jesters for him to follow me.

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