What am I?

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Chapter 13

We are all currently sitting in Alpha dukes office, Stokes father Alpha barren has joined us, Leon says its only right he be filled in on the whole story as he's also helping protect me wich I agree he is like a father to me after all.

I'm literally a bag of nerves waiting for my Alpha to arrive so we can get this over with, my 2nd mate might reject me when he finds out what I really am....

As Alpha duke enters he abruptly stops and stares at blaze, then both men burst into laughter before giving each other a manly hug slapping each other on the back, we are all looking back and forth to each other all just as confused as one another.

"Alpha blaze my old friend what a surprise, its been what? 15 years since we last crossed paths"
Alpha Duke is Chuckling looking at his old friend who is finding the same amusement with the situation.

Wait 15 years? How old is he? And he's an alpha? What the fuu...

Sorry alpha but how do you two know each other?
The confusion is clear in my voice but from the look of everyone else in the room it seems I asked the question everyone else was thinking.

"Well skie Alpha blaze here is a good friend of the family he was my father's friend and my grandfather's and his fathers before that"

But... I shut myself up and bite my tongue don't let your mouth run wild rite now skie! I silently coach myself to keep it zipped

Alpha blaze turns to me before speaking again
"Say what you want to say darling no need to bite your tongue with me"

Fuck that voice! It's so dreamy it makes my mouth water, it's just well.... I take a deep breath and raise my head I don't show weakness I'm skie Crystal I speak my mind and that's that!

With my little pep talk and my confidence soaring I let my lips move

Well you see Alpha if you knew every generation of Alpha that means your old...but you don't look old... or sound old from what iv seen your body isn't old either, but then if your ancient that means you probably had your fair share of women therfore are not pure but you look pure Jeez you look like a god but that's not my point...

After my embarrassing rambling gaining a few growls from Leon and a blush as bright as the sun I finish with the main question and the only thing I wanted to ask.... how bloody old are you?


More silence....


I raise my eyebrow waiting for an answer, meeting his eyes they are dancing with what looks like amusement? Pride? Then again after that embarrassing rant hes probably wondering how he got paired with such an idiot.


The out of nowhere booming laughter coming from everyone in the room, great now I'm the laughing stock I sit back and cross my arms with a huff

"You are something else darling, Alpha Duke where have you been hiding this one?" He says still laughing at my embarrassing boldness

"To answer your question darling I'm 600 years old I was born in this pack my mother was good friends with the first Alpha and luna of this pack, throughout the generations the friendship has continued, I am what you would call immortal but that's a whole other story and as for the other questions I think it best we discuss those in private"

I have nothing to say... for the first time in my life I am speechless... I know go figure? I'm just as shocked too!

"Right now that's cleared up I think it's time I explain what is going on here so we can resolve this situation"

I stay in Silence through the whole story I let Alpha duke explain everything, I didn't dare look up to see Alpha blaze or Alpha barren, I couldn't imagine what their faces looked like right now, will they think I'm an abomination aswell? Will they be accepting of who I am?

Once Alpha duke was finished I took a deep breath waiting, listening, but their was nothing, no-one made a sound, my ears were ringing my heart pounding I was terrified waiting for someone to speak.

"Well I for one don't think this changes a thing"

I raise my head slightly to look at Alpha barren who is smiling at me

"Skie you are like family to us you may not be part of my pack but you will always be welcomed by us further more we will always protect you your like a daughter to me and a sister to my son that doesn't change no matter what powers you possess your still the skie we all came to know and love"

I couldn't contain myself tears ran down my face as a sprinted to Alpha barren throwing my arms around his neck hugging him tight he really is the father I never had.

Everyone starts to leave the room but as I get to the door I'm stopped by a hand on my wrist the sparks igniting my body a gasp escaping my lips, I look back to see Alpha blaze holding my wrist.

"I think we need to talk darling, you too Alpha leon"

I simply nod and make my way to the sofa Leon following behind me.

"Let me start by saying I never expected to find my mate let alone have to share her... I'm not sure if I can accept that darling"

My heart sinks is he going to reject me?
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