What am I?

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Chapter 14

Alpha blaze's words are on repeat in my head, my whole body is trembling, I know he's going to reject me, I cant hear a word any of my mates are saying right now, it's like my body has shut down, the trembling increasing to a crazed shaking, I'm... loosing control my powers are surfacing all the worry, the anxiety the heart ache has all come to the surface, panic is settling into the pit of my stomach I have never felt my powers this strong I feel like they are tearing me apart from the inside out, I want to scream out in agony but my body won't allow it, I feel my eyes flicking from colour to colour, I need to run, run far away I don't want to hurt anyone, please goddess, mother help me, I'm so scared my whole life flashing through my mind, every nightmare all those nights of abuse, the beatings and the scars I will forever carry, why do these memories still haunt me? My body is covered in sweat as I continue to shake while I battle to stay in control I can see Alpha Leon and Alpha blaze infront of me looks of worry on their faces i can see their mouths moving but I can't hear what they are saying, blink as the tears leave my eyes, glancing between my mates they are both frozen infront of me tears running down their godly faces what is happening? The sounds of my skin ripping open as I relive the torture I endured, the smell of my blood fresh in my nose, I feel it all like its happening again, the chains that bind and burn my wrists and ankles the silver whip bound with razor blades lashing at my skin the taste of blood in my mouth from biting my lip stopping myself from screaming out, those blood red eyes staring right at me before he latches onto my shoulder draining the blood from my veins, his venom making my whole body burn with the fires of hell, as the final whip cracks against my shredded back... blackness, peace, relief.....

Alpha blaze and Alpha Leon

B: I'm not sure if i can accept that darling....
But I will try


B: darling can you hear me? Fuck! Darling listen to me I need you to take deep breaths can you hear me?

L: what the fuck is happening! Skie baby can yo hear me?!

B: she's struggling for control her power is too much she must of thought I was rejecting her, fuck shit! Darling please I'm not going anywhere please listen to me!

L: skies eyes were going wild they wouldn't settle on one colour longer than a second, seeing my mate like this is killing me I need to help her but what do I do?

L&B: argh! Fuck! What the fuck was that! Argh! Do you feel that? Fuck argh!

Like we are one we both reach for our mate placing a hand each on hers then it hits us... all her memories, her torture her pain every one of the hits is felt like it's happening to our own bodies, all her suffering, the smell of her blood the pain of her broken bones and flesh ripped open we feel it all our mate suffered more than humanly possible, our little mate someone hurt her so badly all because she was different, how can her small body handle such brutality? Our 3 minds are connected as one, we all feel everything together, every emotion every memory every feeling we share with each other, the love we both have for a mate burns like the sun we both feel how strongly our love burns for her, as we pull away we are both frozen at what we just witnessed we feel each others hearts breaking at what happened to our mate the pain and suffering she endured is burned into our minds our wolves howling in pain and anger, shame washes over us as the tears fall we should of protected her she didn't deserve the things she went through.

Our little mate, our warrior we will forever protect her... together as one.

Just as we agree skie passes out and falls forward into our arms we quickly catch her agreeing to take her upstairs and have the pack Doctor check her over.

Alpha Stoke pov

What the fuck happened to her?!
I swear I will kill you both if you have hurt her!

I was waiting in the kitchen for skie when I heard the office door fly open both of her mates flying out skie being carried by alpha blaze, both alphas looked panicked their eyes red and puffy like they had been crying did they hurt her? They both ignore me rushing upstairs, placing her on the bed shouting to get the pack Doctor, why does she need a doctor what the fuck is going on?!

I race forward to skie shes out cold her body soaked with sweat, her face stained with tears, it breaks my heart to see her like this my wolf is livid if they have hurt her they will pay!!

I reach forward to place my hand on her cheek

Don't touch her!!

Both alphas shout in unison but it was too late the second my hand touches her skin all her memories flood my mind, I feel her pain, her happiness, anger and sorrow I fall to my knees when the flashes stop...

Th..the..they ttttortured her! I jump up in a rage

"Alpha Stoke? You saw it too?"

Leon asks besides me... I saw everything! A deep growl leaving my chest

"They will pay for the pain they caused our mate alpha! By all of our hands!"

They saw too? Both of them?

The pack Doctor rushes in straight to skie laying limp on the bed soon as he goes to touch her both of her mates release a warning growl causing the doctor to back away.

Doctor anyone who touches her sees her memories they brought me to my knees i don't think its wise to touch her right now

"Ah I see Its sounds like every part of skie has accepted both mates, I'm not sure if your aware but for skie she doesn't just have her wolf inside her head for example if she is to cast a spell her witch will come forth and speak to her, and so on with her demon, legion etc... it looks to me each part of her has merged as one giving skie full control of her powers she will no longer have to use them separately, this can be extremely dangerous for anyone who crosses her however with the help of her mates she should control the change well, as for her memories it's every entity in skie accepting you 3 into her life, giving you her complete trust, she just needs rest she may be a little confused or upset when she wakes but she should be perfectly fine"

Thank you doctor

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