What am I?

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Chapter 15

It's been 3 days since skie passed out we have all been taking turns watching her, we have all 3 packs searching for the ones who hurt her we can all agree they will pay with their blood!

I had my gamma Tilly come by and help wash and change skie while she's been passed out, as much as her mates were willing to do it themselves I know skie wouldn't of been too happy about it, the first time Tilly changed skies clothes she left the room crying, she says she can feel the pain she endured just by looking at the scars across her body, skie has kept them well hidden from all of us, just like she kept her pain and suffering hidden behind her beautiful smile, the pack Doctor comes every day to check on her he says her scars didn't heal because she was injected with a concoction of drugs to suppress her healing, they really wanted her to suffer, that along with being fed on and the venom that would of leaked into her veins would of removed any hope of healing for weeks... she suffered for weeks and weeks with no relief its a miracle she is still alive.

We are all struggling to deal with the knowledge of what skie went through, every spare minute her mates are training, the packs warriors refused to spar with either of them anymore in fear of being killed by the alphas, so they spar with each other ripping each other apart, healing then repeating it all over again its like they are punishing each other and themselves for not protecting skie, but how were they to know what was happening? How were any of us to know? I feel bad too but I know skie well and she would be furious if she found out we were blaming ourselves.
I just hope she wakes soon her mates are out of control, the tension is thick the packs elders sense a war coming, if she doesn't wake in time I fear her mates will be overcome by the darkness, please skie, please wake up we need you, I need you, I need my best friend skie, I'm lost without you please wake up.

2 weeks later

I'm not sure what happened, my body feels... different, stronger, powerful.
My eyes feel heavy as I try to open them but it's no use I can hear people around me but who is it?

A familiar voice rings through my mind as I feel my body being lifted...


"You know you need to hurry up and wake your arse up skie, I miss your smart mouth, I miss my friend, and my goddess if you don't wake up soon I might just murder both your mates they are driving everyone insane! Their constant squabbling and mood swings are giving me whiplash!

I cant help but want to laugh at my friend's bluntness, I don't doubt she would murder my mates given the chance she has a very short fuse...
Wait she said mates.. as in 2 but I'm sure Alpha blaze was rejecting me wasn't he?

"Well I'll see you tomorrow skie hopefully your awake by then!"

I hear more footsteps enter the room as Tilly leaves, the earthy scent fills my nose, I would recognise that scent anywhere, my best friend... Stoke, I'm glad he's here it brings me peace knowing he's close.

"Hey princess its me again your favourite Alpha, I was hoping you would be awake by now your mates are driving me to insanity!
This morning they went at each other over a hot dog! A fucking hot dog I know right crazy!"

I can hear the humour in his voice and picture the smile on his face as he rolls his eyes and shakes his head

"Its been pretty hectic round here lately we need you to wake up princess we all miss you, I miss you! I dont know how much longer we can control your mates their acting more like rabid rogues by the day they need you skie we all do"

There's a pang in my chest at my best friends words, I need to wake up I need to fix this, I need my mates....

2 days later

"Fuck you blaze I won that time!"

"Fuck off no you didn't!"

This is what I have been listening to for what feels like hours, both my mates by my side arguing to no end what is wrong with them?
They are driving me crazy I can feel my temper bubbling under my skin, I swear when I wake up they better be ready!

"Screw you arse hole!"

"Fuck now look you idiot!"



"Baby your awake?"


Don't you baby darling me! The pair of you grow up! Iv had to lay here listening to your playground bullshit for hours fuck!

"You could hear us?"

Yes I could hear you! I have heard you both squabbling acting like babies for days!

I turn my furious gaze to my mates, both staring at me in shock and embarrassment, their cheeks flared red as they shuffle in their seats.

"How much did you hear darling?"

A smirk graces my lips as I cross my arms over my chest, I know they are referring to yesterday when they both argued over who loves me more, if I were awake I'd of blushed like crazy hearing them but knowing they didn't know I could hear them I think I'm going to enjoy watching them squirm a little longer, they did interrupt my peaceful slumber with their bickering after all.

I watch as they both exchange a embarrassed look....

Oh only the part where you both argued over who loves me more... and whats this about a hotdog... I say my eyebrow raised

I hear them both mutter under their breath "fucking stoke" causing me to burst into laughter, they are idiots but they are my idiots.

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