What am I?

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Chapter 16

It's been 2 days since I woke up, Alpha Duke came to see me and fill me in on everything I missed, turns out my mates were total nightmares for everyone while I was in my slumber, in return I have made them go round apologising to everyone individually its kept them busy all day while I catch up with Stoke and tilly, it's safe to say they had their hands full while I was asleep.

"Skie are you ok? You don't look so good"

I hear tillys voice filled with worry as she speaks to me Stoke is tensed up in his seat, my whole body burns, it hurts, what is happening?

Tilly it burns, it burns so much please make it stop! I beg my friend to help me her face full of worry.

"Tilly I have to leave now! She needs her mates!"

Stoke grits out his teeth clenched and jaw set

Please don't leave me I'm scared what is happening to me it hurts so bad!

My body is covered in a hot sweat as I pant in pain

"Skie princess your in heat, I.i I need to leave now your scent is driving my wolf crazy I won't be able to hold him back if I stay much longer"

My best friends words shock my system... I'm in heat but that means... but argh get Leon and blaze now!!!

With that my friends shoot out the room like lightning in search of my mates, I cant deal with the heat my skin is on fire I rip my clothes from my body trying to find relief the cold sheets help for a second before the burning increases and i let out a painful scream.

L&B: somethings wrong we can feel it our bodies burn, our wolves pasing, this feeling we can't explain

SKIES IN HEAT GET TO HER NOW! we hear Tilly scream as she flys into the garden, without a second thought we both sprint in the house and upstairs to our mate as fast as we can but nothing could of prepared us for what we saw bursting through the door....

Our beautiful mate.... completely naked squirming on the bed her lucious curves glistening with her sweat, her sweet scent filling the air our dicks grow solid just looking at her.

Please make it stop it hurts so much please!

We rush over to her not sure what to do, is she ready for this? We don't want to do anything she will regret, we know she's a virgin so handling both of us can she do it? Is she prepared for that?

"Skie baby are you sure you want to do this? We don't want you to have any regrets darling"


Her begging only fuels us more, we have discussed this ready for when the time came, we don't want to overwhelm our mate and we definitely don't want to hurt her.

"Darling I'm going to sit behind you ok? Leon is going to help you first just relax for us ok baby"

We agreed Leon take her virginity, him being a virgin himself he will be gentle with our mate it only seems fair as they both saved each other for their mates, I on the other hand have to live with the shame of not being pure as my little mate said.

I slip off my clothes and slide behind our mate resting her between my legs as I corress her body I can feel the heat radiating from her skin, my touch must help sooth her body as she whimpers and relaxes into me fuck she's so sexy right now.

I slowly strip my clothes feeling nervous I never thought my first time would be infront of another male but the whimpers coming from my mate encourage me to help relieve her pain I slide inbetween her legs as I slip my fingers into her wet folds, my wolf purring mmm baby your so wet already, I slowly slip my fingers down and into her tight hole feeling her walls clench around me, she's so so tight, my dick is solid watching her moan as I slide my finger in and out slowly I gaze up to see blaze squeezing her nipples between his fingers rolling the nub to deliver a painful pinch before caressing her breasts again to ease the sting, this only makes me harder if that's even possible, I slip another finger inside earning another moan from my stunning mate, the sound of her moans making it difficult not to slam into her right now but I know I need to be gentle, I slide my fingers out slowly causing her to whimper from the loss of contact then I hear blaze in my head "let me taste her!" I raise my fingers to blaze's mouth our little mate following our movements he sucks my fingers into his mouth lapping up our mates sweet juices, skie let's out a loud moan arching her back inviting me in, "please baby I want you, I want you inside me now!"

Hearing her beg and call me baby has both myself and blaze growling in lust, as I line myself up with her sweet little hole blaze leans down whispering into her ear "this will hurt a bit darling but I promised the pain won't last long "

Our mate responds with a whimper pushing herself against my hard shaft demanding I enter her "please Alpha I need you to fuck me now "

I lost all control of holding back a slam into her and pause she let's out a loud gasp as she adjusts to my intrusion, blaze slides his hand down her body to play with her wet clit causing her to rock on my cock, mmmmm baby you feel so good on my shaft! Do you like that baby? I grit out while I slide in and out of her, I feel her body shudder under my touch my past quickening my strokes getting harder as I pound into her tight little cunt, fuck she feels so good! She moans louder as her body trembles beneath me but then she shocks us both with the words that leave her lips next.....
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