What am I?

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Chapter 17

"Did she just say that?" We ask each other through our mind link


both of us are in shock, we don't want to hurt her but her demanding and begging is making it difficult to think straight before we can decide what to do she pushes herself up and flips over straddling blaze as she slides on to his huge cock groaning out in pleasure, blaze releases a guttural growl at the amazing sensation, I can feel from the bond exactly what he's feeling, along with what our mate is feeling, "shes ready Leon give our baby what she wants"

They pause their movement while I line myself up with her peachy backside, I spit on her golden star getting her ready to slide my throbbing cock inside her blaze growling in approval of my actions I feel our mate eager as she rocks back and forth waiting for me to enter her other hole, I cant hold back anymore my wolf extatic with our mates eagerness for our seed, I slide in slowly as our mate hisses with the intrusion I pause and wait for her to adjust but our little mate has other ideas she starts swaying her hips back and forth riding us both milking out dicks as the stuff her full.

I watch as our little mate rides both of us together, how did we get so lucky? She's perfect in every way, her hole is tight fuck she feels so good! The taste of her juices fresh on my lips, I reach up and crash our lips together she tastes so good! I can hear her holes squelching with her juices as they drip down our cocks, I glance at Leon we both know what we want to do, we need to mark our mate our wolves going wild to claim what is ours, she leans her head back crashing her lips to Leon's as she moans clenching hard as her first orgasm hits fuck she's so sexy as she brings her head back her eyes flashing before settling on various rings of colour she growls out

"Both of you take what is yours!"

All control is lost as both myself and Leon dive for her neck grazing our keynines along the soft skin of her neck either side in sync we both bite down marking our mate together, the sensation is unlike anything I have ever experienced our bodies are taken over by complete pleasure as she squirts all over or dicks as we release a satisfied growl as we spill our seeds deeps inside her, as we come down from our orgasms a warmth takes over our body's we can feel our every fibers twisting together unbelievable power explodes between us a sensation of strength agility, immortality all combined into one.

We slowly separate as we lay on the bed our little mate inbetween us, she looks so beautiful, so radiant, so perfect as she drifts off to sleep snuggled between us both.


I wake up to the same souring pain of my heat, why hasn't it stopped? I'm mated and claimed so why?

My mates stir next to me as I fidget trying to find something to cool my body, they both snap up once my scent reaches them

"Baby what's wrong?"

"Shes in heat again, the doctor said this might happen"

What do you mean what did the doctor say? My body shakes with the bolts of heat shooting through my body

"I dont mean to be crude darling but Leon need to fill your pussy with his load, you need both our seeds in your womb to break your heat"

Blazes words shoot straight to my core, my pussy already dripping with my juices as I turn to Leon
Please make it stop Alpha It hurts so much

Leon is staring at me completely shocked

"Calling us Alpha is a big turn on for us darling carry on and our beast might just take over"

I couldn't stop myself as I push myself up onto my knees "please alphas I need you both now, I need to feel you both sliding inside my tight little holes"

Before I could register what was happening Leon grabbed me straddle his hips as he slammed into me as he leans forward trailing kisses over my mark making me whimper in pleasure, as he reaches blazes mark he runs his tongue over it causing blaze to jump up on the bed growling with his monster cock in his hand, pre cum glistening on the tip as he pumps his cock in his firm grip, I raise my eyes slowly raking over his godly abs until I reach those stunning grey eyes staring back at me, I moan out as Leon's cock slams into my soaking core,

"Mmm that feel so good Alpha mmmm"

I keep my eyes focused on blaze as I speak again

"Can I taste you Alpha? I need you please baby I want to taste your seed in my throat"

Without a second thought blaze slides into my mouth as I suck him down my throat

"Fuck little mate your mouth is paradise mmmm good girl suck that cock baby"
He slides his hand into my hair gripping it tight as I moan around his cock the rumble of my growls keeping him on the edge, I reach down and start rubbing my wet swollen bud moaning at both of my mates reactions as I hear them both through the mindlink

"Fuck baby your so dirty we love it" "Darling you feel so good swallow my seed like my good little mate"

My body jerks at their lust filled voices in my mind I moan out as my orgasm rips through me as they both spill themselves inside me.

The next morning I wake up sore but feeling fulfilled I feel... whole like the part of me that was missing has been found, I sit up and stretch seeing my mates waiting for me to awake I can't stop the smile that takes over my face how did i get so lucky?

Morning darling how do you feel?
We thought breakfast in bed and a hot shower might help you feel better how's that sound baby?

I cant help the blush at the thoughts of last night Alpha Duke was right you really can't fight the heat....

After breakfast and ogling my 2 studding mates half naked infront of me I make my way to the bathroom to take a long hot shower, the water crashes onto my body as I feel the tension in my muscles melt away, this is bliss.

I feel hands sliding around my waste as sparks shoot through my body, I turn to face Leon's broad chest as I raise my eyes to meet his he has the sexiest smile on his face igniting my core once again.

Mmm you feel so good against my body little mate

He bends down peppering kisses along my jaw until he reaches my lips, our kiss was soft and slow filled with passion, as we part I'm sandwiched between 2 broad chests tilting my head back I'm met with another passionate kiss from blaze, as I pulled away I couldn't stop the words leaving my lips.....

I love you, both of you

As if they are one person they both speak, we love you too little mate.

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