What am I?

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Chapter 18

The past few days have been great but I can't shift the feeling of something bad coming our way, but I'm staying positive for my mates they have agreed to merge packs together so we can stay by each others sides, I still can't get the idea of being a luna to settle in my mind.

I'm not sure what happened to me but I no longer feel the need to wear my bracelet, my powers are stronger than ever and I feel like I have total control, I no longer hear tink in my head wich brings a deep ache to my heart, however I do hear a new voice one who has confirmed my powers are now one she calls herself Tula, its taking some getting use to after spending my whole life with a crowd of voices speaking to me but it is nice not having to deal with any conflict.

I have been training relentlessly with Alpha Stoke trying to master each of my powers along with using them together so far I have done pretty well my only downfall is fire, when ever I try use it I seem to engulf everything including myself, so I have been pushing it aside trying to avoid it but Stoke insists I need to gain control with it wich I'm sure he's right but that doesn't make me any less scared, I really don't want to hurt anyone.

Today is the day I have been dreading, my mates are going to witness every part of me I just hope they react better than Alpha Stoke when they see my demon, he totally freaked out the first time round, he says he can feel the darkness around her and the anger that fuels her power.

My palms are sweaty and my heart racing as my mates walk out to the training field I'm not sure what I'm expecting from them i just hope they still want me after, the plan is to show both sides of my powers, the good and the bad, Alpha Stoke says he has a prisoner for me to demonstrate the bad on, I just hope I can truly handle the evil that's inside of me.

"OK princess when your ready just start"

I take a deep breath as I remove my hoodie, both my mates waiting curiously, with one last deep breath I release my wings, I hear a shocked gasps come from blaze so a wait patiently while he scans over my soft black and white feathers, once I'm sure he's settled with the sight infront of him I push up off the ground heading for the pack hospital, quickly grabbing Maria and heading back, I explain to my mates that Maria was injured during the attack a few weeks back they had severed her foot from her leg.

I feel terrible that people suffered because of me so I have been practicing day and night on my healing and I'm finally at a point where I can help with something as severe as this, I whisper the spell as Maria floats infront of me then wrap my wing's around her body as a surge of energy shoots from my body, the first time trying this it hurt my body badly the pain was excruciating but now it's just a tiny tingle, after a few moments my wings open and Maria steps out, a huge smile plastered on her face and tears in her eyes.

"Thank you so much luna I.. I cant believe it I really can't thank you!"

I cant stop the huge smile on my face seeing Maria standing on both feet, I did that I really did that!
My mates stand in shock as smiles slowly make their way onto their handsom faces, I take a step back retracting my wings ready to move on to the next of my powers.

I call my witch forth as I mutter an enchantment, turning the sky grey followed by thunder and sharp lightning bolts crackling above us, the wind picks up as rain starts to fall then I quickly switch it to a clear sky with flower petals surrounding us, I hear Leon mutter beneath his breath "amazing and so beautiful"
Blaze is yet to say a word as he looks on in astonishment.

Next I shift into my wolf happily yapping at my mates we haven't ran together with everything that's been going on, both my mates stare in aww as i approach them, their eyes raking over my fur taking in all my markings, I cock my head to the side hearing Leon mutter "I knew I saw a bat"
What does he mean?

I quickly shift back throwing on some clothes ready to ask why he was so curious of my bat marking but before I even open my mouth the stench of fear, soiled flesh and blood bombard my senses I quickly turn to where the smell is coming from to see Stoke and a few guards walking back onto the field with what looks like a female in tow, this must be the prisoner he was talking about as she gets closer I step away from my mates my anger already fueled when I see just who it is....

Fusa! I growl, I know she's already suffered for the past month but that doesn't dampen the rage inside of me, memories of ada so lifeless fresh in my mind my demon pushes forward and I happily let her my eyes are focused on her whimpering body as she is pushed forth infront of me i release the reigns on my demon as everyone steps back my face morphs into the face of everyone's nightmares my skin turns black as my fingers lengthen followed by sharp talons, the power my body is releasing has everyone around me on their knees, the stench of their fear engulfing the clean air around us, I reach forward grabbing her throat as I slam her body into the ground causing a high pitched scream to leave her bloody and cracked lips, I stare into her eyes as I fill her mind with cruel visions of everyone she loves suffering and dieing the most excruciating deaths, she whales in agony at the sights forced into her mind, I stop the mental torcher to smile down at the blubbering mess infront of me but my demon doesn't feel satisfied, I stare her down as her skin begins to bubble and burst her screams of agony fueling my rage, I reach forward pushing my talon into her eye before ripping it from her head with a smirk on my face as she pants in agony I lean forward and pick her up by her hair she lashes in my grip as chunks of her flesh melt and fall to the ground in a squelch feeling satisfied I extend my fangs and rip her throat out spitting it on the floor beside me, I drop her disintegrating corps at my feet as my demon steps backwards allowing me to return my body back to normal.

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