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Chapter 19

Alpha leon pov

I was amazed watching our mate, I couldn't help but feel proud at how much she helped Maria, it was like she was never injured, I couldn't quite get my mind to believe it when skie healed my sister but seeing it again definitely helped me believe, the power skie can harvest to control everything around her is nothing short of spectacular.

When I saw Fusa being walked out onto the field I felt a sense of satisfaction looking at the damage inflicted on her body, myself and Alpha Stoke had been torturing her for the past month for what she did to my sister and putting skie in danger, I'm glad skie gets to deliver the final punishment to this runt but what I see next makes my blood run cold, Stoke had tried to prepare us for skies demon but their isn't words to describe what is standing infront of us, our beautiful mate is gone replaced by a monster, a demon... a living nightmare the sight and power of her brings us all to our knees fear flooding our veins, nothing could of prepared me for the brutal torture she inflicted on fusa, if she hadn't almost killed my sister I would feel sorry for her, tears welled in my eyes at the agonising screams leaving her as my mate let her unruly wrath rain down on her, my stomach twisted, the urge to throw up strong in my gut as a stood and watched fusas skin bubble and pop like she was being boiled alive, her screams will forever haunt me, I thought that would be the end of her torment but I was so very wrong, my monster of a mate rached forward plucking fusas eye from the socket with a sickening pop crushing it in her palm with a wicked smile on her face, then teeth bigger than i have ever seen emerged from her mouth as she tore fusas throat out dropping her into a pool of her own melted flesh, I couldn't move I sat on my knees trying my best not to throw up, my body was shaking in fear as tears stream my face, our mate just did that, how can someone as beautiful and kind as skie be so brutal and vicious? I don't know what to think as my body sits in shock I wasn't prepared for what I just witnessed.

Alpha Stoke pov

Fuck skie that was... shit how do you feel?
I slowly step towards my friend, I have seen her demon before but never have I seen her be so brutal and cold, my body filled with fear and I dropped to my knees, that has never happened before but it confirms skie is more powerful than any of us thought, as the fear slowly leaves my body I reach for my friend placing my arm around her leading her away from the puddle of blood and flesh at her feet, goddess skie that was unbelievable I cant believe you possess the power to do something like that! I'm proud of you skie! It was a nasty sight but she deserved it after what she did, i have no doubt both of your packs will be safe with you as their luna!

I pause for my friend to reply

"Did you see their faces? They hate me"
She says in a whisper

They don't hate you princess it was just a huge shock to all of us we didn't know you had it in you to do something like that, they just need time to let everything settle in everything will be fine I promise.

I.ii. but I didn't I mean... I killed her... I killed her Stoke I'm a murderer... I didn't mean to its just... just my anger... ada... her blood I saw it and I...

Skie listen to me you delivered justice don't beat yourself up about it please, she deserved what she got she almost killed that little girl and she put you in danger! Just relax princess you did nothing wrong.

I lead skie into the pack house she is pretty shaken up but I guess killing someone does that to you, I didn't think she would kill fusa I honestly thought she would slap her or punch her or something? But I wont judge her for what she did to fusa alot of people were hurt because of her jelousy, a little girl would of died because or her if it wasn't for skie she just needs to see that what just happened was justified yes it was extremely brutal but never the less it was justified!

As we reach her bedroom I close the door behind us, skie is still shaken up from what happened I feel bad its effecting her so much but all I can do is wait and hope she gets past this.

Princess we need to get you cleaned up how does that sound?
Skie simply nods her head looking at her blood covered hands, I head for the bathroom and turn on the shower to heat up, I go back and guide skie into the bathroom but she just stands their staring at the water.

Princess I'm going to help you ok? I won't look I promise.
She simply nods again
I begin undressing skie trying not to look at her naked body I guide her into the shower and begin washing the blood from her body, I cant help but stare at the scars that cover her delicate body, my eyes well with tears remembering the memories I saw and all her pain she didn't deserve what was done to her, I quickly blink the tears away and clear my thoughts, skie needs me right now I need to be strong for her.

I finish up cleaning her and wrap a towel round her body guiding her back into the bedroom, i sit her on the bed while I find her some clothes when I return I quickly dress her and lay her in the bed she sniffles releasing a few stray tears.

Please don't leave me

I'm torn with what to do I want to comfort my friend but I know her mates won't be happy about me laying in her bed with her, she sniffles again trying to contain her sobs and my heart breaks, fuck it skie needs me besides her mates will kill me anyway when they find out I washed her, I climb onto the bed beside my best friend as she cuddled into my chest, I place a protective arm around her as she slowly drifts off to sleep.
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